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  1. Information about the estimated position errot: EPE
  2. No, if you don't mind that your onöine logs might get deleted.
  3. Yes, he would, that much is clear, and that much he is allowed to do. Other COs might not, and that much they are also allowed to do. It's not very surprising that he gets nasty messages from time to time. Fun fact: Just because my name is in the logbook, it doesn't mean that I have personally signed the log or found the cache. There's a running gag in a local forum along the lines of "Don't forget to sign for XXX, too!".
  4. If somebody sends you a photo of the container, the hiding spot and the logbook, would you still delete the online log because it doesn't meet your definition of a find?
  5. I'm always glad to find a pen/pencil in the cache. Justi this year, I've lost or left my pen at a previous cache twice and ran out of ink three times. However, I always "signed the log" using a leaf or just by scratching my nickname in with the dead pen, and I logged them as found. I've heard stories where pages were torn out of the logbook, and I hope no owner will delete my online log just because he/she can't find my signature in the logbook. If that should ever happen, I would come back to the cache, sign again, relog with the original date online and add the owner to my ignore list.
  6. Yes, the author of the log cares, apparently. I don't know what you mean by "related to the cache", as for them, it surely is. TFTT. (Thanks for the topic, sorry if that was too wordy)
  7. Yes you can, as long as you meet the guidelines of Groundspeak and atlas quest. I've never seen a listing being denied or archived because of cross listing.
  8. I think the cache with the most FTF claims is in Austria, but I might be wrong: FTF
  9. No, owning a cache automatically makes you one of the good guys. No matter if you asked for permisson, irritate wildlife, disturb neighbours or give a crap abut some junk with a piece of paper in it you left some time ago somewhere.
  10. I hope you know that I was being sarcastic, when I first heard about virtual rewards I thought hell froze over. I wouldn't have thought so many people have a problem with this and/or their ego. But thanks for the link, I had to implement that quite a few times.
  11. Which algorithm did you use to determine these numbers?
  12. Some time ago I wanted to show a friend of mine one of my favorite caches, which is placed about 1km inside a water cave (https://coord.info/GC2KZFE). It was my third or fourth visit, so I was pretty familiar with the cave, at least I thought so. After a four hour drive we parked our car, got into gear and started our adventure. We took lots of photos, so it took us a little longer than necessary to get to the point where the cache is placed. After a break and a little snack we headed back, chatting and enjoying ourselves until I started to get a strange feeling. I wasn’t sure in which part of the cave we were, but thought it just looks different on the way out. We continued following the main water stream and I was getting more and more nervous. After diving through a small siphon I had to admit that I didn’t know where we are and that we have to go back to a point where I’m absolutely sure where we are. On the way back in my headlamp switched to low mode because the battery couldn’t deliver enough voltage, which was pretty useless for finding the way through the larger domes. Pulling out my spare flashlight I remembered that nobody of us told anybody what we were doing and we wouldn’t be missed for quite a while. Even if somebody noticed our absence, they wouldn’t know where to look for us. I was getting exhausted and even more nervous. We reached a point where I knew for sure where we are and headed back out again. Suddenly my friend slipped and fell on her backbone. She fell hard. Luckily she is really a tough woman and was able to go on without my help; I was already too exhausted to carry her out and would have felt very uncomfortable leaving her back while getting help. So we went on in silence, fully concentrated and then I realized my mistake. I missed the only turn you have to take to stay on the main route. Relieved we went on and then I realized another detail: The point where I decided to go back in was already on the main route. If we just had gone 10 meters further I would have known again where we are. Back at the car I ripped the sleeve of my dry top as a bonus. And that is not even the end of the story because my friend insisted that we also look for https://coord.info/GC43HAB as we planned, but this post is already lengthy enough.
  13. It seems you logged your first and second find in the wrong order.
  14. What a great idea! And since the cache would be different from visit to visit, people could find it again and again, logging each find! Oh, wait... If each visitor to the cache signs the logbook the cache is different on every single visit. You probably consider that sufficient difference for people to log multiple times. Sounds silly to me. This thread is not about multiple logs, there is already a train wreck for that.
  15. Many companies make changes without every explaining "why". When Apple stopped putting a floppy drive in computers, the world went nuts. Apple never solicited public opinion as to whether it was a good idea or not. The just did it. I don't remember them ever explaining "why". A lot of other companies explained the "why". And in the end.... the world moved on. Nice, so Groundspeak is purely a commercial company and it is just fine and dandy to behave like Apple who are renowned for their lack of compatibility and support for older devices. I have no problem with changes, most things do. However some of us like a few things to stay where they are, giving pleasure to many, especially where there has been no good reason supplied. What is next, get rid of puzzles because they are too hard? Multis because too few new players can be bothered with them and might be confused? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's exactly what the official Groundspeak app does.
  16. There is a christmas theme cache every year in my area (e.g. GC6XG8G). A living tree is decorated in the woods during christmas time by the owners and the finders, the decorations are removed after January, but the cache stays in place for about a year. Until now, I always wanted to go for it on christmas day, but never found the time. I have never considered looking for it in summer or after the decorations are removed.
  17. Der Grund, warum andere Serien schneller freigeschaltet wurden liegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass sich für diese keine 104 Reviewer Notes in 20 Tagen angehäuft haben und der Reviewer nicht das HQ einschalten musste. Ausserem habe ich es immer so verstanden, dass der Reviewer sich nur meldet, wenn bzw. solange es ein Problem gibt.
  18. My guess is that this is exactly the motivation for stealing caches in this case and would only encourage him. I would say the opposite, that it happens all the time and doesn't matter at all. I once explained geocaching to an adult who asked me about it, and his first question after my explanation was "What would happen if I took a dump in the cache?". I was baffled how this could be the first thing that comes to mind and said that the next finder would see this and write about it in his log. Then the cache gets disabled or archived, that's it. Nobody else will be annoyed or admire his defecation skills.
  19. I removed the word "special" when rephrasing my original statement just because of what you said. I don't know this cache, maybe it's like a LordBritish cache and special even without that icon.
  20. I said that because the logical reading of your statement ("it is not _mainly_ about the experience, location or whatever else") leads to the conclusion that when you say "or whatever else", you don't include a unique icon or being special. Others would. That wasn't such a leap, was it? Isn't your point that the icon shouldn't be considered just another aspect as valid as location and experience? The bottom line is that people like the APE cache. You seem intend on sorting out exactly why it's important, then judging whether those reasons are good enough for GS to take special action. I say that's it's important, so why does it matter why? Please show me where I was judging anything or anybody. If I would say a stamp is only valued highly because only two pieces exist in the whole world, not because of the nice picture on it or whatever else, it's just a matter of fact. You may disagree or find it obvious, but please stop speculating about my thoughts or intentions.
  21. It's special. It has a unique icon. That's "whatever else". All I can think of is what you're trying to say is that why it's important to the community isn't why it's important to you. That doesn't strike me as an interesting observation. What leads you to this assumption? How did "The only reason why it is of interest to the WHOLE community (not just a local geocaching region) is that rare icon/cache type." turn into "It isn't important to me" in your head? If what I'm saying is not interesting to you, well, so be it.
  22. It is of interest because it's special. Yes, one of the things that makes it special is the icon, but so what? That's perfectly fine by me. I just wanted to clarify that, for the whole global community, it is not _mainly_ about the experience, location or whatever else.
  23. A reason why it is special and of interest? Definitely. The main reason? Perhaps. But the only reason? I don't think so. The Mission 9 tribute cache in Washington has received a fair bit of attention, and it offers no icon or unusual cache type. There is something going on besides the Project APE icon and cache type. Fair point, I'll try to rephrase it: The only reason why it is of interest to the WHOLE community (not just a local geocaching region) is that rare icon/cache type.
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