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  1. Okay, an arrow at the "location" will be fine.
  2. Then I may not be able to see it's location in relation to the wider area, and/or it's covered up by a bee hive of caches. I wasn't suggesting there weren't other ways to do it, I just think this adds convenience. Incidentally, I do like the new map.
  3. Please show the cache that called/linked to the map even when there are more than 500 caches. Often I'm only interested in the original cache and I'd like to see its location on every level of the map. Right now, if there are more than 500 caches on the area covered no caches are shown. Edited to add: The title should have read Another New Map Feature, but it wont let me edit the Topic title/subject.
  4. I don't think the 60CX can do be made to do that.
  5. I used a Magellan SporTrak Pro for several years, and bought a Garmin 60CSx a few months ago. You can find my review of the 60CSx vs the SporTrak here I was particularly troubled by an experience I had a few days ago. I was out hunting a cache in an area where it was hard to move around. In this situation I occasionally use a bearing to locate the cache. I put the GPSr in a fixed location nearby with the most sky I can reasonably get and let it determine a bearing to the cache. I then use a compass (a real compass) to sight along that bearing line and use the distance to figure where the cache should be. I tried this trick for the first time with the 60CS a few days ago. The bearing simply wouldn’t settle down. It kept fluctuating in a range from 25 to 175 degrees. Wow! That’s like saying “It on your left.” Not much help. Am I doing something wrong? With my Maggie, anytime it stopped moving and left it in the same location for a couple of minutes the bearing became quite stable – and often quite accurate. I began to believe the difference between the units was because the Maggie starts averaging automatically when it stops moving and this averaging over time causes it too become stable, while the 60CS is continuously calculating new independent locations so it never settles down. The Garmin has to be “put” in the averaging mode manually, and I couldn’t come up with a way to change screens while it was averaging, so I could read the bearing. Nor could I figure out how to add bearing to the averaging screen. Whatever the reason it was useless for this trick that worked so well with the Maggie. Does anybody know if the difference is really the fact that Magellans begin averaging anytime they stop moving?
  6. Mine does this also. I find that altering the backlight level, the flicker goes away. Flickers at 70, not at 75, etc. Hmmm . . . I don't know whether that's good or bad. If most people's did it, it would be normal. If nobody else's did it it would be a defect. But, if a very few people's do it???????????????????? I didn't know you could set specific numbers. Pressing the off button just seems to index mine through 3-4 discrete settings. Goldilocks, where are you when we need you.
  7. It's about four months old. I think you've answered my question. It shouldn't be doing this.
  8. This happens with fresh batteries or any battery condition Same versions as yours NiMH batteries.
  9. What are your backlight timeout setting and backlight level? Timout is 1 minute and level is about 75%
  10. The backlight on my 60CSx flickers at a frequency of about once a second. Is this normal?
  11. This can also happen if you've tried to load too many caches. I had that happen when I first got mine and thought it replaced/wrote over identical caches. It doesn't. They just keep adding and adding, until eventually you exceed the 1000 limit and then it stops taking new caches. The first time I used the direct download feature I roared off for a FTF and when I got there -- no coordinates.
  12. On the other hand I would be unhappy if a cache owner deleted my pictures without my knowledge. I basically oppose such a feature but for sure if one is added it should be done in a way that notifies the person who posted the photo. Sometime these photos can be entries in local contests of some sort.
  13. I had also checked a couple of my caches and couldn't see a way. Thanks.
  14. The title says it. One of my pictures is missing from one of my logs. I didn't delete it so what could have happened?
  15. I spoke to Garmin about this problem and they said 60CSxs all work the way mine does.
  16. Clever, clever! That was an excellent solution. It worked like a charm. Now when I do a Find it goes directly to the Map page which is exactly what I want. Thanks.
  17. Thats for that tip. It should be easy to do in GSAK. I'll see if that fixes things.
  18. Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn't follow all that. The screens listed in my Page Sequence screen are, in order: As I said in my original post, the screen I'm calling the pseudo compass only shows up when I choose a waypoint to "Go To." It does not show when I first turn on the device or after I have selected a waypoint to Go To and then toggled away from it once.
  19. How do I get rid of the pseudo compass screen -- the screen a lot of people use to point to the cache. I don't use this screen, but it's always in my way and I have to toggle screens to get away from it. I've turned it off in the settings and it doesn't normally show, but every time I choose a new cache to go to this dadgum screen comes up and I have to find the button and click it away ----- baaaaa humbug.
  20. They are either lock n locks or they aren't. Are they? Kroger's has lock n locks that aren't that brand, but look and perform the same for me
  21. When you resend the same set of waypoints that are already in the unit, does it put them in a separate place, thus using more memory? Spec says it will hold 1000 waypoints. I had about 800 in it. I refreshed about 200 of these 800 and began getting a "Waypoint Memory Full" message. If it reused the space originally occupied by these same waypoints it should not have increased the memory used at all.
  22. Correct. That's where I always looked for it. Depends on your viewpoint which was the repeat.
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