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  1. It's always embarrassing to be this dense, but I can't find the GC idenifier number on the new cache page format. Would someone please provide an explicit explanation where I find it? Thanks
  2. I see. You're right. That's new. I wonder how many people will realize that feature's there. I certainly didn't. So, the work is done. Now just link to that feature when someone clicks the large thumbnail on the log page and you've pretty much got what I wanted. You do have to discover that hovering over the image gives the next/previous buttons, but once understood it's a good way because you don't have to wander off the image to find the buttons.
  3. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you're saying. Are you saying if you click on one of the small thumbnails at the bottom of a log, the picture you click on is placed in the larger thumbnail on the upper right beside the text? If so, that larger thumbnail is not the full size image. Click on that larger thumbnail and you will see the real image. Click here to see large and small thumbnails. Click here to see full size image.
  4. Several people have written to say they enjoyed the pictures in my log here. But, when I ask if they looked at the full size images, they say no, it's to much trouble to go back and forth. I propose a Previous/Next feature for pictures in logs and Gallery pages. I realize this may be a little difficult, but if you don't ask you can't get. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Both of you were right. It's now 15 feet I remember setting the battery to Saver mode. I couldn't find anywhere it explained what Normal, Battery Saver, GPS off, and Demo were, and jumped (erroneously) to the conclusion Saver meant it turned the power off after a period of inactivity like my Magellan does. Apparently there's not battery saver mode like I was looking for.
  6. Thanks for your reply. As it turns out, I did not have to install USB drivers for either of my last two digital cameras. I didn't realize I had installed drivers for my printer or first camera. But, they may have been included in these device "installations," and I just wasn't aware of it. I thought I was installing the supporting programs. Edited typo
  7. I got a 60 CSx last night, and I've been playing with it this morning. I assume the 60 CSx "Accuracy" reading is the equivalent to Magellan's EPE. After my SporTrak acquired WAAS it typically gave EPE values in the 13-25 range. The 60 CSx is rather consistently giving values near 40. Is this simply a difference in how Garmin & Magellan calculate EPE?
  8. I just got a 60CSx and it warns me everywhere I must install the USB drivers that come with it before connecting the unit. Every other USB device I have uses the drivers that come with XP. I've never had to install USB drivers since Win98. Why does this device require it's own drivers?
  9. This was taken from the bottom of the Pocket Query page. I have only two regular/permanent querys. They run only once a week, on Wednesdays. This week they did not run until Thursday.
  10. Considering the structure of CacheMate's database and what OS we're dealing with here, there's no practical way to do that without slowing the program to a crawl. I see, now I know why I don't incorporate the axillary waypoints.
  11. I'm sorry, but I still don't understand. Are you saying they are in the list of cache names but the name is the waypoint number/identifier? If so, how do you know which one is associated with which cache?
  12. I noticed someone has started an new thread in "Getting Started" asking people to give their ages. There's an old thread in this area asking the same thing. The problem with asking people to post their ages, there's no way to summarize the results (Also, some people don't want to state their ages publicly ). So, I've created a poll, and I'm asking everyone to give there age one more time. This will really let us see the pattern of geocacher ages. So Go Here and enter your age anonymously. Then look at the results to see the pattern. Also, post something here saying you did it so this thread won't slide off the radar screen.
  13. How does Cachemate handle these new axillary waypoints -- parking, RR, trail head, etc.? Where/how does it display them? I prepare CacheMate cache files for my Palm IIIxe using GSAK.
  14. That must be it. It's more complicated than I remembered, but then I wasn't even sure I remembered it. Thanks for the help.
  15. I thought I once saw a way to get a simplified cache page -- plain text, no pictures. Something that could be sent as a text message on a cell phone. I can't remember were it is or if I dreamed it.
  16. But, this doesn't solve the main problem -- the person who only wants to discover it doesn't move it. I really don't understand how this would work, anyway. Do you mean by asking on the bug page that people not log discoveries? When I find bugs in caches I normally haven't read the bug's description page. I read the goal attached to the bug, but don't read the description page 'til I get home. So at the time the person writes down the bug number she probably won't know about the request. Now, if she honors your request, all you've achieved is suppressing the log, and the log itself isn't the problem. Also, this may well cause her to have negative feelings toward you, while serving no useful purpose. On the other hand if she says "To heck with him. The rules say I can discover and I'm gona do it." Now, if you delete her log you really create ill will, still without solving the main problem that the bug didn't get moved.
  17. Forgive me for being repetitive but, respectfully, I don’t think those are the only negatives. In fact, I don’t think either is the primary negative. To me the main and major negative is the loss of the incentive for some people to move travel bugs. I’m unable to come up with any reason a person would want to “discover” a travel bug other than to increase their count – pump their numbers. I can see reasons other than count that people “move” travel bugs. For example, they feel like they’re part of helping it reach its goal. But, I can’t imagine that kind of emotional involvement in writing down and logging its number. I’m not opposed to the drive to pump numbers/count. I just want to harness it to move my bugs. It’s clear to me discovery dissipates that drive in a sterile/fruitless/vacant way. People who primarily move bugs to increase count will stop moving them and start discovering them when they see others can “discover” 15 bugs at a bug hotel and beat what they can do in days or weeks of moving them. So, in my opinion, the major negative coming from discovery is the loss of many moves by people whose desire is primarily to pump their numbers.
  18. It seems like this is such a logical need there would be a dozen free ones around, but I can't find any. I'm frequently looking at online maps and I need to scale distances. On paper I do this with a pair of dividers. But I can't find the equivalent for a computer screen. A software measuring device that lets you calibrate it on the map's scale and then apply it to the distances you want to measure on the map. Anybody know where I can find such a tool?
  19. Thanks. That's got to be the answer. I have about 475 wayponts loaded. Sorry to be so long replying but apparently the email notification of a reply didn't work.
  20. It seemes like my SporTrak Pro used to give much of the cache name/title on the bottom line of the waypoint list screen. As I moved down the list a fuller/longer cache name was displayed on the bottom line. Recently this happen occasionally, but usually the space at the bottom of the screen remains blank. Is there a setting I've messed up or did I dream that it used to show longer names, or what? Those tiny names in the list are often ambiguous.
  21. I don't understand your point. Please clarify.This thread is my point. It is very similar to the all micros suck mentality. Quite entertaining. I've gotten many smug superior feelings from it. Gosh, I hope it keeps running for awhile. Is it your mission here to snipe insults and put downs at people who post lighthearted jabs at aspects of the game when you hold a different view?
  22. How about gc.com changes the discover log feature to an option. The owner can enable the feature for his/her bug or not. After all, it is supposed to be their travel bug, isn't it? Canceling a log causes ill will, but if the option isn't there it doesn't seem like it should -- at least not nearly so much.
  23. I was just poking a little fun at the discovery concept in my OP. It seems to be at odds with the "travel" part of travel bugs, but my post wasn't intended to be a rant against, just me chuckling at it. However, this thread has caused me to think about it and I can see one potential problem discovery may create. My reason for releasing TBs is for them to travel. People who are into travel bugs as a numbers game no longer have to move the bug to add it to their numbers. So, it may inhibit many moves the bug would have gotten if it had to be moved to be added to a cacher's bug count. To me, it seems likely this will happen. It's much easier to record the number and not have to fool with the bug, and if you get credit either way . . . How about a compromise. The discovered feature remains as a way to let the owner know you saw their bug but it doesn't add to the cacher's bug inventory. If you say, "nobody will take the trouble if it doesn't increase their count," it seems like you've made my point.
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