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    Feature Request

    In Instant Notification emails there are four clickable links shown: 1. Visit this log entry at the below address: 2. Visit Traditional Cache 3. Profile for [name of reviewer]: 4. Notification: New Traditional Cache Rather than a link to the reviewer's profile, may we have a link to the cache owner's profile instead? Are there any others who would find this more useful
  2. Good to see that irony isn't wasted on you mtn-man
  3. How do you mean? Can I apply? I'd make a good job of it
  4. Big congratulations Alan! I suppose we are now venturing off-topic... (Now back to the UK regional forums... see you all in another year)
  5. Me too! I thought this was one of the best GPS experiences I have ever had
  6. Thanks Mr.B. Whilst I can find my way around HTML, it's something that I have to use regularly to be able to use it with any speed. This will certainly help. Thanks. Jon
  7. Exactly! Until the software improves this will continue to appeal to only a limited number of cachers. It's a shame though... I think this is the way caching could go in the future, it's just taking longer than need be.
  8. Well done Alan! Just back from following you and SP around Turtle's Trail... jolly cold eh?
  9. This topic seems a bit of a witch hunt to me. What's the big deal?... archiving a cache a few weeks before the 'guideline'. If they're then stuff the turkey... go get 'em.
  10. Great.. cleared that up then!
  11. Who? Me? My question was not intended to cause trouble Ian, just trying to understand matters. So in this instance it was 'first come first served'? If I or another cacher now started a similar thread here, would that be deemed excessive? There are regional forums in the UK who exist purely for that purpose.
  12. Why is this topic allowed in the GC forum? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=159784 It has nothing to do with Geocaching. Just wondering...
  13. I have been using this PDA for a few months now and I am generally very pleased with it. I do however have a problem with an intermittent on/off switch. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Some SE Caching members use this PDA and a couple of us have identified the same problem. Does anyone else have a similar problem? We are thinking it's just a dirty switch? Jon
  14. Gawd! Didn't they coin the phrase'Team GB'? Thank you for the lesson in logic.
  15. As a matter of interest, is the cache adoption page accessible from somewhere within the GC main menu? On a couple of occasions I have had trouble recalling the web address and had to ask others.
  16. Are we having a new reviewer then? Sorry I have been busy...
  17. Maybe. However it's a case of... if you don't fancy them; don't do em! Personally I don't think the caches in question were meant as a joke. Maybe more of an attempt at a cheeky 'drive-by' series? They didn't inspire me to go out at midnight to claim FTF's, yet when the opportunity came they made a great late-night series.
  18. First I was aware was about 40 minutes ago when I received a text from PUP so say they are up and running again?
  19. I have know about this, and used it, for some while. It does however slow down opening up the web page. Great for a quick connection speed, but if using this over an internet mobile connection... forget it! me stands to be corrected...
  20. Lord Of The Cachers might be in there with a chance... whoever he is? http://secaching.ipbfree.com/index.php?showtopic=315
  21. "Pointless Micro Caches" is the thread title. I can think of many pointless regular ones. A micro doesn't automatically make it 'bad'
  22. I think it would be a good idea to separate them from micros. Cachers who can live with finding micros but don't like nanos could filter them out. Some cachers show their nano caches as 'other' as the cache type... that usually gives the game away
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