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  1. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. I would like to have no additional waymarks added to the category.
  2. how do I archive a category? Or, disable a category?
  3. Why doesn't this thread appear in the list of threads in the Building Wherigo Cartridges forum?
  4. Thank you. That worked. I was able to edit my Cartridge.
  5. I went to the link where the the Wherigo builder and my Wherigo was last time I needed to update it (http://Wherigo.rangerfox.com/) and I got the following page: It doesn't have a link to the new location.
  6. Never mind. I had just forgotten how it works.
  7. I downloaded from this site some time ago. Recently I have been downloading using GSAK. Today Geocaaching.com would not accept GEAK's request so I tried to get them here and can find no Download button on the page with the list of ready for download Queries. What am I missing?
  8. I can't figure out how to download my pocket queries. The ones ready for download are all listed, but I can find no Download button.
  9. I use a Nuvi to reach the area, then a Garmin 64s to find the cache. But, there are times when the phone would come in handy. The other day I'd left my 64s in the car at the repair shop so I was trying to use the phone. Hopeless. I was trying to find a skirt lifter in a large parking lot with many light poles. I could drive from one end of the parking lot to the other, neither the pointer nor the distance changed.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I haven't restarted because of this but I have restarted since I began using Cachly and the behavior is the same.
  11. I've been caching for 16 years, but with a handheld. Because so many cache with a cellphone today I'm been trying to use mine. I've had little success. I'm using Cachly. It does not point to or take me to the cache using distance. It will get me within 400' but after that it's useless. My iPhone is 4 years old. It's been suggested that cellphone chips degrade with age and maybe that's the problem. Any opinions on this?
  12. Thanks. Either that did it or I finally figured out how it works.
  13. A while back, when I created this Wherigo I couldn't get the emulator to work, so I just walked it. Today I had to update the cartridge. I'm to decrepit to walk it anymore so I tried the emulator again. Again I couldn't figure out how to make it work. I was able to move the man to the first stage, but nothing happened after that??
  14. How do I find a cartridge on Wherigo.com using it's name or GC number?
  15. 6s Not sure about the browser, I goto the website using the Wherigo app. I assume it's using Safari
  16. When I go to the Wherigo website on my iPhone I have to sign every time I go and then every time I change pages while there. For example, if search for a cartridge, when I choose it and the page changes to the page I must sign in again, then if I move back I have to again. Yes, I always click the box Keep Me Logged In This doesn't happen when going on my desktop
  17. I thought about that but that was happening because GC added the cache number to the coordinates. Not because the coordinates were truncated.
  18. So, Google maps just doesn't work in Safari? Could be because they are Android and discouraging competition
  19. When I go to a cache page and tap on google maps, I get this: Note: part of the Longitude is missing
  20. Now that it goes to the cache page, it has led to another problem. I will create a new thread.
  21. Well, you broke the code. I rebooted and cleared Safari. I don't know which one did it. Thank you for staying with it.
  22. I can't tap it twice. It sends me back to the lock screen on first tap
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