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  1. On 6/14/2020 at 2:25 PM, TmdAndGG said:

    I have a good idea for Groundspeak: They could make them like benchmarks were you can still see how many you've done on your profile page, but they don't count as a smiley unless they have a bonus cache*.

    *Not like benchmarks


    Now that is a good idea.

    We have a lot of mystery caches here that are the 'Bonus' of an AL. I would like to exclude my AL finds from my statistics and only count the mystery.

  2. All the things we like to be changed are here for years and nothing is done about is.

    I don't know what they do with our money, but I seriously am thinking not to renew my premium membership

    because they don't listen to the customers.


    The list is:


    - selecting caches in the map on an Android device

    - implementation of the nano cache size

    - search for cache by name and not only for caches begining with the search word (wtf!)

    - see the difference between corrected coordinates and non corrected coordinates


    And the worst part is that we hardly ever get feedback from Groundspeak about the problems we address here in the forum.

    No, they are working hard on Facebook integration and Challenge caches that nobody wants...

  3. I don't even get a name when hovering with my mouse.

    This new map is buggy since the beginning.

    At least supply a list of caches in the visible map area so that we can click on them....

  4. Show the date a friend found its last cache.


    I frequently look at my friends to see if they have cached recently. Now I have to go to the friends page, click on geocaches and then on show all geocaches.

    Wouldn't it be better to show the date they last found a cache next to the total number of caches found?

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