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  1. I have more notifications. Let me see if any do not require Premium Membership.
  2. That is the screen where it doesn't matter where I click I'm returned to the screen with the lock
  3. It turns out that clicking anywhere on the second page (the one with the Log In button-bar) does the same thing -- it takes me back to the page with the lock
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. The screen with the lock looks the same
  5. clicking Sign Out takes me back to the previous screen just as Log In does
  6. Previously I got notifications on my Desktop and they worked fine. Yes, I can go to the cache shown in Safari and see all details iOS version 13.7 I have never updated Safari. I assumed it is updated when the operating system updates. Yes, I see caches in Cachly.
  7. Thanks to you and kunarion for your replies. No, I have no filters. I have filters in Cachly, but not on GC.com. I have no filters anywhere that would filter out freshly released caches that are rated 1/5/1.5
  8. I didn't follow you. I don't see an my avatar on any of these screens. If you meant log out of the geocaching web page and log back in, I tried that -- no change.
  9. I set up text notification for newly approved caches. I get the texts but am unable to view the cache.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I do use Windows & Firefox. Does your comment mean this is a flaw in how messaging works?
  11. By Jove that's it. I never noticed that envelope icon before. Many thanks.
  12. Messaging is hit and miss for me. Occasionally a message is not forwarded to my email. Often when I reply from my mailreader none or only part of the message gets sent to the recipient. Is there a solution for this?
  13. The only way I know to access the Message Center is to click on someone's name, go to their profile, then pretend to be sending them a message. There must be a more direct way. What is it?
  14. Thot

    GWZ or GWC?

    Thanks for your reply. I uploaded the GWZ file and the update seems to have worked. When I said the upload location wanted a GWZ file I was at the correct place so I knew where to upload.
  15. Thot

    GWZ or GWC?

    It's been 2 1/2 years since I created my only Wherigo cartridge. It has worked great since then, but recently there have been changes at the location of the final requiring changes to the cartridge. I use the RangerFox kit maker. Hoping I haven't screwed something up, I have made the changes. Back when I originally created it someone here told me to dowload and use a GWC file for upload here, but when I tried to upload it it wanted a GWZ file. So, which is right?
  16. I'm not sure I understand. When as passenger-navigator I hold the NUVI too far from the windshield it will loose satellite reception and I must move it forward to regain them. So I think it's seeing the satellites through the window not using the car body. I think Mineral2 is correct. Neither understand which direction to go when sitting still inside the car and I had just never thought about/realized that and figured the NUVI always knew which way to go.
  17. I have a NUVI and a 64s. The NUVI works in the car but the 64s doesn't. For the 64s to point to a cache the car has to be moving or I have to be outside. Why is this?
  18. I guess no one knows what to do about this
  19. I have a few PQs marked to run today. The record says they ran but are not in the Ready For Download list and I got no email notice
  20. Thanks for your reply, but I don't have a spam folder. PS I like all of your taglines, particularly the last one.
  21. Thanks for your reply. The Email Preferences was checked, but the Send notification every time . . . was not so I checked it, but it doesn't seem like that should cause the problem because messages that came long after I was last in the messages area don't arrive.
  22. Best I can tell I get notices of everything but messages. Notices of cache actions, Traveler actions, PQs ready, new caches, etc all seem to be working good. I get a few messages. I've never tried to do a count but I'd guess I get about a random 10%. I'm always stumbling on messages on GC that are as much as 2 weeks - a month old. Does anybody know what causes this and how I fix it?
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