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  1. <GPSCity.ca> (Calgary, Alberta) currently lists the Garmin Oregon 450 at $329.95 (Canadian) and also provides the $50 Garmin rebate in US funds). AND - they were able to deliver mine to a 'rural' Ontario address in just 18 hours !


    OOPs - the $329.95 is 'after rebate'. But, that 'shipping' is incredible.

    That price is AFTER mail-in rebate. Still a decent price though if you don't want to buy from the States.

  2. So I don't understand then the car docking kit with charger...There is USB thing to plug in to the unit and cigarette lighter.. does that simply power the unit and not do anything to recharge batteries?
    That is correct. The handheld itself does not contain any charging circuitry for the batteries. USB power is to power the unit only.

    Sanyo Eneloops are the best. They also sell them rebranded as Duracell with the white top...

  3. Yes you can download coords to the yellow Etrex. It will work fine for Geocaching. It's a basic unit with none of the bells and whistles of a lot of other units but it will take you to the caches like the expensive units. It's a very good, inexpensive unit that works great.


    I just checked Garmin's website and for some reason it said that it was not Geocaching friendly. Is this true? And can you manually enter in coordinates?

    I'm sure you can upload caches as waypoints to the extex via Mapsource or through this website directly. I'm pretty sure you can also manually enter coordintes, but that would be kinda lengthy...

    One thing you will not be able to use is maps...

  4. I would go with the OR over the CO. I say that having owned four COs before giving up on them. The OR has been pretty solid.


    Are you in the GeoWoodstock Pack?

    I agree. I own the Oregon 450 and I am very happy. Yes, it is still a little buggy, but I believe the issues will be resolved soon. Touchscreen is a huge step forward in GPSr's IMO. It makes entering waypoints WAY easier.

    Not to mention the amazing high-res display on the Oregon.

    And BTW, Garmin is currently offering a $50 rebate on the oregon x50 series....

  5. Go and look at one yourself. It is a personal preference thing and listening to someone else's opinion is worthless. Disable the basemap and screen shading though to get a white background on the maps for a proper comparison.


    All Garmins with barometers, auto-calibrate the barometer using the GPS signal.

    Thanks for the reply Red990. Where is the best place in Calgary to go and try them out? I've been to GPS Central, but not to GPS city. Which one is better w/ more pleasant people?

  6. I have had my Legend C for few years now and I would like to upgrade to something that has a high sensitivity receiver so I don't lose my signal that often.

    I've read about the issues with the display on the Oregon 300. I am very pleased with the Etrex display and the battery life, so I'm wondering if the Oregon 300 display is really that bad in outdoors/bright light....

    Is the display on the Dakota 20 better? But I'd prefer to stick to the Oregon because of the better screen resolution.


    One more question about the Dakota. Is it true that it only calculates the elevation based on the barometric altimeter and not the GPS signal. Is there a way to turn off the altimeter and get only GPS elevation readings? How is this done on the Oregon?


    Or should I just wait for the Oregon 450, which should have a better display....


    Thank you for the replies....

  7. Hey Thrasher22. I just applies to TerraCache. It would appear I need 2 sponsors to get full access. Can you sponsor me? Thanks. Curious to see if there are other Sudbury caches.



    Hey, I did see you sign up. I offered you sponsorship of course. The only TerraCaches around here are the ones I placed. There is one near Massey and one near Halfway Lake. I hope you get a chance to go and find some of them. :ph34r:

  8. I like your question in your sig :D. I in fact like the under the rocks hiding strategy. It's better than hiding the cache in a tree trunk covered with leaves and sticks.


    But you should check out my Inco Superstack virtual TerraCache. It's not hidden under rocks, in fact it's not hidden anywhere for that matter, because it's a virtual :anibad:

  9. I was wondering about the Prague geocoins.


    When do they ship?


    They are very interesting geocoins.

    Just thought I would ask.


    Thanks in advance.

    You mean the Czech ones, right? I'm interested in that too, but I guess it will take some time, because they are not made in China, but Czech Republic and as we all know Czechs are lazy. :( Just kidding of course. :laughing:

  10. Just to let people know and to help canadian from getting dinged a fee. If you put a montary value over 20$ our package is opened and we are charged. (5$ handling fee + provincial and federal tax) so a 21$ value will ding us about $8.60 . It is different for every province. I recently got one that said no montary value token yet the person wrote 100$ for the value I was dinged 22$. The $4.00 game token idea seems to work. The "no good reason returns" may also be a result of mail sabatoge due to labour disputes. I heard this was happening too.


    Yes, exactly. Most of the guys mailing coins to me from US knew about the value thing and declared low value. If anyone doesn't know that yet, please, when mailing coins internationally, ALWAYS declare low value, for example: you are mailing 3 coins, mark $6 value. As stated above, packages arriving to Canada are tax free if the declared value is $20 CAD or less! That means approximately $17 US or less! So please do not declare higher value than this when mailing coins to Canada. Thanks.

  11. I successfully brought 2 ammo cans with me to Europe in my check-in luggage. When checking my luggage in, I said I had 2 empty ammo cans and if there is any problem with it. The guy went and asked other guy and said it's OK. They didn't tell me to open the luggage and show them the boxes. :unsure:

  12. I will not be placing a "vacation cache". I just want to replace my old cache, which is already adopted by a local person and he will also take care of it.

    So why don't you send him the money so he can buy an new box and replace it with you.

    That cache has some "sentimental" value for me. It was my second cache ever and it was never found by anyone and I really like the place where it is placed, I have nice memories of that spot. That's why I want to go there and do something for the cache myself.

  13. I'm travelling to Slovakia.

    That's like driving to Wisconsin. Do you have a local who will maintain the cache for you?

    Hmmmm speaking of rules, did you check the guidelines regarding the placement of vacation caches? I'd hate for you to go through all that trouble and only to have your caches rejected.

    I will not be placing a "vacation cache". I just want to replace my old cache, which is already adopted by a local person and he will also take care of it.

  14. I really want to bring these cans with me to Europe, because they have no such things there.



    What countries are you going to? Army surplus shops are pretty common, ammo boxes easy to get e.g in UK http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=115802

    I'm travelling to Slovakia. I've never heard of any ammo cans there and I haven't seen any geocache in this container there. There's not too many hunters there (almost none compared to Canada :blink: ) and I don't know what the army uses or if it's for sale. :unsure:

  15. Hmm, you guys got me worried a bit. I was expecting answers like "No problem, it's just a box". :unsure:

    I really want to bring these cans with me to Europe, because they have no such things there and I want to place some good caches.

    What if I tried to wash it really good to get rid of any possible explosive residue? :blink:

  16. Does anyone have experience with carrying ammo cans in their luggage? Of course I don't mean cabin luggage, just standard check-in luggage. I know they x-ray luggage and they probably see there is no ammunition inside, i was just curious if the x-ray can penetrate inside the can..... ;)

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