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  1. ......on new caches, the map often does not appear? Or is it just me? It's often useful when a new cache comes up to get a quick idea of where it is by looking at the Mapquest map. Has anyone else noticed this?? cz
  2. With guys like TT, not to mention big-time cachers like Nozzletime and res2100, B&B, Annie et al, here in Ontario.... how do these folks do it???? I gotta retire or something.......
  3. Het C-A: You know, that poem doesn't even rhyme.... is it supposed to?? reminds me of: Roses are red Violets are blue Most poems rhyme But this one doesn't.
  4. How else would they notify you when your coin has been moved along??
  5. I'd like to try and DL waypoints into my Palm Pilot. Until now, I have been carrying around paper copies of the cache pages. Any suggestions on the best free/share ware to use?? cz PS I use easyGPS to D/L waypoints into my GPSr.
  6. Can you guys tell me what model of GPRs you use that obviously have an external antenna input jack??
  7. Used to be.... check the date in the plate!!
  8. One of the guys in our local Ham Radio Club bought a box of these things, surplus. They don't say Gilsson on them, but I'm pretty sure they're the same thing. I presume they'd only be of interest to those who had a GPSr with an external antenna input... mine doesn't (that I can see anyhow-- Garmin eTrex legend) Anyway, if anyone's interested, I can put you in touch with him. Cheers, cz
  9. Help! I am ready to place my very first TB, and when I went to activate it on the web site, I realized I do not have the 2nd piece of info they ask me for.... I can't remember.. did this info come with my TBs somewhere? I don't seem to have this info. cz
  10. YIKES!!! What "infamous screen scramble problem "??? I have had mine for about 3 months.. no problems so far. Are there early warning signs? When she goes, is she gonna go hard or is it an intermittent type of problem??
  11. CharlieZulu


    Agree. Low profile is the name of the game, man.
  12. Hi folks: We are new to all of this (13 found) and we need to understand the TB thing a little better. While the concept of taking a TB from a cache and placing it in another (and logging it as such) is straightforward, I don't get the "grab" a bug thing... When someone says on the tracking page that they've "grabbed" a TB, I gather this means that they've left it where they saw it, but it's some kind of virtual grab ??!!? What is the point of this? charliezulu
  13. I am a newbie and have a question. I think I understand how to log TBs, (have not done it yet) but what's the procedure for Geocoins? Same method and web pages as the TBs? charliezulu
  14. Someone please point me to the official list of abbreviations.. e.g. TNFN, etc which I presume means Took Nothing Found Nothing. charliezulu
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