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  1. They all end in "a", and you can't say I'm wrong.
  2. Thanks a lot guys. Item is back ordered, but no hurry. Tks again.
  3. Folks, any advice on a decent bike mount for the GPS 60? Prefer to shop in Canada, mail order OK. Chris (CZ)
  4. One of my TBs has been missing for a couple of years, and is not in the cache where it was last left. How do I deactivate it?
  5. Remember folks, we are in the hands of Uncle Sam, specifically the US Air Force. We'll never find out what's really going on, except that it's just going to get better and better. GPS IIR's continue to be launched, the GPS III contract was just announced (the US taxpayer gets to pay the whole $1.4Billion), and Galileo is still planned!
  6. Way to go, Ted. I miss our little marathons! Missed you the other day, but had a nice chat with Laurie. All the best. Chris
  7. I use the trusty old Garmin 60C (bought it 2nd hand from another cacher) and Canada Topo, plus Canada Metroguide v.4 (now discontinued, but good enough for me). All you need.
  8. I just ordered a few as well... no indication that the little nanos have o-rings, though?
  9. I guess there are pros and cons to living in certain places. Here in the GTA we are lucky to have an endless supply of caches, but when a new one gets published there is usually a stampede heading towards it -- literally in minutes, regardless of the time or weather. The only FTFs I manage to get are within 5km of home base and even then it's a question of getting there within a hour of the publish time. We have quite a few BlackBerry-enabled, alarm-activated FTF hounds here.
  10. Yesterday I received permission by email to place a cache in an area managed by the National Wildlife Service.... I think this is within Parks canada / Environment Canada, isn't it?
  11. What kinda vehicle you gettin'? Here's a pic of my baby, let me know if you want to go off-road caching sometime. Chris
  12. Galileo will survive, albeit late, and will interoperate with GPS. India and Japan are going to field their own systems, but they will be regional/local, rather than global. Russian GLONASS is not fully operational and may never be. The Chinese are the real bad dudes here, since they are attempting to put up their own system without consultation from anyone, and have actually fielded two satellites on frequencies which were obtained through the proper channels by Galileo. Of course, these are the same guys who took out one of their own weather satellites with a directed missile, just to flex their political muscles, and caused a 10% increase in orbiting space junk with blatant disregard to the international space community. Just my 2cents.
  13. Holy cow, how can this be true? I can't believe ALL satellites go down for a period of time just like that. I wanna say your receiver got confused for a few minutes. Don't forget more and more commercial services rely on GPS for pretty critical things (like landing airplanes, etc). I know the US Military can play around with SA and so on, but it just doesn't make sense to me that whole system goes down like that! Source of info? ChrisW
  14. A friend of mine retired in Summerland (across the lake) but I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear from another cacher... drop him a line, his name is Dave and he goes by (wait for it) summerland
  15. I bought a 60C 2nd hand from a local cacher when he upgraded to the 60CSX. Great unit, good enough for me, and way better than my 1st unit, the eTrex Legend in terms of features, screen, etc. Lots of previously-loved units out there. Just my $0.02 .
  16. yes, I was aware of this, but it isn't exactly user friendly, in that you have to create a new notification for each type of cache, traditional, multi, unknown, etc etc/
  17. Hi folks: Like everyone else, I get emails notifying me of new caches that go up in my area by checking off "Send me a weekly emailer of new caches in my area." in my profile. Is there a way to also set up a secondary centre point, say at my cottage, so I can be notified of new caches in that area, without going the PQ route?? Chris
  18. ns! Hey Missinnova...... you gotta lose those girly bumper ends! Example attached: Do not judge lest ye be judged....All Jeeps are girly until they've been lifted. [] Touche!
  19. Hey Missinnova...... you gotta lose those girly bumper ends! Example attached:
  20. I'm guessing the guy is William VanHorne, the builder of the CPR. No clue about the cow catcher lady.
  21. I use 31" ProComp ATs... decent price and good all-round. Pic of my baby:
  22. Looks like an awesome hide, mon ami. Bordering on the nasty, I would say! Chris (CZ) BTW, I liked your intro on the latest Podcahe!
  23. CharlieZulu


    .....see exactly who has your cache on their watchlist?? Chris (CZ)
  24. Darn...I just took two rolls of Canadian pennies to the bank. All I got was $1, but they must've been worth a mint. Like one of those After Eights, I guess.
  25. Man, is this our Tax money at work? Surely there must be more important things to do. For those of you in Toronto, howz THIS for a waste of money and time?? These bozos make $100K+ a year and behave like kids.
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