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  1. Thanks! It's pretty tricky, with a lot of steps! But well documented, and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually WORKED!
  2. I joined the Premium so I could take advantage of the "paperless" download to GPS option. But I'm not getting anything besides cache number and coordinates. From some research, it seems I have to load a macro of some sort? thanks...
  3. One of my big problems is with GPS accuracy... one minute it says it should be right here, another NO, it's over there! And what is the general range? Isn't it about a 12 foot radius? I never know quite what to do when there's a lot of woods, a tiny cache to find and no clues! ??? thanks
  4. Naturally, GC.COM is out of service today! (cannot find server) In any case, the OSCAR/trash clue was what led me to the cache! YES I FOUND IT My first micro... I don't know how ANYONE found it before the hint! Thanks to everyone for their help.
  5. So... Oscar the Grouch? In a trash can? But... if it's IN a trash can, it would surely be thrown out... Anyway, there is a public trash barrel which I didn't check out (restaurants don't use trash cans... they use dumpsters!). Guess I will inspect the trash! Will let you know! thanks for all the tips...
  6. OK! So I plugged in those coordinates (my GPS receiver wants 3 numbers after the decimal, so I added zero) Biked over... took me to a parking lot next to a building full of stores (including aThai restaurant). First, I went in to the restaurant to see if OSCAR works there (HINT: Oscar will know where it is!), but no. So, WHO is Oscar?? If this is only a 2.5 difficulty, I'm in trouble. Looked around the parking lot area for a half hour or so, no luck.
  7. [The term "baseline" is used here in place of the "centroid" of the ZIP Code, 01754 The coords for your cache are: 42.419017 -714315 Found by doing a zip search for Maynard MA, typing in the ZIP on the search page, then clicking on the "MapIt" icon and copying the coords from the URL.]] OH! Reading from MAPIT URL~ would not have figured THAT out! BUT, the URL readings are not what you said... lat=42.4319&lon=-71.4541. I don't even know how to plug them in- doesn't look like enough digits (N = 7 digits, W = 8 digits) Do I need Premium Membership?? HELP! (thanks)
  8. I thought maybe it was the coordinates of the town, but when I set the town as the waypoint, it took me to the what I guess is the "center" of town- it was in some private residence area... surely not where the cache is... ???
  9. I'm supposed to find "baseline coordinates" for the town where I live. How the heck do I do that? (the cache is there!) thanks
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