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    Gcmc Series

    So what's happening with the GCMC series??? Great idea, but how come only two caches are out there?? Edmonton and Glen Williams C'mon people, you teased us with this... how much longer do we have to wait so we can find our finals? (legitimately, that is )
  2. **Double KUDOS** to those cache owners who spent a buck or two and have used a Pelican case. Talk about NO maintenance... I fully agree with the above.... geeeez, guys.. make a little effort, eh? Awesome cases for anything
  3. re: "" There are sure a lot of Caches in our area, I am logging them in my Palm Pilot for future explorations. "" As much as I love the Okanagan, if you think there are a lot of caches there , take a trip to Southern Ontario sometime.....it's impossible to keep up if you aren't at this full time. Crrraaazy!!! I think there are over 3000 active ones here.
  4. A friend of mine lives in Summerland, and his handle is summerland (!) His name is Dave, please give him a shout and say hi from Chris (charliezulu)
  5. Yes I do have it, just the free version, though. I can see all the caches come up, etc. My problem is mapsource, I think. Disregard all previous Luddite comments... upgraded my Mapsource and seems like what I need is there now Merry Christmas to all of you. Chris
  6. Yes I do have it, just the free version, though. I can see all the caches come up, etc. My problem is mapsource, I think.
  7. Whaaa?? There is only one version that I know of... the one I bought when I got my Garmin in July 2004. I even emailed the Mapsource people recently (since I thought there might be updates) and they told me there was only one, and that I had it. Maybe we're not talking about the same thing... I am talking about Mapsource- Canada Topo. Chris
  8. Frig... I don't get it! In MY Mapsource, when I go to View... the choices are only Zoom In, Zoom Out, etc etc... nothing relating to Google Earth. I have to link them somehow?
  9. File Open and you can import all kinds of files including gpx and loc I sure as heck can't do that... the only options for files extensions on MY Google Earth are .kml .kmz .eta and .ini
  10. U.S. Air Force Declares New GPS Satellite Operational 12/19/2005 Sunnyvale, CA -- A joint U.S. Air Force/Lockheed Martin team announced that the first modernized Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite has been declared fully operational for GPS users around the globe following extensive on-orbit testing of the spacecraft's new military and civilian signals. Launched on Sept. 25 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. the GPS IIR-14 satellite features a modernized antenna panel that provides increased signal power to receivers on the ground, two new military signals for improved accuracy, enhanced encryption and anti-jamming capabilities for the military, and a second civil signal that will provide users with an open access signal on a different frequency. (I think this is the new L5 freq at 1176 MHz.... L1 is at 1575 of course ---cz) "With this launch, we're truly launching a new era of GPS services for our military and civil users around the globe," according to Col Allan Ballenger, System Program Director for the Navstar GPS program at Los Angeles Air Force Base. "This modernized satellite will broadcast the first new GPS signals since the GPS constellation became fully operational over a decade ago." The satellite was declared operational on Dec. 16 by Air Force Space Command's 2nd Space Operations Squadron (2 SOPS) at Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., which manages and operates the GPS constellation for both civil and military users. "As 2 SOPS celebrates its 20th year of operating the GPS constellation, it's fitting that we embark upon the next generation of GPS satellites," said Lt. Col. Steve Hamilton, 2 SOPS commander. "Our operations team is thrilled to be part of this monumental achievement." The GPS IIR team is now gearing up for the launch of the second modernized IIR satellite scheduled for liftoff in early 2006 from Cape Canaveral. Lockheed Martin is under contract to modernize eight IIR satellites for its customer, the Navstar GPS Joint Program Office, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif. "The entire GPS team should be very proud of this significant milestone in the GPS program," said Leonard F. Kwiatkowski, vice president and general manager of Military Space Programs at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. "We are extremely pleased with the on-orbit performance of the first modernized satellite and look forward to providing a major improvement in navigation capability for both military and civilian users of the worldwide system," added Kwiatkowski. The modernized navigation payloads are being built by ITT in Clifton, N.J. The satellite upgrades along with final assembly, integration and test is being performed at Lockheed Martin facilities in Valley Forge, Pa. "We are proud to be a part of the team modernizing this global asset," said Dick Arra, vice president and director, navigation, ITT Space Systems Division. "Built on 25 years of GPS payload development, the IIR payloads are designed to meet the rigors of space and operate in a radiation contaminated environment while providing precise three dimensional position, time and velocity information on a 24-hour worldwide basis." The Global Positioning System enables properly equipped users to determine precise time and velocity and worldwide latitude, longitude and altitude to within a few meters. SOURCE: Lockheed Martin
  11. No you can display tracks on the free GE download. Put your tracks and any waypoints in Mapsource and save it as a .gpx file which you can then import into GE. Have fun, Olar OK.... where is the Google Earth "import" button??
  12. OK, I'll bite.... you do you do the tracklog thing on GEarth?? You have to buy it? (God forbid)
  13. Canadave: Get out there and start looking, man! If said to you "I hid something in your house".... do you think you'd be able to find it? I think it would take you a while. Even if those little symbols were in the right spot, the world is a complex place, and cache owners are clever people! You gotta get out here with the rest of us, down on your hands and knees, in the rain, in the dark (with failing flashlight), in the snow, looking under a dead tree, up a dead tree, down in a cave, up there, over there.... back to where you first looked.... and on it goes! Fuhgeeddabaout Google Erath, just shoot in the coords, and give 'er a whirl, man! I use GE to see what might be available in a certain area.. pretty useful for that. But you gotta get out there and enjoy the experience. Happy caching!
  14. Team "Schist Happens" will be there! (oh,.... look it up for heaven's sake... )
  15. Hey folks: Anyone have a tip for me on projecting a Waypoint on the eTrex Legend ? The field for Distance always comes up in km ( i.e. 0000.00km) and I cannot seem to change the field to accept a smaller number (such as metres). Entering a Distance such as 123m leaves you no option but to enter 0000.12km. I've played around with the Units and Settings, etc but no luck. Chris
  16. There we go! It'sa a dual jaw belt clip!! Won't work on any of my belts... maybe you clip it onto the belt loop ?? In any case, I was never big on the Janitor/Caretaker look thing....
  17. You can't "push"it onto anything... you must squeeze the little side pieces to open it up. And the moving parts are flat, not sharp, so ix-nay on the cigar cutter... anyway, the open diameter is only about 1 cm. Chris
  18. Obviously a keychain thingie, but what does the business end of this do??? Click this
  19. Man, that is really depressing. I'm so glad I'm basically a rural cacher, and the worst thing I ever see is some garbage... we are so lucky here in the GTA (for caching, that is..I'd rather be in the Okanagan from a lifestyle and scenery point of view but that's another story. ). There is simply no end to the new caches here every week.
  20. I agree with BQ... go out and find a bunch first before placing your first one. Although there is a certain satisfaction in having cachers find your hide (especialally if it's creative and difficult), it is invaluable experience to be out there and find things on your own. The more you find, the more you'll think about how you want to design yours. To be honest, I personally think there are WAY to many tupperwares in tree trunks out there already! Cheers, Chris
  21. CharlieZulu


    Looks like you're on your way now.... go get 'em!!!
  22. ... to give this a try. CLICK THIS I drive a stock TJ, 30" tires, tow hooks, no winch, DSAP rear diff. Looking at trying it before the snow flies, either Oct 30 or Nov 5/6. Take pity on me, I'm a rookie. chris
  23. Something vewy, vewy scwewy goin on, I think.
  24. CharlieZulu

    Ammo Boxes

    The ones in Kitchener are so-so. I've seen better ones in the past, and they were $6.88 Chris
  25. Congrats to Dave + Jen (or was it only Dave? ) on the FTF for GCPA7E. No less than 13 people already watching this baby. Sounds like fun, can hardly wait to try it, but hafta go shopping for survival supplies first, by the sounds of it.....
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