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  1. It seems clear from other forum threads that there are at least some Waymarking players who would rather not mess with photo requirements for creating or logging waymarks. I freely admit that my reasons for belonging to that category are that I'm (1) cheap and (2) lazy. Other people's reasons may be more noble. My intention is not to criticize owners of categories that require photos. In many cases there are good reasons for requiring the photos. I'd just rather find categories that I can have fun with, visit, and log without the photo hassle. In any case, maybe we members of the Camera-Free Party could use this thread to recommend Waymarking categories that can be used without photographs. I'll get the ball rolling by mentioning a few that I've found. Categories that don't require photos either to create or to log: Brewpubs; Wineries; Wi-Fi Hotspots. The Wineries category is especially imaginative and thoughtful in that, for logging, it requires, not a photo, but tasting notes for at least two of the winery's products! (Of course, this causes a problem for people who don't drink wine, but perhaps an alternative method of logging could be provided.) There are also some categories that require a photo to create a waymark but not to log it, including: Giant Board Games; Oddball Museums; "Z" Welcome Signs; Amateur Radio Repeaters (although non-hams must provide a photo in this last category). So please post: Where else can the photographically-challenged community go Waymarking? Thanks!
  2. So what are the "community standards" as to whether I should log a second find on GCP721, Miramar Lake Overlook Park, if I go find the new cache? Judging from the coords and description, it's apparently just steps away from the old location, but a different kind of container and a different kind of hide. Seems to me that, even though it's the "same" cache, if I go there, hunt for it, and find it, I've accomplished the same thing as having found a "different" cache, so I ought to log a find again. Is that considered kosher? Thanks.
  3. In my family, when we're playing Multiple Solitaire, and we get "stuck," sometimes we continue the game by taking a card off the top of each person's stack and putting it on the bottom. But we never call it "cheating." It's "renegotiating our options" or "establishing a new paradigm."
  4. In English, as in French, "cache" is indeed pronounced like the English word "cash", with one syllable. The two syllable error "ka-shay" (like the English and French word "cachet"), though, probably comes from a misreading of "cache" as "cache'" -- the French adjective, with an acute accent mark on the "e", which means "hidden," and which is indeed prounounced "ka-shay". The recent movie "Cache'" (with the accent mark) probably added to this confusion.
  5. The cache name would have to be "Paul Lazzaro." Extra FTF points for the FTF'er who could tell you why it was named that.
  6. Anybody with Travel Bugs that need to go to New York or North Carolina any time soon, please let me know and (if possible) drop 'em in a cache near Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, or UCSD, and we'll take them on a trip. Thanks.
  7. We currently have a "team" account (User I.D.) covering two people. If we wanted to split it into two individual accounts, would it be considered kosher for one person to keep the old account name, and the other person, with a new account name, to go back and log all the previous finds (on the actual date found)? That is, could NewAccount log a "found" for a cache on July 3, 2004, or whatever was the actual date that we found it and logged it originally under OldAccount? Then each of us would continue to have credit for all the caches we found when we were logging them as a team. Thanks.
  8. Anybody wanna take a travel bug to a Yankees game? We find ourselves in possession of a TB who wants to see the (ptui) Bronx Bombers, but as Mets fans we can't bring ourselves to actually go up there. So if there are any pinstripe fans who would be willing to take this TB to a game at Yankee Stadium, especially if you're in Brooklyn, but even if you're elsewhere, please let me know so I can pass this TB along to you. After you take it to the game you could place it in a cache, or you could give/mail it back to me. We're going back to Dallas soon -- he could see a Rangers game -- and then we're going to live in the land of the Padres. So, please give me a holler if you can take this feller to see the Yankees!
  9. Suppose I've registered my home coordinates in Buenos Aires with geocaching.com, and I can easily click and find the nearest geocaches to my home. But often I spend the summer with Aunt Hortense in Milwaukee, and often my business travel takes me to a particular hotel in Shanghai, and so forth, and I would like to easily find caches near those coords as well. It would be nice to have, on the "geocaching.com/my" page, in addition to the "caches near my home coords," a place to click for "caches near Aunt Hortense, " "caches near Ultrabank of Shanghai Office," etc., so I don't have to look up and re-enter Hortense's latitude and longitude each time. (Note: in real life I don't have an aunt in Milwaukee, nor do I get to travel to Shanghai on business, nor live in Buenos Aires, sad to say. But I do have alternative places other than "home" where I cache frequently.)
  10. I spent the morning finding a couple of caches near Dallas. Then I went to the Dallas Museum of Art to see the "Forbidden City" exhibit of Qing-dynasty art, Grant Hill's collection of contemporary African American art, their super-duper collection of Indonesian art, a big Robert Smithson retrospective (the guy who made "Spiral Jetty," perhaps the biggest virtual geocache in history!), etc. So I'm passing through the modern American paintings department and come across this Georgia O'Keefe painting of "Tree Trunks in Snow," and my first reaction is, "Hey, that'd be a great place to put a Geocache!" I think my finding "Old Fishing Bridge" yesterday and "'Eli' at Apollo" today influenced my thinking.... By the way, the Forbidden City exhibit included some information about what was perhaps the first and only Geocache in history that influenced a royal succession. In the early 1700s, the Manchu emperor decided to avoid all arguments about royal succession by writing the name of his chosen successor on a piece of paper and putting it into a box, which he told everyone he was going to hide behind a plaque on the wall in a certain room. After his death, they were to open it and find out whom he'd chosen. So, when he died, they did, and Prince Bao, whom he'd named, became the Qianlong Emperor (who came to power around the time George Washington was born and died the same year Washington did). That geocache prevented a possible civil war over the throne! And some people say this is a silly hobby, heh!
  11. We're thinking of creating a new TB hotel here in Dallas, but wondered whether anyone had any advice as to the maximum desireable "density" of hotels in a given area. There's at least one hotel already in the city ("Travel Bug Depot"), two in adjacent suburbs ("Hotel California" and "Town East"), and one over near the DFW airport. If there are too many hotels too close together, I realize that they could split up the "business" so much that none of them would have very many bugs at any given time. On the other hand, this is a big city with lots of geocachers. Do you think it could support one more?
  12. My son (age 6) and I had spotted a cache yesterday at the top of a steep muddy bank. I said, "Let's go back up to the path and come in from the other side so we won't get all muddy." "But Dada," he replied, "getting all muddy is what Geocaching is all about!" So we went up the steep bank
  13. I apologize if this is deemed inappropriate for these forums. If it really is, then the moderator is, of course, free to delete it. But I figured that there's probably some overlap between Geocachers and dog-lovers. So: Our neighbor died recently. He had about 20 cats and a dog. The dog will have a new home in a couple of months, but he needs to live somewhere (preferably where he can run around) until then. Anybody want 'im? He's a mostly-Labrador mix, about 5 or 6 years old. Male, and, sorry, not neutered. He's very nice but would need some space to run around in. Obviously he tolerates cats, even in large numbers. Thanks. Please contact me at "bmtindal@smu.edu" if you can help out this pooch. "LeoGeo" (Bruce)
  14. Great luck meeting the airport guy! I wondered if any BM hunters had ever organized a group visit to an airport by cold-calling some airport muckymuck, explaining the hobby, etc.? Presumably it'd help to have a pilot or other trusty person in the group who could speak the airport admin's lingo. But there are several marks, never found by Geocachers, at Love Field here in Dallas that would be fun to grab. On the other hand, Love Field is a very active airport and probably doesn't shut down except in 12 inches of snow, which is (1) not very likely in Dallas and (2) not good BM hunting weather....
  15. For good food along the way, check out the web site "www.roadfood.com". It's run by the Sterns, authors of the books "Goodfood" and "The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste," among others. The site (like their book "Goodfood") focuses on places that serve specialties of the region -- chicken fried steak here in our part of the country, New England boiled dinner up there, egg creams in the Bronx, etc. The restaurants they feature run the gamut from starched-linen dress-up places to grubby little shacks that are about to fall down (with probably more of the latter than the former).
  16. That was very informative. Thanks to all who contributed to solving that question! The grid system looks quite similar (though with different pairs of letters) to the Maidenhead Locator System that ham radio operators use worldwide. Bruce (de N4JIU) (Edited to add URL of Maidenhead system explanation.)
  17. What are the rules for assigning a PID to a station? I notice that most stations in a particular area start with the same two alphabetic characters -- here in Dallas most are "CSxxxx" -- but in the same area there will also be an "ABxxxx" or "AFxxxx" or something else. What are the rules for this? What information, if any, is "encoded" in the PID's first two characters?
  18. CS2841 was a water tank described as an intersection station in the 1940s and 1950s. There is a water tank on the same lot today, but it's not the same tank; it was replaced at some time in the recent past. Is CS2841 "destroyed," then? The station was the "center of the tank;" and the center of the current tank is not necessarily at precisely the same location as the center of the documented one.
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