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  1. When I was about 10, my family and I were spending the day at my Uncles house on the Ohio River. We had a Jet Ski there that we were taking turns on. My grandpa got on but didn't bother to ask for a lesson from my uncle. My grandpa was big into motorcycles, so I guess he figured he could handle it. Dad warned him not to go across the river because he was still learning. Well, he buzzed by us twice and then decided to go across the river. He ended up flipping it. This normally isn't a big deal.... you just get back on. Well, my grandpa was about 6 foot 4 inches and 260 pounds... and not a very graceful man. He spent about 15 minutes trying to get on.... then we spotted two barges heading on a collision course for him. IF there are two things never to play chicken with, it's trains and barges. When you have millions of tons being hauled it is very difficult to stop. So, my dad had to swim across the entire river before the barges destroyed my grandpa and the jet ski. Luckily, my dad was in pretty good shape at the time. He swam across... started the jet ski up... and dragged my grandpa across the river. It wasn't funny at the time.... but hilarious to think about now. The End
  2. Bumped it up to a little bit more respectable number
  3. When I was at Wright State, I was walking home from a party wearing flip flops. I decided to take the short cut back to my dorm. I come to what I think is a ditch that is about 10 feet wide. I ruled at long jump in high school... so I thought that I would be capable of making it across. What I didn't take into account was *hmmmhmmmm* the party and wearing flip flops. I take a run at it.... JUMP. I land 1 foot from the bank and 2 feet in brownish-black stuff. Then I get a whiff of it. Definitely not just a creek I step out of the septic water without one of my flip flops. It got stuck in the "mud". I then had to walk back to the dorms 1 mile with one flip flop and smelling like a toilet. Luckily when I got back to the hall it was 3AM and nobody was awake to make fun of me. THE END P.S. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the ordeal... that would have topped it off.
  4. OMG! That is the funniest video I have seen in a lonnggg time.
  5. Another point to make... if the original coin is stolen. What is the harm in releasing a WELL MADE proxy? At least it will be another trackable in circulation.
  6. I've met a couple of those on the trail I have been blessed with some mystery coins... I can't wait to be finished with school so I can return the favor. Check back in 3 years.
  7. There were two students ahead of me by 1 year in some philosophy classes. One had a tattoo that said "Cogito Ergo Sum" the other had "Carpe Diem". Very cool.
  8. ..and a Picasso is just a hunk of canvass with some paint splashed on it...... Stop and read the missions and the meanings behind some of these travelers, how and why they were created... Agreed, commercialism has crept into geocoins, newbies into geocaching increased logarithmically that haven't a clue about geocoins, but there are still some great coins with great stories behind them.....and they are out there...traveling! Amen! And the DeLorean is just a car capable of time travel...... ok maybe that is all it is good for.
  9. I never have understood why the original tranquilities sell for 10 times the average coin? I just don't understand all of the fuss. This coin looks great... but if it is going to sell for $100 a piece, then there is no way I am getting in on the action. To me, it seems like the tulip bubble of the 1600's. That is just my opinion, though, not bashing. I guess that brings me to my point. What is the estimated original sell price?
  10. And.... many of us buy several coins with no intentions in ever releasing them
  11. I would say that the Newbie cachers that are ignorant of what travelers are, that pick up the traveler, and then quit after 20 finds without dropping the trackable off into another cache is what is kind of destroying the game. Granted, I still haven't learned my lesson and I am still sending trackables out there. I figure that they will turn up eventually. Personally, I move all trackables. I would rather see the real thing than a proxy, but having lost several coins to theft and ignorance myself, I totally understand proxies.
  12. Hmmmm.... How's about August 10, 2011! Thanks for the cointest!
  13. I'm really digging the eclipse version.... very original coloring! Is the reverse side the "backside of the moon" that we never get to see?
  14. I would love to enter this... but as I will be leaving this area soon, I am no longer creating new caches. I have taken down several of my caches to make room for other local cachers. I had a container that was PERFECT for this... but alas I took it down also. Great idea by the way. Eager to see where they go! Good Luck little coins!
  15. So are ya back from Aussie for good? Or just a visit? I like the T-rex pic!
  16. Personally, i like seeing any pictures from places that I doubt I will ever see.
  17. Sorry for taking so long to post pictures. But, I got box #7 and it had a bunch of great things in it I got 2 wonderful bags, stickers, tattoos, pen and marker, geowoodstock playing cards and some other things. Also, some wonderful coins. I will send your coin on its way soon. Thank you Fluteface for the wonderful things in this mission and thank you WSR for this great mission. It was lots of fun! Edited because I was a little confused about who sent box #7. On box it says Fluteface but for some reason I was thinking Toojin sent it...sorry. Is that the Eiffel Tower in the background?
  18. Awesome... congratulations Penny and Kona. Very kind of you!
  19. I would hope that Groundspeak would check to make sure that it is the owner of the coin that is contacting them. I could think of a few reasons to inactivate a coin. Just hope that the coin isn't then sold. that would be an inaccurate reflection of the coin. For instance, the coin could be sold as uncirculated. If the coin was only dipped by the owner into caches.... That is still circulation. That is just my opinion.... I just hope that doesn't become a really popular habit in coining.
  20. Not to mention a loophole into taking somebody else's coin from a cache.... having it unactivated and then selling it as your own This would take some time and effort... but criminal minds often prevail.
  21. Being new to earthcaching.... The only letdown is that many of the cache pages look exactly alike... Copy and pasted. I'm not complaining... Just an observation. Maybe this is the reason for excluding some waterfalls. I guess the major problem is that there is such a large fray area right now.
  22. Wow that is Awesome.... congratulations on the engagement! Right after my wife and I got married, DrNeal was kind enough to send us a Kathys Coin from a cointest... very generous of him also. Great people around these parts.
  23. Will probably send a few coins for the race.
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