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  1. Good grief! Do you really believe that someone who wants to break into your house is monitoring your GC profile? Or that your boss has nothing better to do than that? Considering the pixaleted houses on Google Streetview in Germany, I fear the answer might be yes. Hint for the paranoid cachers: You don't have to log online.
  2. Leave no trace behind except your footprints and your memories. If you feel uncomfortable when searching for a cache, don't do it. Log DNF, it's nothing to be ashamed of.
  3. D'accord. Das war damals aber auch noch erlaubt.
  4. Das klingt stark nach einem schönen cache mit einem gewissenhaften Owner. Die Indoor-Station könntest du ja so gestalten, dass du die Koordinaten der Eingangstür angibst und einfach beschreibst, wo die Tafel zu findan ist. Immer, wenn ich das Argument der Mindestfundzahl lese, muss ich an Dave Ulmer denken. Der hatte 0 Funde, als er den ersten cache versteckte.
  5. Das ist die richtige Einstellung. Groundspeak hat vor einiger Zeit den "Cache Health Score" eingeführt, der recht kontrovers diskutiert wird. Es geht dabei um eine Zustandsbewertung jedes Caches aufgrund von DNF und NM Logs, dem Zeitpunkt des letzten Fundes und anderen Parametern. Fällt dieser unter einen bestimmten Wert, bekommt der Owner eine mail ("Dein cache könnte ein Problem haben") und auch die Reviewer haben Einsicht auf diesen Wert, um gegebenfalls tätig zu werden.
  6. Wenn dir das zu umtändlich ist, solltest du vielleicht keinen cache verstecken.
  7. Ehrliche Antwort aus Österreich: An das Salzamt, Sprache egal.
  8. Cool, a religious OS war in the Groundspeak forums. For reference, Joshism is right, Linux is the best. I would have used a virtual machine instead of an emulator (wine), Microsoft offers free images for private use. What was the topic again?
  9. Well, but surely at least one of the 25 people standing on the ground has a pen, that can be thrown up to the climber in case he has none.
  10. This. I haven't found the words to put it this way by myself.
  11. I don't know your "local laws", but I'm quite sure that is only the case if an owner converts a Traditional to a Virtual by allowing photo logs for an extended period of time. That has nothing to do with "I forgot my pen" logs-
  12. It seems to me that North Korea was only chosen as a country because nearly no one will look for a cache there.
  13. What about cachers that change their username? Surely, they have to go back to each cache and sign with their new nick. Some statements in this thread remind me of a song by Denis Leary, which I'm not going to link to.
  14. Ja, ausser sie verwenden ein Programm zum Erstellen ihrer Statistiken, mit dem sie die Wertung zum Zeitpunkt ihres Fundes einfrieren können. Ansonsten wird immer der aktuelle D/T Wert hergeommen.
  15. Warum die so wichtig sind? Wegen der Statistik. Warum sind andere Cacher unzufrieden, wenn du den D oder T Wert (mehrmals) änderst? Weil du dann ein Loch in ihre D/T Matrix einbaust, das sie gefüllt zu haben glaubten. Oder weil es einfach nur ihre Statistik beeinflusst. Sonst sehe ich keinen Grund, warum man sich über die Korrektur einer anfänglich eher unübliche Wertung (ist ja von Ort zu Ort verschieden) beschwert.
  16. I think you hit the nail on the head.
  17. Rebore, vol. 1 is a 2000 album by experimental noise rock band Boredoms. It is the first of three in the Rebore series, and is a DJ remix by Unkle that contains samples from Boredoms' entire discography to that point.
  18. I think there is some sarcasm involved in the statement of the owner. You can determine the final coordinates by asking a previous finder or having access to a database/list of puzzles with spoiled coords. Before you go this way, just log it. So far nobody accepted the offer (or was willing to admit it).
  19. A local owner adds something along these lines to his puzzle caches: "Yes, I know, puzzles can be tiresome, time consuming and frustrating. Sometimes you don't know where to start or how to proceed. If you have any questions, contact me and I'm glad to help. If that is still too much trouble for you, feel free to log your find online without visiting the final location. Just pick a date before publish and wait until FTF is logged." Some owners are more laid back than others, I guess.
  20. Did ypu see that ludicrous display last night?
  21. Exactly my thoughts. It would be kind of funny if Groundspeak had an agenda not to publish caches in NK.
  22. Now I'm curios. Is it possible to hide a cache or organize an event in North Korea (if the guidelines are met, of course) or will it be rejected by TPTB just because of the location and/or political situation?
  23. North Korea sounds like a good idea for a virtual reward. However, you would still have to go there and fulfill the logging requirements. Also, just to be safe, I would thank the great leader for inventing this hobby.
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