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  1. "There is something amiss, I am being insincere In fact I don't mean any of this Still my confession draws you near To confuse the issue I refer To familiar heroes from long ago No matter how much Peter loved her What made the Pan refuse to grow" Hook-Blues Traveler I really think that the Peter Pan reference is hilarious in this song.
  2. "I hold my breath, til it's more than I can take. And I close my eyes, and dream that I'm awake." - Third Eye Blind, Narcolepsy Stephen Jenkins is one of the greatest lyricists in the currently in the music business imho.... although some of his lyrics are a little naughty
  3. I've always thought that a neat cointest would be one that each participant would "teach" everybody else how to do something new that is unique-ish to their region/family. This could be a game, a dish, art, et cetra.
  4. "Mama says that, alligators are awnry cause they got all them teeth, but no toothbrush." -Adam Sandler in The Waterboy
  5. So.... Are the people going to be cut out or the silver part above the people?
  6. What about non-trackable mystery coins?
  7. So.... You don't consider some of the original non-trackable personal coins.... Solely produced to be placed in geocaches .... As non-geocoins?
  8. I agree with this whole heartedly... a perfectly logical solution to the problem as well... I also agree with this... I really do believe that one day, the pathtag world will become part of gc.com.... whether it be from a buyout or mutual relationship. That would be really neat... in which case, pathtags are not quite the equal of geocoins... materials are cheaper... easier to design.... etc. I believe that this will create a heirarchy that will look something like Geocoins> trackable items> travelbug/tag> pathtag> wooden nickels? Neat topic... thanks for the brain food. We will soon see how it all turns out.
  9. Is that a still.... Lol. In organic chemistry, we are distilling ethanol from 40 proof up to 190..... I would swear that is a still.
  10. Or you could split the collection into 4..... Maybe a bit easier to sell 4 sets of 50 ..... I dunno.
  11. You could always use the grab from feature to put it into your collection.... Don't set it as collectible.
  12. Lmao.... Is Luxembourg really big enough to have a superhero?
  13. If 24 and 25 come in the same day, will there be a bout to decide who the rotten egg is?
  14. Kinda interested in the Superjhemp coin... is it made from hemp? Or is that somebody's tag?
  15. This is what Box 23 actually looks like... Boxes 24 and 25 ran back home scared with their flaps between their legs.
  16. I know that it really is a rarity to find a trackable.... I just try to keep watch for caches near my home and swap out trackables when I can. I wish that there was a way to "earn" rights to clean up a cache page that shows trackables that are not in the cache.... but I also realize that these rights would be abused by somebody in the community Anywho..... any other coins found in the caches recently?
  17. Found a geogem today... never seen one before.... and yes I just pulled up a thread that has been abandoned for a year. (and yes I just stole a picture instead of taking one of my own... I know I'm lazy... bad zach.... bad.)
  18. I love the yime compass rose.... I'm jealous!
  19. Light side..... One day, my wife and I were caching in a cemetery not too far from here. Several civil war markers there... lots of old weird trees.... and just an overall kinda spooky environment. I was retrieving the cache from a tree when suddenly I here. "What are you kids doin?" from behind us. Scared me half to death. I turn around to try to explain to this guy why I am elbow deep in a pine tree in an old cemetery. He just started laughing at my story. Told us that he was the cache owner... and then he went into a history lesson about the area. That was awesome... very memorable and funny to think about now.
  20. If that ever happens again Nikos.... try placing the phone in a bag of white rice. It just about always works... I've had to use that several times. I don't know if it would work for GPSr.... but most of them are pretty waterproof anyway.
  21. Light side.... About a year ago, I found a tb in a an old container..... It had been lost for 2 years rusting in the bottom of this cache. So.... I cleaned the bug up.... Posted a tb log and released it into one of my caches. Before it could be picked up, the cache was destroyed by a piece of heavy machinery that was cleaning out brush in the Park (guess where the bug was). It just seems as though that tb was not meant to travel.
  22. I think you could paddle over the pacific, hand deliver, paddle back.... all before Christmas! Using Reese's Cups as your sole source of power.
  23. No misunderstanding.... I just wish that I would have known to take even more time packing mine I just hope that they start getting sent back before we move.... (hopefully October). No lack of appreciation here WSR. Thank you for setting everything up! edit to add: Also... do we know that everybody signed up for the mission received their box? You know the USPS.... there tends to be hiccups once a blue moon.
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