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  1. Tried that, twice!... didn't last long mind you. Geocaching has addictive qualities that are very hard to shake off. So see you in a few months time Jon (oh - my 1000th posting )
  2. Well done Liane and the mini-hoppers, not long to the big one now! Jon
  3. I don't usually start congratulations threads - but feel number 1000 is an exception! Well done to Richard on achieving his 1000th at The Culmstock Bridge Project today.
  4. I find most moisture from wearing a Goretex comes from within... s*d the waterproof attributes of the material - it's immaterial LOL
  5. Ripped my latest 200 quid Goretex jacket the first week I had it. Nail on a stile did that for me. Never been too impressed with the 'breathable' qualities of Goretex. I have worn various jackest of this material for 15 years or so now, and after a 10 minute run it's like a sauna in there
  6. I'd recommend Top Spot if you like adventures and have a sense of humour! (I think it's more or less on your route) Jon
  7. Eckers... ask 'em who they applied to for permissions... AND ask for proof!
  8. I can't think of anything I need... how sad
  9. Well done Tony, a worthy achievement!
  10. Surely there is a big difference between a simple memorial stone and a physical grave?
  11. I thought it was something to do with dogging
  12. Yow.... very well done, and thanks for finding that dastardly JJ cache for us on Saturday
  13. Ahh... but who's that fat bloke with the penchant for beer then????
  14. I recall it was a few months after I started geocaching that I realised all reviewers have their own separate caching identity. I suppose it's kinda cool that there's a semi-secrecy about who's who but, on the other hand, I feel it would be easy to avoid these sort of misunderstandings by reviewers signing their postings (in the forums) with an 'AKA' ...with disclaimer if necessary. Then we would all know to whom we are talking and where we stand. Credit to Dec for his email template though Sorry I digress and now OT
  15. As far as I am aware there is no guideline as to what size of 'logbook' is required. A piece of paper, the size of your smallest fingernail, would presumably suffice?
  16. ...and guess who forgot to take their camera An excellent caching experience, not too scary for an old f**t like me, but I must admit Michael and the chainsaw massacrer thing at the end had me going for a bit LOL! Thanks again for all the preparation and hard work you both put into making this cache so enjoyable for us tonight.
  17. Ah but you get a transformed mind and soul AND a cool micro container! VFM in my book!
  18. Thanks Steve, I hope to make it, depends on getaway time from London and the traffic I guess Jon
  19. The Halloween 'celebration' didn't exist when I were a kid
  20. Just spotted this facebook ad: http://www.lifetechnology.org/teslashield.htm Pretty expensive for a micro container eh? I wonder what's inside?
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