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  1. Interesting, when I "Open in new Tab" the GC.com menu goes away and what I have is this:
  2. When I Tap "Directions" I get the 'Can't determine your location' error shown in my video.
  3. Did you then try to click the "Directions" button?
  4. If there were any way to delete the Apple maps it would eliminate some confusion
  5. I uninstalled & reinstalled Google Maps again and now I'm back to the "No Results" result. But when I try to use IceColdUK suggestion about sweeping up and Opening in a New Tab I get the result in the Video. So, it seems there is no way to get a straightforward link to Google Maps.
  6. I did it because this problem is entirely different than the subject of the thread it had now been embedded in.
  7. This is a follow on from a Post I made yesterday In an attempt to get Google Maps link on a cache page to work, I uninstalled the Google Maps app, but the link requires it so I reinstalled it. Now I can't get it to navigate to the cache at all. Here's a video I made that shows what it does now. I've removed and reinstalled the app probably 10 times, still the same.
  8. Are you saying you think Google is fetching the GC number and adding it to the link?
  9. When using a smart phone (at least an iPhone) the Google Maps link on the cache page fails because the GC code has been added to the coordinates. Please quit doing this so the link works as expected/intended. For more discussion follow this LINK
  10. I don't follow that. The link in GC is specifically identified to Google Maps, so I assume it will always go there.
  11. Tonight I tried to go to the Google Maps on my phone. I went to this cache page (I assume any cache will work the same) https://coord.info/GC7HQ4D. Then scrolled down to the Google Maps link and got the following (see capture) When GC sends the coordinates to Google they add the cache number (GC7HQ4D) causing the link to fail. Why do they do this?
  12. Now why didn't I think of that? That was the problem. This PQ is only caches I haven't found so, with the new 1000 limit I probably haven't moved the date for a year or two. It was set to Jan 1. Thanks for helping an addled old man.
  13. I only occasionally take a look at the geocaching map (the one with all the caches showing). I do it because some caches aren't included in my pocket query. I have a PQ I run twice a week that reaches out 17 miles from my house, but it doesn't include some caches and I can only see these on the geocaching map. I found 3 when I checked Thursday. I haven't done this one yet and it's only about 2 1/2 miles from my house. I did these 2 Thursday when I discovered them #1 and #2.They're both about 2 miles from my house. Why aren't they included in my PQ?
  14. I carry a Canon PowerShot S120 in my shirt pocket. Blossoms are about 1" across
  15. I didn't follow that but, I understand track up mode -- I've been using it for 15 years. At first the pointer was pointing to the cache in both cases. As for calibration, both units were calibrated after the last battery change and within an hour before the videos were made. The comments about being in the car seem valid, but the reason I did these tests is because when in the field the original unit would never continue to point to the cache when I stopped moving and this has been happening since I got the unit.
  16. I have chased this issue for 3 years. I have a friend who assures me the pointer should continue to point to the cache even when standing, still if the compass is calibrated. This is not my experience. After my thread here and discussions with two others who have this unit I concluded my unit must have a flaw and ordered another. The compass is calibrated in both the videos below. I'm in my 80s and have tremor. In the following videos I am still (not moving) and the GPSr is still. This is how my original unit was behaving. The pointer and the compass arrow jumped while I was still. Well, this is how the replacement unit is behaving . As you can see there is no change. The conditions for the videos were identical. Except for my tremor I and both units were still. So I bought a replacement for nothing. What the hell is the compass suppose to do? It doesn't point north (at least the arrowhead with an N doesn't) and doesn't stabilize the pointer when stopped. This board doesn't seem to provide for images so you have to go HERE to see what I mean by the arrowhead. And HERE if you think I don't have the compass turned on.
  17. Best I can figure pocket queries no longer flag caches with travel bugs. All of these caches have bugs.
  18. Thanks, on the third try it worked. It has to do with where/how you enter it.
  19. I just tried to create a route using an address. It failed. Does this mean you cannot use addresses in routes, only cities?
  20. It's been 5 years. Anyone know why this hasn't been done? My supporting thread
  21. So, how do you unapprove and accidentally approved waymark?
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