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  1. I like the last one... Die Marienschlucht. I have no idea what it is... and cant make sense of the babelfish translation, but it looks pretty neat. We spent the afternoon playing in this shale creek Had a blast... the water was about 1 foot deep... perfect way to cool down a bit.
  2. As long as somebody else is funding the plane tickets to down under
  3. Makes you think about 5 generations from now if a rare metal is found on that land.... will it really go to your family when it is mined?
  4. Ha.... Box 20 was named Fairwings Checking in Box I will rename it "The GloveBox"... because it had gloves in it
  5. Sweet! Can't wait to see all of the boxes roll in!
  6. I would definitely like to see both the ringing rocks and the reverse falls.
  7. The Eternal Flames is amazing.... I wonder how many of those are actually around? The Door to Hell looks like another one to check out if I ever wake up in the middle of Turkmenistan.
  8. Hope you enjoyed everything... I thought that the voodoo keychain doll was awesome!
  9. oh yeah... just waiting for tomorrows massive opening of melted Reeses!
  10. Another concern could be that so many points equals a level.... like the earthcache masters program.
  11. I was just thinking about this earlier. Since many cachers are "about the numbers".... What if there was a way to integrate this into moving trackables. My idea would be to make a point system where a cacher would get 1 point for picking up the trackable (only if they log it), 1 point for placing it (not for visiting caches), and 1 point when that trackable is picked up by the next cacher. Maybe this would help prevent cachers from forgetting to log.... And remind cachers not to leave trackballs in poor containers that are likely to get muggled. I know this system isn't for everybody. Just Figured I would throw it out there for some feedback. Thanks guys!
  12. I need this coin because I am obsessive compulsive about odd numbers. Currently, I have 39 coins in my collection. With one more coin, I will have a double even number. The 4 and the 0. That will make me feel much better. Please hurry and give it to me!
  13. I was watching the travel channel this morning when I got an idea based on their show "1000 places to see before you die". I know that there are plenty of earthcaches out there.... But what are the absolute essential earthcaches to go see. I have been looking at saving up for a trip to yellowstone..... And this would definitely help me map out other places to see on the way.... And other earthcaches to plan a trip for. I am going to try to make a trip to Giant prehistoric snake (serpent mound in Ohio) this coming week. That is definitely on my lust for the nearby caches.
  14. "Here, for goodness' sake, let me fix it up. Look how stringy and messy it is. What a shame. Such an interesting monster, too. My stars, if an interesting monster can't have an interesting hairdo, then I don't know what things are coming to. In my business you meet so many interesting people - Bobby pins, please - but the most interersting ones are the monsters. Oh, dear, that will never stay. We'll just have to have a permanemanent." Bugs Bunny..... probably the best episode ever.... Water, Water Every Hare
  15. Got my box in today! Hoorrrrayyy! 4 months in the making! I suspect that there will be quite a few more boxes arriving on other doorsteps tomorrow. Thank you fairyhoney.... I think that's who mine was from.... definitely going to give the whistle to my nephew to annoy the crap out of my wife's side of the family. And thanks WSR for the awesome mission... It has been a great time! Will be watching for the other missions to be lining up!
  16. So... before class today I checked the mail to find..... a bubble mailer. I wasn't expecting anything at all.... but quickly noticed the "found it" sticker. I should have just went to class.... but alas I couldn't wait. I opened the baby up to find the coin in a gift wrapping. The coin is great.... neat saying on the back. I will have to look up the characters to see what they mean. As a coiner, cacher, and philosopher (lover of wisdom) I am humbled by this gift. Thank you so much geocoinfucius!
  17. "Ayhhhh... What's up doc?" -Bugs Bunny
  18. I think those boxes are holding the tree up edit: PAGE 14!
  19. My wife an I found our second Petroglyph Earthcache of the passed month today! The man below me looks like an alien!
  20. That will definitely help with a write up. I think I'm going to do some research on where the floods would normally be without the floodwalls and dams.... I'm assuming that the placement of the mounds should be above the normal flood zone because the tribes were very observant. (why would you build a mound in a flood zone?) Will also include the trade routes.... With what might be in the mounds. I don't want to include false information. Might go along the lines of the old..... 300 years ago, this area was much different.
  21. WSR must still be hungover from the 4 month anniversary party that reeses cake must havenput him in a sugar coma!
  22. "Say, any of you boys smithies? Or, if not smithies per se, were you otherwise trained in the metallurgic arts before straitened circumstances forced you into a life of aimless wanderin'?" - Everett- Oh Brother Where Art Though Or any quote from that movie would do.
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