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  1. You mean "compliment" , dont you Keith?
  2. Update (for those who care!) Radioworld was really no help.. they suggested I send it back to them, and they would sent it to Raytech... uh-oh. Or, I could send to to Raytech on my own. If my unit was 3 months old or less, Radioworld would have just swapped it out. Called Garmin USA (20 minute wiat in the queue) and they gave me an RMA number, etc and said they would do the warranty repair (said I did not even have to produce the Bill of Sale!... "we trust ya"..). I have access to a US address, so will use that for the return, and either pick it up or have one of my colleagues pick it up. Now, I have to bite the bullet and actually start the process and live without it... the unit operates fine about 50% of the time, and I can bring it back by tapping on the display. stay tuned...
  3. I knew there must be a link somewhere on this. Looks like a pretty common problem. Too bad I didn't know about this before buying it. It's just coming up on a year old, and I will talk to the retailer about it. Possibility of getting a replacement unit, I think ( would be nice ) Thanks again, guys. chris
  4. I have a 1-yr old Legend and tonight the display started flipping out on me... crazy horizontal lines, etc. Can cure the problem temporarily by tapping on the display. Anyone seen this? Anyone have a cure? Common for this model, or have I just abused the little guy once too often?? Chris
  5. I have a 1-yr old Legend and tonight the display started flipping out on me... crazy horizontal lines, etc. Can cure the problem temporarily by tapping ont the display. Anyone seen this? Anyone have a cure?
  6. C'mon out to Georgetown Boys ... then Oak Alley...sort of and last but not least, if you like Cryptic Crosswords... Halton Hills Cryptic Then, off to the George and Dragon for a pint or two! Chris
  7. It didn't use to be that way. Early caching took you to a "WAY CQQL!!" place pretty much every time. Now there are so many caches and a lot of them are crap. Caching for me is an outdoor experience and finding the cache should be secondary to the adventure of getting there. Walking through a city park and trying to retrieve a container while not beeing seen does not qualify as adventure. I'd like to see the cache rating system expanded to better capture the spirit of the cache. Cheers! C-A I agree completely. I've only been caching since last July, and there is way too much plastic hidden in tree trunks out there. This is why I really enjoy caches where the owner has put some effort into the hide, either as an adventure, or the physical cache itself. Still, I never tire of going out and poking around Where are evryone else's fave fives?????
  8. Well, I thought I'd give this a go... I can't believe more peeps haven't responded by now: After The Gold Rush I had the luxury of doing this with the FTF guy. Can't imagine how he did this on his own last fall! I had no GPS readings for most the way..... Multicache and a Coffee Tried for FTF on this one and met up with Ted and Laurie, thankfully, who were a fantastic help.. Always, always seek the help of a professional. Evil, nasty cache for sure, but one of my absolute faves. Steve, you are a bad, bad man. Micro Mania What can you say about this 25-part, soak your feet, freeze your fingers, go-back-'cause-you-forgot-something multi, with the bizzare puzzle at the end? Oh so clever this one was.... Between a Rock and a Hard Place One of my very first caches, on a hot hot day near Kelowna, BC. Way up above Lake Okanagan, you could see for miles and miles. The Devil Made Me Do It What can one say on this cache? Closest I've ever been to a bat for sure.
  9. I will definitely sign both, but can you please tell us if the Government(s) have actually stated a reason for the ban, or have they just said "no" and that's it? I was thinking it might help our case if there was a logical argument we could put forth. Chris
  10. Aplogize if this has been covered before, but is there an easy quick way to delete Waypoints in the eTrex Legend? Specifically, many at a time? Or even all in one go? (Rather than one at a time "manually"?
  11. Aplogize if this has been covered before, but is there an easy quick way to delete Waypoints in the eTrex Legend? Specifically, many at a time? Or even all in one go? (Rather than one at a time "manually"?
  12. Makes you wonder how the GPS constellation ever made it this far, eh?......... posted: 10 May 2005 10:45 a.m. ET A handful of worries spawned by problems found in the factory have prompted the Air Force to delay launching the next Global Positioning System satellite. The Lockheed Martin-built GPS 2R-M1 spacecraft was supposed to fly from Cape Canaveral this month aboard a Boeing Delta 2 rocket. But issues arose involving internal components, causing officials to put the brakes on launch plans. The problems include: A mis-installed capacitor on a navigation payload under assembly. Screws were discovered not properly torqued in a navigation payload. Inspections performed on GPS 2R-M1 showed its screws were torqued. Navigation payload-manufacturer ITT determined that a Destructive Physical Analysis had not been performed for a relay used on the GPS 2R-M1 satellite's L-Band transmitter DC-DC converter. Officials across the GPS program are trying to ensure the problems won't harm the GPS 2R-M1 spacecraft and its $75 million mission to replace an aging satellite in the military's navigation constellation. "The GPS Joint Program Office has worked with Lockheed Martin, and their subcontractors, to understand root cause of the issues and extensively review the' reach-back' potential to (GPS 2R-M1)," the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center told Spaceflight Now. The Air Force and Lockheed Martin believe the issues have been resolved, permitting GPS 2R-M1 to resume its launch campaign. The satellite is expected to be transported to launch pad 17A in late May or early June for mating atop the Delta rocket. Although a firm launch date has not been established, the Air Force anticipates liftoff in mid-June. This spacecraft is the first in the so-called "Modernized" line of GPS 2R-model satellites. The updated craft increase the power for existing signals and offer two new military signals as well as a second civilian signal to benefit users around the world. The improvements will provide greater accuracy, better resistance to interference and enhanced performance for all users, according to the Air Force. The advancements for the military will provide warfighters with a more robust jam-resistant signal and enable better targeting of GPS-guided weapons in hostile environments, while the new civilian signal removes ionospheric errors and improves accuracy. The GPS craft send continuous navigation signals that allow users virtually anywhere on the planet to find their position in latitude, longitude and altitude and determine time. The signals are so accurate that time can be figured to less than a millionth of a second, velocity to within a fraction of a mile per hour and location to within a matter of feet. The GPS constellation features 24 primary and several backup satellites flying into six orbital groupings 11,000 miles above Earth. The Air Force continues to launch new satellites as replacements to keep the critical navigation system in good health. Twenty-nine satellites are functioning in orbit today. "The health of the GPS constellation is excellent," the program office said. Which location GPS 2R-M1 will fill is expected to be decided Tuesday. "The Constellation Sustainment Assessment Team is meeting May 10 to determine the orbital slot," officials said.
  13. Cancel that.... just figured it out by using GSAK.
  14. Hi folks: I'd like to convert a pocket query, or simply import a cache location from the webpage and convert/transfer it to .mps so I can build a MapSource map to bring with me the next time out. How do I do this conversion?? Chris
  15. There are quite a few at the Kitchener store... was there today at lunch and they're not too bad. I managed to hand pick a couple! $6.88ea
  16. I only started in July 04, and can't believe I hit 200 already. I'm not in it "for the numbers", really, but just enjoy the whole idea of getting out there and rooting around. I especially enjoy the creative caches where one might learn something about the local area, or ones where there is enough room for error and you're never quite sure if you've calculated correctly or not. I just love caches where it is obvious the owner has put some effort into it. Also, have met quite a few nice people! cz
  17. Micro caches are typically something like a 35mm film container, or maybe one of those little bitty jam jars you get in a restaurant,....BUT, there are some out there that are much, MUCH smaller than this!!
  18. Segment was OK, I thought. Hope half of Mississauga isn't out there tonight at GCMK6F! cz
  19. Yep, already done that (will go w/ 300 to see) and have it set up to get Saturday. But I was just curious as to why. Chris
  20. Hi everyone: I noticed that some caches did not all show up on a recent PQ I did. They fit the criteria I set up. So how is the cutoff point for the 250 established, given that there are more than 250 in my radius??? It's not alphabetical, since I have hits ranging from cache names starting with a number, all the way "Y". Chris
  21. Keith, I would be interested as well, so put me down. Chris
  22. Man, living in the GTA has its disadvantages for sure... traffic, etc. But... I live about 60km west of T.O. and when I do a search for caches within a 100 mile radius, I get no less than 1561 caches! I kinda feel for you folks in central Canada.. must be frustrating! Cheers, cz
  23. Definite possibility here. Please put me down as a probable. cz
  24. Ralph, congrats on hitting your Milestone of 1500 caches. You have kept up an amazing pace, and the statistics you keep are really interesting. cz
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