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  1. Yeah, because that's the only reason people aren't paying members. Edit: I took out the word troll before I typed it.
  2. Pantalaimon


    I have no problems with this glitch being fixed. Obviously non-Premium Members were not supposed to have such access to the maps, as such, I have no problem with it being "taken away." Now, I just hope my cable company doesn't find out about my free cable. Put the phone down D & K.
  3. "GPTuba" doesn't really have the same ring though. Oh, and it doesn't make sense.
  4. Careful what you wish for. Your off topic posters don't care if the thread gets locked down, whilst you (presumably) do.
  5. That a common mistake. See, TP'sTB stands for "Toilet Paper's Travel Bug."
  6. S'okay. Been there. TPTB = The Powers That Be
  7. I used to be a Charter Member. I paid via PayPal (as I've never experienced a problem with them). Then, one day, the credit card expired, but I never updated the PayPal account. So, the reoccuring payments ceased. Suddenly, my Charter Membership was cancelled, because I didn't remedy the PayPal situation. Here's the nugget you're probably looking for: There were several incidents in my geocaching/geocaching forum past which fostered a disenchantment on my part towards TPTB at geocaching.com, as such, the effort (as miniscule as it may be) that it would take to reactivate my premium membership, and the cost per month (as miminal to me as it may be) just didn't seem "worth it." Plus, one of the only effective voices of dissent a consumer really has is to stop being a paying customer. (That'll teach em. ) Anyway, I've been debating with myself constantly about re-signing ever since deactivation. This post by Jeremy: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=69624 Actually moved me closer towards reactivation. (Think I can still recover my Charter Member status?? ) It seems to show a small glimpse into TPTB appreciation of members. As a side note, I don't use pocket queries, and I can do without the OT forum, so paying, for me, is not a question of perks, its a question of support. As someone who, if I remember correctly, trumpets the position of "pay up or shut up" (or something like that), I'm interested in 1) why you're asking the question; 2) what you think about the answers; and 3) what your favorite television show is. Maybe not so much #3. Pan Edit: Maybe I shouldn't say with such certainty that I was a Charter Member. I remember paying sometime towards the beginning... but I'm not sure I breached the Charter Member window. - P
  8. There's a monster outside my window. Can I have a glass of water?
  9. Fair enough. (Although I'm still confused.)
  10. My post was directed at the person you were responding to also. Sorry for the confusion, but it seemed clear to me.
  11. Yeah, you might want to rethink that plan. A better plan might be to create a letterbox with your own personal stamp. A huge one that says GEOCACHING RULES!!! Then, as I understand it, if the letterboxer wants to claim a "find" they have to stamp GEOCACHING RULES!!! in their "personal log book."
  12. Pantalaimon


    Those maps are nice. Thanks for reviving that link. See, the thing is, in that discussion you helped a number of geocachers find something new and useful. You only get a free membership if you screw a bunch of people out of something new and useful. I'm kidding! I'm kidding!
  13. Okay, first of all, with the last two previous posts we seem to be regressing into a debate about "upsetness" at taking things away. Seems relevant, but for the record, I didn't intend this to be a discussion about the recent map correction because (as the points been made) non-members were never supposed to have access in the first place. The question I asked was what is/should/will always be "free" on this site. But I know better than to try to gently moderate my own thread, so ... as you were.
  14. I'm not sure this is true. I don't detect an anti-letterboxing sentiment among geocachers. In fact, there is a type of cache dedicated in a cross breed geocache/letterbox hybrid. So, I imagine most geocachers may very well welcome a sharing of a spot. Edit: That is, of course, before Briansnat posted some of those comments above.
  15. One of the cool things about those old maps are that, in a glance, you can see the new caches in your area, or the closest new caches to your area. Thanks for the direction, mtn-man.
  16. I'm not looking for a "promise" per se, but just some clarification of intent, as explained above. Certainly a promise isn't enforceable in any legal manner, but an explanation could hopefully give one an idea of the future intent of TPTB at geocaching.com, and perhaps provides a moral standard to which to be held. And, I'm relaxing, I'm enjoying. But I'm curious too.
  17. Everything you said seems to be true. As I see it, this is a conversation about potential future issues. No fuss. Just conversation.
  18. what features would that be exactly? What features are now free? Well, I'm sure there is an argument that no aspect of geocaching is free due to SOME expense that's involved in the activity (e.g. cost of computer, GPSr, gas, etc.), but generally, the features that I define as free features of geocaching.com include the ability to put in a zip code, or coordinates, and get a complete list of all (non-member) caches listed in some sort of reasonable order (closest to furthest, for example). Also, the ability to access the individual web page for each cache, to read the details, see the logs, and decrypt the hints. The ability (as Keystone pointed out) to see a map (any map will do) with all the caches laid out across the state. These are all features that, in the future, could easily be locked for paying members only. What if the only thing a non-paying member could get access to was a list of geocaches, by state, with the name of the cache, the hider, and the coordinates. That's it. Its still allows for some level of geocaching, but its certainly not a level that geocachers are generally used to. Would this still be a resonable interpretation of the sentiment that "geocaching will always be free." Some people seem to take offense to this topic, and for that (i.e. any offense you individually perceive) I apologize. This is not an attack, or a rabble-rousing. It's just a conversation. We're just talking here. No need to get any feathers ruffled. If you don't like the topic, its okay not to answer. Really, it is. If you have something to add, I'd love to hear it.
  19. I in turn intend no offense with my response, but of what use is that reply? It's a truism that its free not to use a web site. You say "no offence," but then seem to make the ole' "get lost" implication. I would appreciate clarification, if you're willing to provide the same.
  20. I would agree. With you. On this point. Thus I extend to you (not an "attack" or an "insult") an invitation: Please feel free to heed your own advice.
  21. Keystone, Thank you for that link, I did not know that was still available!
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