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  1. There is a name for these points....can you kindly inform?
  2. Thank you. Tried that, I see the files in the Garmin folder alright, but when I disconnect my unit and boot it up, and do a search for the cache file I just loaded, it isnt there. I am going to the main menu, Fing-Geocache-menu-Spell Search,.... and it's not there. tried several different caches. They're not there in Waypoints, either/ What am I missing? I am using a Mac.
  3. Hello. I have a new Garmin GPSMAP 64S and would like to know the easiest way to D/L caches into my unit, without Pocket Query. If I click on "Download GPX", what happens next? What app to I need to get the cache details into my unit? TIA, Chris charliezulu
  4. What's with the "Multo Suspicioso"? Sorry, Baxter, I don't speak Spanish. actually I think it's molto sospetto
  5. Fun little adventure going on here.....
  6. CharlieZulu


    Only available @ Costco?? I'm not a member.....
  7. OK, thanks. Still doesn't explain why I got the same message on a cache that I'm simply watching, and never found...
  8. Anyone else getting these emails from a reviewer? There is indeed a Needs Maintenance attribute on the cache listing, but I don't know who put it there. I certainly haven't gotten any logs from anyone saying so. ................ Location: Ontario, Canada CacheViewer posted a reviewer note for Halton Hills Cryptic: LAT (Traditional Cache) at 2/5/2010 Log Date: 2/5/2010 Greetings from a volunteer geocaching reviewer, ******'Needs Maintenance' icon/issue******* I notice your cache has a "[red]Needs Maintenance[/red]" icon on. You may have already taken care of the issue but the "Needs Maintenance" icon still remains. If there is an unresolved maintenance issue with this cache, please take care of it as soon as possible....... ........................... I even got one for a cache I don't own. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Chris (CZ)
  9. BTW I did email the CO and got a responsse re: the cache photo and the confusing coords on the original pic. Here is his response: "sorry, old pic i have changed it... use the web site location please. the cache is there."
  10. Since I started this thread, I might as well chime in...... it's a subject that's been beaten to death, but knowing what we all know now, I think when the original game was set up there should have ben a rule set up on this. The experience and ideas one gets from finding various types of caches can only help the CO when he places his first one. Maybe something simple like at least 25 finds before you can place your first. Anyway as I said, it's been beaten to death; oh, and one more thing -- I must be getting grumpy in my old age, but when I see cache listings that are full of speling misteaks or are poorly written I begin to wonder how much effort has really been put in. I'm at the point where if it doesn't seem interesting, I won't bother. Happy New Year to all, Chris (CZ)
  11. Yeah, right. I always assume the worst. In fact, any sensible cacher should state that he has permission in the cache listing. Why wouldn't you do that?? But I'd be willing to bet that this isn't the case with these two caches. In both cases the owners have less than 20 finds -- in theory that shouldn't matter, I agree. When placing a cache, the first thing you should ask yourself is "am I allowed to do this here?" if the answer is "yes", then proceed with the palnning of the cache hide.
  12. Is it me, what? (old subject, just a rant) On my last two cache adventures, I’m pretty sure I was on private property. Is it just me, or does anyone else get that creepy feeling that you really shouldn’t be there? No matter what, before setting out I always have a look at the area on Google Maps – to get an rough idea where I’m going, where to park, etc. In these last two – areas that I am pretty familiar wity – my first question is always… ”…really…? Down there??...?" Are we running out of public areas in the GTA? Or are there just too many people in this hobby now? Don’t the approvers ask if permission is granted? (If the answer to that one is that the cache approvers have too much backlog, then maybe there are simply too many caches out there). I did the last two kind of reluctantly; I sort of had a funny feeling , but went out in the hopes of seeing a trail posting, or a sign that maybe there was a public trail there. Anyway, I completed them both, but still not too sure if I should really be there. Anyway, have a look at these two…. Comments?? GC1VQN8 & GC1VGQ4 Chris (CZ)
  13. May 4, 2009 Lt Col David Goldstein, chief engineer for the GPS Wing, told the plenary session at the European Navigation Conference in Naples, Italy, that the Wing is experiencing some "out of family" measurements from the recently launched Block IIRM (20) satellite. This appears to corroborate some unofficial rumors that have circulated recently about problems with "legacy signals" from the satellite, that is, L1 and L2. The April 10 broadcast of the first L5 signal secured that frequency for the U.S. GPS program; since that signal contains no navigation message at present, it is presumably not affected by these problems. Goldstein told the ENC opening session, Monday May 4, that the Air Force will not launch any further satellites until this issue is resolved. Block IIR(M) 21, the last of the Block IIR(M) series, is currently scheduled to rise sometime in August, with the first of the Block IF generation to follow in late 2009 or early 2010. Normally, a satellite is set healthy within 28 days of launch, after extensive testing, but this has not occurred with the satellite launched on March 24. The U.S. Air Force has formed a response team and is working "nearly round the clock" to resolve the problem, but according to Goldstein is not rushing the issue, seeking a thorough solution since the overall constellation is robust at 30 satellites. "We are currently examining data from the satellite that is not consistent with data from the other IIR(M)s", he stated, characterizing the variances as "measurements with larger than expected pseudorange errors that are elevation-dependent, and that we have not seen before. We have experimented with a few fixes and it looks very promising." He described the response team's approach as making a "fishbone diagram" of all potential failure mechanisms, and working through them methodically. "We think we have identified the failure but it may be several more months before the analysis is complete, and the situation is fully resolved." ................................ OMG -- now we'll never find any caches... Anyone know if the newest generation of GPSrs have the L5 capability?
  14. Och aye! you're comin at the wrong time! visit Fergus anyway, some good caches nearby! Fergus Ontario
  15. Thanks guys, gonna give it a try!
  16. Hi folks: When projecting a WP, the field where you enter a value for Distance in my 60C is in km, and only gives two significant digits anyway -- is there a way to change this to meters? I can't find anywhere in the menu system to change this.
  17. They do. They do what? Get approval from the landowner?? Not around here they don't!!
  18. Micros tossed in the landscaping of Subway with seekers in full view of patrons and employees; on the side of the street in view of dozens of homes; LPC's in the parking lots of private industrial employers; in public landscaping that require flower trampling to retrieve, to name a few. I know the reviewers are swamped, but in my view caches on private property should not even be considered for review unless the owner specifically states in his application that the land owner has given permission. I know this is one of the stated guidelines, but it's beyond me how some of these caches get approved. More than once I've found myself high-tailing it out of someone's field when I've realized I am clearly on private property -- forget about even looking for the cache. Am I the only one who feels guilty about this?
  19. I agree, good point. At the risk of being pedantic, it really bugs me when I see a cache listing full of spelling mistakes, poor punctuation, sloppy language, etc. Why don't reviewers catch stuff like this? The title of the subject cache got me going right away. Look at this little gem (no kidding, this is the entire listing, verbatim): it is in a wet kind of land hint hint to the name of the Cache, it is in an obvious but not obvious spot The Cache is a Water Bottle, (clear so easier to find), it has a black lid but a blue bracelet on the end of it, it has some small itmes in it, it is our 3rd cache, attempt since our other three haven't been published yet, but we are still trying have fun with this one, Topic for another day, I guess. CZ
  20. Here we go.... first DNF just got posted. molto sospettoso
  21. I just noticed this new one as well -- looks kind of funny to me. What's up with the address? (which is not where the cache appears to be, it's a school). All lower case spelling, title mis-spelled, joined less than a month ago..... Maybe it's something extra clever and sneaky, it's a 3 / 2 1/2 Chris
  22. I noticed in this weekend's Canadian Tire flyer (here in Ont, at least) there's a Garmin on sale and the ad specifically mentions geocaching. Still, the look I get from most people I happen to mention it to (I don't go out of my way) is usually one that sort of says "you poor, sad little man....". I love it.
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