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  1. I like pirate coins so I bid on one...we'll see what it is if it shows up. Funny that it says, "Don't bid more than $10.00" and then another says not more than 11.00 dollars. Here is a link to an activated coin.
  2. Those are so cute....gotta have one.
  3. A geojelly?! A nerd?! A chick?! Just so I can say that I have one in my collection.
  4. Great contest....thanks for the fun
  5. Thanks for the great contest....it was fun! 14 more inches of snow on it's way here, hopefully I will be able to get that trade for you to the post office tomorrow!
  6. 1. KrazyTrollz 2. angryEMT 3. menace 4. FASTFRANK&WANDA or FF&W 5. clemsonbeav 6. Jack2algirl 7. FountainB 8. Lyonden_ut 9. WVKiwi 10. moscow32 11. TeamEccs21 12. marpomem 13. hasseper 14. Skillet68 15. RSFish1 16. LBKids or LBK 17. Arrow One 18. tlarson 19. LordXtra 20. peanutgang 21. maldar 22. scavok 23. exoticpetman 24. caching 4 fun 25. koikeeper 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.
  7. Ohhhh....very interesting! Will be watching as this one unfolds.
  8. Maybe we could have a link to their "lists" too?
  9. Woo hoo! Great idea, mine is coming right up!
  10. Happy New Year! This year, I would like to slow down a little, not be at Mach 10 every single minute, and take more time to enjoy my family, my friends and caching!
  11. Great contest...thanks for the fun! Happy New Year everyone!
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