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  1. This is WAY cool.


    I just downloaded Google Maps to my Nokia 6620, and cancelled my MapQuest Mobile. This application is much cooler and much more robust. It even supports input of Geocaching.com coordinates to locate caches either using a map or a satellite photo!


    Did I mention the app itself is FREE?


    I posted a couple of screen captures in my online gallery to give you a look. I entered the coords for my "Under the Little Blue Top" cache (that I just archived :rolleyes:) and show it on both street map level and satellite image. I simply entered the coords using the same format as on the web site (without the degree symbol), and it converted to the decimal when it did the search. Mapquest Mobile cannot do this.


    Note, you should have an "unlimited" data plan on your phone if you want to use this; it makes use of the network often to download map tiles.


    The Google Maps site on your mobile to download is google.com/glm. The app is called Google Local for Mobile.


    The gallery is at gallery.sanctuaryweb.org (click on Mobile Phone Pictures, then Google Mobile to see the screen shots).

  2. I have encountered an issue in GSAK that should probably be addressed concerning repeat logs.


    There are two caches where I inadvertenly entered a 'found' log twice. Even after deleting the duplicate log, GSAK continues to double-count the cache on subsequent updates, so GSAK reports two more cache finds than I actually have. GSAK apparently cannot determine when a log entry has been "archived" and not count it in the found stats.

  3. I will be vacationing in Mulberry, FL in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any good advice for must see caches and activites. I am looking forward to Puck Mountain, what else is good? Is anyone local to that area?

    There are some in a few obscure places and about a dozen just north of Mulberry in Lakeland. I live practically across the street from the Imperial Lakes area of Mulberry.

  4. For me, I usually don't know what the name on the cache page will be until I place the cache.


    For instance:

    - Oak View - great view - under a really big oak tree

    - Across the Creek and Through the Woods (kinda obvious)


    So how do you name your caches?



    #1 - Under the little blue top ... the contained had a periwinkle blue lid.

    #2 - The "Curiously Strong" Microcache ... the cache container is an Altoids gum tin.

  5. I've got a Ham license and I own a few FRS radios. It's good to know that Geocachers have a predetermined FRS channel to use. But, what do you use your FRS radio for when caching? Do you get a chance to actually talk to other chachers in the area?

    I had wanted to get one of those, but the ones out now are combo FRS/GMRS radios, and you have to pay the FCC $75 for a GMRS license to use them. Don't need one that badly. :anitongue:

  6. I found an interesting survey mark on one of my geocaching trips today, but according to the NGS database there are no benchmarks within a mile of this. It is a red disk with a PK rod driven in, and the disk reads "TRAV. PT. LB 7001"


    Any ideas?


    Coords were N28°05.776' W081°49.343'



  7. IMHO the Geko 201 is a great little GPSr. It's got a simple interface, great battery life, it'll do a track log and trackback for you, it's got plenty of storage for WP and tracks (as far as gc'ing is concerned), and it's got a data port so you can transfer WPs to/from it and upgrade the firmware. It's only downside is it doesn't come with a datacable but you can find them for $8 or make one out of a Credit Card and an old serial cable.


    I just bought the Garmin® Foretrex™ 101 at Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World in Orlando for $129.99. It has the same features as the Geko 201 but it is designed to be worn on the wrist (like a watch) and is thus very compact. The Foretrex 201 is the same device but it runs on a lithium battery while the 101 runs on two AAA batteries (I bought Rayovac's I-C<sup>3</sup> NiMH batteries with the charger which charges them in 15 minutes). I also bought a handlebar mount for it to mount it on my Yamaha Vino 125 scooter and the data cable to transfer waypoints and tracks back and forth. I've been very happy with it. I also use st2gpx with MS Streets & Trips to plot out directions to use as Trackback tracks on the Foretrex to help me get to where I need to go.

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