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  1. Lol..... reminds me of a riddle game from high school.
  2. The great thing about America is that there is socialism right under our nose in the form of the USPS.... and we don't care because it isn't broadcasted in that light. Really the only thing that it competes against is UPS and FedEx. Taking this into consideration, the rates really aren't that bad now... and honestly, rate jumps still do not make shipping to insanely expensive. Just think, most the time packages are being sent they are being driven on diesel or flown with jet fuel. Diesel is running around $4.00 a gallon and Jet-A is running around $6.00. Honestly, it amazes me that shipping prices aren't stiffer in the US is all.
  3. No offense.... but I'm wishing that Peterson stays of the field awhile longer. Harvin has been putting up pretty good numbers in his absence
  4. That wasn't too awful.... I had a game a couple of weeks ago where I scored like 55 points. :/ lynch, harvin, wells, and brees have been pulling through for me lately. Calvin is just being triple teamed every game. I don't expect more than ten points a game out of him now. Lynch has been the curious one..... first half of the season I was benching him every other game or he was hurt. Lately he has been good for at least 15 points per game. Well guess we will see who gets the bye weeks tomorrow morning.
  5. My entry... This happened right before Christmas about five years ago... maybe a week before. My family had a ham leftover from Thanksgiving... still wrapped (and yes it was still good) that we had forgotten. Dad decided that he didn't want another ham for Christmas. Well, at this time we had an English Bulldog.... my favorite pet of all time. He had all kinds of tricks. He would swing on a rope that was leftover from an old tire swing. I mean literally... he would grab it in his mouth (bulldogs have super powerful jaws)... and then you could grab his body and swing him just like a kid. Regardless... that is the goofy type of animal that Butterbean was. If you know anything about English Bulldogs, they never stop eating. He would fight off our Rottweiler from his food. Bean loved food. Dad told me to unwrap the ham and throw it into the yard for Bean. I did so accordingly. Butterbean thought that this ham was a ball and commenced to play with it. After about 20 seconds, he realized that it was an edible ball. He ate and ate on that piece of ham for about 15 minutes... like a little piggy. Eventually, he decided to take a break. This was actually a food high. He ran around the house like 4 times and then continued his dinner. After another 20 minutes, Butterbean had consumed a whole 15 pound ham by himself. He looked like a cartoon character. Like a tick about to pop. He couldn't even walk up the front steps to the house. He went from weighing 105 pounds to 120 in 1 hours time. It still kills me everytime I think about it. Butterbean
  6. Hey Maine Fam.... just wondering if I could update my address... Thanks a bunch!
  7. Big week for me..... We got moved into our new place in Lexington, KY.... and I won my game this week Last week before playoffs gang!
  8. I have a new shipping address whenever these are finished.
  9. Very true.... assuming that I can win at least one of the next two weeks.... I should be in there. Should have grabbed palmer a couple weeks back.
  10. Well he has done nothing but good for ya all year.... at least he lasted this long. Winder how long he will be out. Im getting destroyed today :/ The fantasy cast button is working if you hit that.
  11. Whoever decided to update espns system on a sunday should be punished :/
  12. I should get one of these coins because: 1. We are moving to Lexington the monday after thanksgiving so I can go to Grad school. 2. I turned in my two weeks notice to my job last week.... and now they are trying to find an excuse to get rid of me sooner. 3. My wife has an interview today! 4. You like me.... right? Thanks for the cointest!
  13. Thank you for the detailed history Nikos..... I really do need to make a trip to the island when we are a little better off financially. Now back to your regularly scheduled contest.
  14. Hey Nikos..... what's the story on the elk in the picture near the bay? Sorry to hijack the thread in advance. Edit... found my answer
  15. I would take a picture of it with the view from the high rock over top of Lake Vesuvius.... this is where my proposed to my wife. That is the cliff in the very back. It is about 75 feet high or so.
  16. MMM!!! Oreos Creative..... but isn't there something wrong with the waning crescent? Wouldn't the shaded part of the moon be on the right side? In other news.... I need to enter this.
  17. Ya... I was favored by 50 going into the game.... ended up losing by 50. How does that even happen.... had 4 players score a total of 1 point all together. Good news is I got Julio Jones as a receiver now... picked him up on waivers. Between he and CJ I should be able to get an easy 40 every game the two play.
  18. Looks like im close to losing another one because one of my starters decided to not play again :/
  19. It appears that if Lynch wasn't such a pansy..... I might have won last night :/ Guess who's riding the pine this week?
  20. Im putting this one on my list Mt. Fuji The pictures are amazing.
  21. Are you kidding me marshawn lynch??? Who gets hurt in warmups? That's why they are called warmups....... they warm you up..... so you don't get hurt. Then not telling owners that wont play? So upset at you. I will be sitting your predator looking face down on the bench next week. Ridiculous.
  22. +1 My frustration level increases the longer I wait for at least an acknowledgment that someone who can make a difference has taken note of my posts, here and/or in the feedback forum (whether or not they even admit there's an issue). I posted in this forum thinking that other users might have seen these issues and come up with workarounds (or convinced me that what I'm seeing is a feature as opposed to a bug). I appreciate the suggestions that others have made so far, but the fact remains that what I've found appears to be a rather serious bug, one that at this point would cause me to recommend that potential buyers look elsewhere. I'm still hoping that someone from Groundspeak will convince me otherwise. --Larry +2 I agree.
  23. I was experiencing that same "lost caches" bit on my iPhone with the official app... I have no explanation for that one. All that I know is what "should be" and what "is" are two different things.
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