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  1. Friend is driving to equador soon. Has a Garmin 60CSX. Garmin doesn't have maps for that area and they advised that he look for software downloadable to the garmin made by non-garmin people. Does anyone know some websites that might offer 60CSX downloadable software for ecuador region?
  2. Bought the disk yesterday at amazon.com for $73.65 with free shipping. Bruce Of Tennessee
  3. Does anyone know of maps available that can be downloaded on GPS units of the Tierra del Fuego area of South America. My brother is going backpacking there monday and is having trouble finding maps. Also is there any topo maps available for the area whether or not they can be downloaded to GPS units?
  4. No there is no guide, only a location to meet the plane 9 days later. My brother is coming along and has been doing this for 10 years so we should be OK. I do have the topography maps for alaska for my GPs but I need to correspond that map with the USGS maps which I now understand uses a different UTM datum. Any help is appreciated Bruce Hines
  5. I'm going to Alaska at the end of this month (to the Brooks Range)and I understand that the lodge is going to provide us with USGS maps of the area that we are going to. This is one of those trips where they drop you off by sea plane ( on a lake) and pick you up at a different location 9 days later. I've got a garmin 60CS and have not used the USGS maps before. Will I need to convert the units (ie degrees decimal minutes to something else), or use a totally different system (WGS84 vs another type)? I've not been able to secure a map to experiment with, so I want to get it straight in my mind before I go. Oh yes by the way I did read that article last week about the Alaskan campers getting eaten by a grizzly bear. Don't remind me. Bruce Hines
  6. The prices from sputnick 57 are for the gps 60c. Amazon does have the 60cs for around 380.00 Bruce
  7. Thanks to everyone for the help. W7WT, the lake you mentioned is apparently where we're usually dropped off. I guess I just wanted verification to purchase a gpsmap60cs or vista c. I've talked myself into buying one of these jewels. Oh, instead of the double barrell shotgun, my brother informs me that he's bringing a 50 caliber handgun. Says it will bring down anything with 4 legs. Anyhow I'm very grateful for all the information you've given me. Bruce Hines
  8. I'm going to alaska with a small group in July. I was wondering what the forum thinks is the best GPS in this setting. We'll be taken by plane to an area 200 miles north of the arctic circle. There we will hike about 9 days and be picked up by plane at a designated spot. I understand that the area is very isolated, other groups are rarely seen and its not unusual to run into bears. We're carrying everything on our backs that we need. I'm thinking that the garmin vista c or the gpsmap 60cs might be the best in an environment where weight/size is important. Any other ideas? By the way I presently have a garmin V which I don't feel will be practical in this scenario. All info would be appreciated. Bruce
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