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  1. No, it didn't. Apparently you misunderstood what I meant which most probably was my fault. I was not talking about Groundspeak's alternatives but referred to my omparison in the post to which narcissa replied. I meant let's compare the situation of everything else be the same just leave out the ape cache type. What I meant was this: If there happened to be an old cache at a phantastic location that people loved to visit for many years but which then disappeared and got archived, the cache would not get unarchived and reinstalled when the container shows up again and no vote would be organized whether this should be done and the big majority of cachers would not care at all (if it were not something some people needed again for some statistics oriented type of thing, so let's assume that this is not the case). May I suggest another possibility? I've seen caches unarchived before. It was always circumstantial. I personally had one unarchived due to some very specific issues and because it was particularly special to me and, I think, to the community. I had to give my reasons and explain why I let it get archived in the first place, and the reviewer was INCREDIBLY kind and understanding and chose to unarchive my cache. I don't think I'm the only person who's had this done. The APE cache similarly had VERY SPECIFIC issues, extenuating circumstances, and was special to, I think, the community. Reasons were given why it was archived in the first place, and very UNUSUAL circumstances led to the cache becoming available again, which were clearly explained. The biggest difference I see is that this cache is of interest to the WHOLE community, not just a local geocaching region. Groundspeak recognized this (they couldn't just unarchive it - it would certainly have been noticed QUICKLY) and instead of making a decision, asked the community. I would suspect that if Mingo or other significant caches were discovered to have EXTENUATING circumstances, they might also become community-wide decisions, not just local (as was my personal case). Yes, the APE cache is special, and is being treated with "special" status, but I think it's the Geo-community as a whole that made it this way, Groundspeak just recognized that it was special. And the only reason why it is special and of interest to the whole community is that rare icon/cache type.
  2. Thank you for expressing my feelings about this discussion so well with just a few words. It really makes my blood boil when folks think handicapped people must be treated in a special way because they are "special". I was once invited to run for election to the Geoocaching Association of Great Britain committee. Each candidate had to have a simple manifesto and take part in a Q & A with the community about that manifesto. At the time I, and a few others in my area had been investing some time posting cache ratings on a service aimed at providing more detailed D/T information to cachers with disabilities and so I was questioned on that. One person became quite irate at being referred to as disabled. Handicapped was an absolute swear-word as far as this person was concerned. Despite my best intentions and efforts the dialogue with this person became protracted, difficult and uncomfortable - for me at least. In a nutshell, as far as this person was concerned, every term I used was wrong and constituted an insult to people who were not disabled or handicapped but rather had impairments and society disabled them by not facilitating their impairments. Clearly some people with impairments expect special treatment. Looks like whatever strategy we adopt, someone's blood will boil Among my family members are mentally and physically challenged human beings. I refer to them by their first name. A friend of mine has a child born with down syndrome, that's Nico. During my compulsory paid community service I have worked with people who knew that they will die in the near future. Yes, it's not easy to handle these people if you are confronted with those facts for the very first time, and it's absolutely normal that both parties are uncomfortable. I don't think any of the advocates of political correctness in this thread have similar experience, so I would recommend the movie "Intouchables" to them.
  3. Thank you for expressing my feelings about this discussion so well with just a few words. It really makes my blood boil when folks think handicapped people must be treated in a special way because they are "special".
  4. I think it is interesting that the Samsung accuracy gets worse when averaging a waypoint in the open setting , whereas the Garmin improves. Also the effects of WAAS are noteable, as it's clearly not always an improvement, if the numbers can be trusted.
  5. My favorite setup is a floody headlamp combined with a thrower, which I take out whenever I need to light up more distant spots. It's hard to recommend a model without knowing what kind of batteries, beam, tint, runtime etc is preferred. General advice is that you can fully ignore the Lumens stated by most cheap brands, this value only makes sense if it is measured ANSI or OTF. I really like Zebralight and have some Olight, Fenix and other brands. Fun fact is, the flashlight I use most often is my keycahin light, because it is always there when I need it. If you want to dive in deep, here's where you find the real flashoholics: Candlepowerforums
  6. I was able to figure out that the gc in the domain name, when corrected to "geocaching" went to a valid site. The point is, I shouldn't have to correct, or have a browser autocorrect it when the person that wrote "gc" could have typed out 8 more characters. gc.com leads to a valid site. Funny thing is, it's called "GameChanger".
  7. Is it allowed to write something like "This cache is also listed on another site with the ID AB12345"? Or "This cache can be found on other listing services under the same name"?
  8. Are you saying you think we have the same laws that you have? I can assure you that interaction with law enforcement here is a lot different than on your end. I have not seen this warning sign in Europe so far:
  9. Vampires perhaps? Maybe I need to add some garlic cloves to my caching backpack. I guess you are referring to this:
  10. Sounds like we are being stereotyped here in the US. I'm not sure why. Sounds (to me) like a swift movement of a bulky (often black) item from a pocket may cause issues, in these days of police being targeted on the job. Sounds to me like a scenario for anywhere in the World, not just the US. I bet the guy has never even been to the US. I did watch the movie Brüno, and I have never visited Austria. You are right, I've never been there. I didn't say that, I said I wouldn't act like I did, if I was there. You don't seem to disagree with that, sorry if my choice of words was somehow hurtful.
  11. Sounds like we are being stereotyped here in the US. I'm not sure why. Sounds (to me) like a swift movement of a bulky (often black) item from a pocket may cause issues, in these days of police being targeted on the job. My preferred maybe (60-64 series, and that antenna), but most today just look like everyone elses sortasmartphones. Yes, exactly, they seemed alarmed. It's also usually no problem here to step out of the car when being stopped and approached by the LEO, I wouldn't do that in the US (or some other places) either.
  12. I was only once questioned by the police while caching in my early days. I was looking for the final of a mystery under a small bridge in the city after dark, and just as I went back up to check the other side of the creek, a police car drove by. They stopped immediatly and started questioning me. I said I just had to pee. Great idea, LEOs can smell if somebody is lying. They didn't let go of me, so I said that I was looking for a geocache. One LEO had heard of it and said "You need a GPSr for this, where's yours?". I reached in my pocket and pulled it out (don't do that in the US), navigation to the cache still active. They told me that it's not a good idea to do that near a graveyard in the night (What? There's a graveyard nearby?), but now that they know what I'm up to, it's ok. They even offerd to help me searching, I said I'll rather return in the daylight. As they drove away they were shortly looking for the cache on the bridge with a strong flashlight. Lesson learned.
  13. I think it is more likely just that a large percentage of people on this forum are from North America. I might be wrong, but I think BenOw lives in Germany.
  14. Also wolltest du nur Dampf ablassen und keine Diskussion oder gegensätzliche Meinung hören, oder? Dein Nick steht neben dem Titel des von dir eröffneten threads. Irgendwann endet auch mein Verständnis.
  15. Die bekommst Du: Deine Dose wird erst zu einem Cache, der gefunden wird, wenn er bei Geocaching.com gelistet ist. Probiere es aus: liste eine Dose in einem Blog oder Forum und beobachte die Fundzahlen. Stimmt. Ich frage mich, was Dave Ulmer damals gemacht hat? Das kann ja gar nicht funktionieren.
  16. Nun, Antworten und Meinungen verschiedenster Couleur und Richtung sind ja ausgiebigst geschrieben worden. Die kann man dann akzeptieren, ablehnen, teilen, für sich anders bewerten und beantworten. Oder man wartet eben, bis einer schreibt: "Ja, genau, richtig, meine ich zu hundert Prozent auch". Das ist ja alles vollommen ok. Aber ne Meinung/Frage ist nix, die flächendeckend gleich beantwortet durch die Community wandert. Sie ist aber auch nix, die anders aussieht, abhängig davon, ob jemand reihenweise sensationelle Caches raushaut oder Owner von Petling "Hundegassirunde Nr. 1-15" ist. Der Zusammenhang besteht eben nicht - DARF nicht bestehen. Meines Erachtens. Siehe meine Vorrede Gruß Zappo Ja, das sehe ich auch so. Ich finde es aber auch verständlich, wenn sich jemand verarscht fühlt von GS und das im Affekt unglücklich zum Ausdruck bringt. Die "community" zeigt grösstenteils die kalte Schulter, just another geocide. Ist halt so.
  17. Ja, dem stimme ich zu. "Du bist einfach zu blöd" (oder wie auch immer das genau formuliert wurde) ist aber auch keine befriedigende Antwort zu dem Thema, zumindest für mich.
  18. Nun, ich fand die Kommunikation seitens GS zu diesem Thema vor Jahren herablassend genug, um kein PM mehr zu sein. Die geballte Front hier, die mit "das passt schon so" argumentiert, verstehe ich nicht, bin aber auch kein Jurist.
  19. Mir fehlt der Kontext. Kannst du mal einen Link schicken worum es überhaupt geht? Kontext
  20. Es ging um die 30 USD - die bezahlt man bei .su wohl eher nicht oder? Ja, die spart man sich dabei auch gleich. Das GPS System dürfen auch Russen kostenfrei nutzen, also drei Fliegen mit einer Klappe, wenn man dort lebt. GLONASS haben sie auch noch.
  21. Versuch es doch mal mit ".su" statt ".com".
  22. Sure. I truly have no idea that there is anything illicit behind it. I would guess that it is hidden in the dirt. Or a little boy named Sanchez likes to play in the dirt. Or maybe its just nonsense. It could only be something nasty if you perceive it that way, and then the problem is on you. Yeah, a young kid is only likely to know that it's some old-fashioned dirty term if you make a fuss about it. Has anybody earnestly used this term since 1988? Well, I'm sure as heck not going to (1) look for current examples from my office computer or (2) post them in the forums. But yes, it is most decidedly in circulation on the interwebs. Had to look that one up myself..... goodness! I'm still trying to figure out the 1988 reference. Was there a cultural sea-change then (that I missed)? Did a foul-mouthed comic leave the scene? Is it a random year representing the approximate start of new and different off-color lingo? Or is it that post-1988 the term is no longer used "earnestly"?? Well I found that innocent pic regarding 1988:
  23. Ich spreche davon, dass seit einiger Zeit beim Erwerb einer PM "praktischerweise" gleich die jährliche Verlängerung mit dabei ist. Opt-out statt Opt-in, früher war das nicht so. ETA: Zwangsverlängerung 'Tschuldigung, schon wieder so ein böses Wort.
  24. Das hat damals etliche Leute aufgeregt: Discrimination of Europeans? Letzter Beitrag, vor kurzem erst: Ein gängier Workaround sind Geschenkgutscheine für eine Jahres-PM, damit umgehst du auch gleich die Abofalle.
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