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  1. 10 hours ago, NYPaddleCacher said:

    In the US, the owner of a large pasture in Texas can put a fence around it, paint the posts purple and anyone entering the land without explicit permission can be arrested for trespassing.

    I remember a story of a young boy being shot in the leg while caching with his father. Hard to imagine something like this happening in Europe:


  2. 3 minutes ago, dprovan said:

    I've only seen this because of this thread, but my immediate impression was that the buttons at the bottom of each and ever log entry took up a lot of vertical space when I was looking through the logs. That space is still wasted even if I ignore the pointless feature.

    Fair point, the layout could surely be optimized.

  3. I think GS will handle this new feature the same way like in the forums. There's now an option to flag a posting as funny, helpful etc.. It's just an additional information for those who are interested in that kind of stuff and it doesn't affect the order in which postings are displayed. If they add an option to sort logs by "most helpful" or "great stories" I don't see any harm. If you like it, use it, if you don't like it, ignore it.

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  4. 19 hours ago, Max and 99 said:

    Spoiler pics: have not seen an increase but still seeing them. Why aren't the COs removing them?

    Siler pics are another story altogether. ?


    Heavens, I read your answer and thought "What the heck are siler pics?" before I noticed my typo. Bad keyboard! Go to your room! :)

    At least I didn't write "Soiler Pics".


    I've looked a bit closer, and indeed most of the spoilers are from newbies. One of them is from the owner who attached it to a maintainance log, but didn't add it to the listing.

    So I guess it was just a coincidence that I stumbled over this a few times in a row.

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  5. 11 hours ago, Gill & Tony said:

    I'm sure that those caches will appeal to many people, but since I am physically incapable of tackling T4.5, cannot hike long distances and have only managed a couple of T4's with great assistance, I find that lower terrain traditionals in an urban area, P&G's and those with only a short walk are more appealing to me.

    I won't discourage people from hiding caches you enjoy, so please don't discourage people from hiding caches I might enjoy.

    I fully understand that, more than you might think. It's just that I really dislike the concept of PMO caches. I'm not trying to discourage people from hiding P&G caches, but, it's possible to hide a nice and easy to find cache that won't get muggled every second day without making it PMO in an urban area, too. You just have to put a little more thought into it.

  6. On 12.3.2018 at 0:23 PM, coachstahly said:

    What is your suggestion on how to deal with those types of cachers then, without reverting to the PMO cache?

    I thought this would be clarified in the very next sentence of the post you quoted:


    On 11.3.2018 at 7:58 PM, Rebore said:

    Like, don't hide a <self censored> 1.5/1.5 Traditional micro in an urban area.

    Need more examples? Take a look at the hides of this guy.


  7. 1 hour ago, coachstahly said:

    An easy way out of what?

    To deal with "Hey look, theres an app for that!" "cachers".

    1 hour ago, Max and 99 said:


    I think people who vandalize and steal from caches violate the spirit of what geocaching was meant to be. Making my caches PMO makes it a little harder for them.

    Of course, and I know that some local cachers are glad that this option exists, because it reduced their maintainance effort significantly. However, paying 30 bucks a year doesn't make you a "better cacher".

    @Viajero Perdido: I've found my way, too. PMO caches are not the reason for it.

  8. 20 hours ago, niraD said:

    It can limit the abuse some geocaches receive from new geocachers who don't understand how the game should be played.

    There are other ways to make sure this doesn't happen. Like, don't hide a <self censored> 1.5/1.5 Traditional micro in an urban area. In my eyes, PMO caches are the easy way out and violate the spirit of what geocaching was meant to be, just like some other things GS focused on to make more money. There, I said it, shoot me.

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  9. 23 minutes ago, humboldt flier said:


             This cacher has been archived but will viewable for a limited time at XXXXXXXXX from YYY to ZZZ prior to being re-hidden.

    Drop by to sign the log

    I had the tombstone in mind, but your version is more tasteful. :)

  10. 13 hours ago, JL_HSTRE said:

    If a Reviewer archives a cache because they were alerted the cache was piling up DNF/NM with no owner action then that seems pretty reasonable. Usually the cache only gets Disabled, unless the owner's profile indicates they've not bee active for years.

    Besides, caches can be unarchived.

    So I'm still not seeing a real problem other than whiny COs.

    It was my understanding that a cache will not be unarchieved if it was archieved by a reviewer because of no owner reaction.

    Around here, the CHS doesn't seem to make any difference at all. Reviewers react on NA logs, and owners usually react on NM's or multiple DNFs. If they don't, somebody logs NA and the circle is closed. Of course this is just my impression and might not be universally true even in my area..

  11. On 17.3.2017 at 5:10 PM, Ltljon said:

    This sounds like most cell phone companies. If you've been a good continuous customer for 15 years there's no perks for you but walk in off the street & get 3 new iphones, unlimited data & a 50% less monthly bill than I do!! :blink:

    That's why you should change your provider regularly, since you can keep your old phone number. Bad news is that Groundspeak has a monopoly.

    ETA: Sorry, didn't notice this was a resurrected thread.

  12. 15 hours ago, Doc_musketeers said:
    16 hours ago, justintim1999 said:

    Did I just respond to myself?   Sorry about that.

    It was an excellent rebuttal.

    Can't stop laughing about that. :D

    On topic: I realize I'm in the minority here, but I always read the cache description. Exceptions are copy/paste descriptions of series (I just look if there is some additional info at the beginning or the end) and articles copied over from wikipedia (a link would suffice).

    That's also true for almost all caches I get notifications for, even if I'm not planning to go for them in the near future. Maybe it's because I am planning all my cache hunts at home and almost never go caching spontaniously. I also read the latest logs that contain more information than "+1", "Quick find" and so on. If the majority of logs are like that, it also tells me something about the cache and I just scan if there is one written by people I know who always write informativev or interresting logs.

    I mostly ignore attributes, though.

  13. My "best" DNF was a multi. We planned to meet at a rather unknow hut for lunch and I deceided to take a longer hike because of said cache. The first stage was "hidden" in an entry in the guestbook of another hut, the rest were physical stages hidden along the small trail leading to the the goal. Most waymarks were destroyed because of some dispute between the few people living there, so the cache description was my only guide.

    At the third stage I couldn't find the container with the coordinates for the next stage and had no idea where to go. Lots of logging roads beneath me and I spent so much time looking for the container that I lost sight of two or three people heading (presumably) to the same hut. So I called my girlfriend and tried to explain the situatiom:

    "I can't find a stage and don't know which way to go."

    "Where are you now?"

    "Well, in the middle of the woods. I don't know how to describe my position otherwise than telling you the coords."

    To my luck the guys I had seen before already had arrived at the hut, and since they knew the trail I was able to describe where I was, and they told me which way to go. I really earned that delicious "Schweinsbraten" that day.

    A few weeks later the hut was closed and the owner announced that the cache will be archived because of that. I offered to remove the containers since I still had to settle a score with that cache. Guess what, I couldn't find stage three again, but it was fun picking up the other containers. I returned them to the owner at a hiking event a few weeks later.

  14. 1 hour ago, WingsAndTales said:

    Silly, creepy and counter productive are the words that come to mind.  My local geocaching FB page has lots of people stating that they won't log DNFs after this.  People hate useless emails.

    Too bad that mail was not sent under a different theme in the name of a cache they did find..

  15. 3 hours ago, irisisleuk said:

    If you let geocachers play the game as they see fit, you will get sites where they publish the final coordinates to mystery and multi caches.

    Quoted from such a site (Google translation):


    The largest public and free end coordinate site of the universe and far beyond Currently kept by geocachers from all over the world, for geocachers from all over the world, all of whom prefer to play outside and watch a dull screen For those geocachers this website has been designed and the site now contains over 172,961 final coordinates of multy / mystery / puzzle / earth / virtual / Wherigo and lab caches.

    Not really much owners can do about it.

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