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  1. I would say that the dark blue goes on the left heart, the fuchsia goes on the right heart, and in the area of the interlocking hearts is the writing. Good work on everything guys, and enjoy the wedding! Will there be a honeymoon LE version of the coin?
  2. Sweeeet Now hopefully the greens come out right!
  3. Yellowstone is definitely on our to do list after grad school. I missed a trip there with the pre-med group this passed year because I wanted to wait to enjoy it with my wife. Where was that picture taken?
  4. Got my act of kindness in today thanks for The cointest doc.... And the reminder to be kind to our neighbors.
  5. "Forever yours, forever mine" or "keep on a truckin'"
  6. What I have been doing is "resurrecting" my lost/stolen coins with essentially a tb with a coin icon (by re-using the tracking number). If you don't like moving these resurrected coins, then don't move them. Regardless, it is still going to be cooler than 99% of the swag in the cache. Tracking numbers have stories.... swag normally has mildew.
  7. That is too cool.... one time my family and I were lucky enough to see some babies trying to make it to the ocean while we were at St. George in Florida. Amazing to think that those itty bitties will one day weigh 200 or 300 pounds. Where was that photo taken?
  8. I agree.... thanks WSR.... my favorite mission thus far!
  9. On the first day God created the Heavens and the Earth.... not too shabby.
  10. just like to say that whoever cointown is.... is stacked :/ Good draft.
  11. Oh.... That makes more sense now. Thanks for the explanation.
  12. Man.... Gotta get my work finished so I can be home for the draft
  13. The background designs still look reversed in color to me.
  14. the design behind Asia and Australia on the obverse side is now lighter than the background (instead of darker). that is honestly the last one that I see.... but I have only looked at the red versions. Why was the N removed? I mean I know it is implied... just wondering. Can't wait to receive my Greens!
  15. humanity, humility, tolerance, compassion, energy, matter, time, and space are now darker colors instead of lighter colors (than the background).
  16. The fancy trim around both sides are a little less ornate.
  17. This time there is exposed metal trim on the reverse side surrounding the middle
  18. As far as the red one goes... looks like the N (for North) is missing on the obverse side of the coin now. The reds are quite brighter this go around
  19. Alright I'm going to have a go: Colors: Burnt orange and turquoise. obverse: woven burnt orange and turquoise around the rim. Center- kissing love birds symbol. reverse: woven burnt orange and turquoise around the rim. Center- Your names and date of the wedding. These will be made in copper and antique silver. That will be 10.50 a piece.... thank you. Good luck with the wedding!
  20. congratulations ! Thanks Doc... It really was a great day... and better news pertaining to this thread. One day I can afford more coins
  21. My acceptance letter to University of Kentucky Physician Assistant program! Best mail day in a very long time!
  22. Sad to hear that.... Hope your situation betters. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  23. We ended up going to the moonville tunnel. Thanks for the tips.
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