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  1. nice job. to answer your question about the fact that skully cant log finds on hides own caches which gives bp an advantage... why not just rank it as percentage? if there are 100 caches and skully has hid 20, and found 60, then 60 of 80 potential caches would mean he's found 75%, whereas if BP has also found 60, then he would only have found 60%. simple right? only its a tad bit of work i imagine.

  2. excellent thread. Its been a long time coming. Nice to see some formal attempt at heading off a problem with geo-litter. keep up the good work, KSA




    Quitters never win and winners never quit, but people who never win and never quit and complete idiots

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by BassoonPilot:

    Should a moderator decide a post needs to be deleted, they should, of course, be permitted to remove the content of the offending post, but the header and a line reading something like [The content of this message was deleted by (name of moderator) on (current date) at (current time)] should remain as a "placeholder."


    For whatever reason, lately I've been finding myself agreeing with you. a lot. This is no exception. It's a good idea I think. Whether it's one sentance or the whole thing, we should at least know something was there, and no longer is.


    Quitters never win and winners never quit, but people who never win and never quit and complete idiots

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by Keystone Approver:

    I don't mean to drive anyone away. Rather, people who were afraid to post in the unmoderated forums would hopefully feel more comfortable stating their views if they know they won't be pounced upon. And also we hope for more "casual readers" to return. When talking to geocachers at events or on the trail, the admins hear over and over again that "the forums are full of junk/noise/bickering, so I never go there anymore."


    I am happy to discuss the forums, and my role as a moderator, at any time with any of you.... either here or by e-mail. Many of you reading along already know this to be the case. This would include criticizing my actions in a constructive and respectful manner.


    i have just a few issues with the recent "editing" of posts. Same with the deleting of posts. I find it extremely jarring when in the middle of the an otherwise unremarkable post I see "irelevant discourse edited to keep us on the theme of this discussion" or however it is phrased. I genuinely am annoyed by this. Generally speaking, its very apparent when someone has an ax to grind, or are trying to hijack a thread (the inevitable "gays are evil, god will smite them" posts in a discussion about "encountering gays in a park gitting some", and when i created such a thread, thats what happened & I asked it to be closed since it was getting out of hand)


    Since it's obvious, there usually is a definite need for intervention. But I'm seeing posts which seem to be on target, dont seem to be someone with an ax, and suddenly we get that edit. Why? There is a difference between being off topic and hijacking a thread. the actions taken by moderators would be appropriate against a hijack, but being off topic isn't necesarily a bad thing per se.


    I would like to think that all moderators are fair & unbiased but I can't know that for sure. Not knowing what was in there only makes me suspicious because if the rest of the post doesnt seem to be offensive, it makes me question the judgement involved, but I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to go since I couldn't read it for myself.


    As for obnoxious posts and such, the whole wild west aspect of the forums at times, and the idea that "the forums are so bad I don't go there any more", I just don't buy it. I'm not saying I want to read some of the posts, as they can be downright nasty and even degrading. However, my feeling is if there's a line, and its crossed, warn them. Cross that line again, suspend their forum priviledges for a week. maybe a month. Again and they're baaned for an even longer period of time or even face suspension of their account. I've sene it handled that way in other forums, seemed to work fine there...


    There has to be aserious violation of the TOS, or the rules or whatever we want to call them though.


    someone referenced some sort of official rules... heres a few snipets and my thoughts...


    This means that we (Groundspeak and the volunteers for Groundspeak) reserve the right to edit/remove inappropriate messages, or to lock a discussion thread. Before taking any of these actions, a moderator will attempt to steer the discussion back to the topic, if this is possible and appropriate.


    When in the middle of a post we see those words that indicate an edit has taken place, how has this rule been followed? As I said there is a difference between hijacking a thread and just straying into lala land... When the rest of the post seems ok, I highly doubt whatever was edited rises to the level of being excised...


    About our Moderators: Forum Moderators are community volunteers ... Do not attempt to engage them in direct combat.


    As if anyone would know, the whole thing would likely be edited and kept from prying eyes anyway... icon_rolleyes.gif

  5. I jsut discovered that the owner of a cache cant change the coordinates of a cache more then .1. I recently had a need to do this and went thru admin to achieve the change. Only question I have is concerning moving caches. I just picked up Rolling Rock, the Weird NJ geocache, and the owner brought this up to me. Am I to assume that moving caches are grandfathered and that the owner merely needs to forward the new location to admin for change? Or are these caches stuck forever wherever they are? I havent seen any forum psoting discussing this (if there is one I didnt see it, so feel free to markwell me...)

  6. If a cache is just general in nature, it's annoying but not THAT big a deal. When you see huge trade disparities, or when you see themed caches get ranked, that's maddening.


    My proposed solution:


    name who put what items in the cache. Make it big & public ont he description.






    .67 by Johnbigguy

    a matchbook from some reetaurant by Phillybuster

    hot pocket hand heater by JessMe

    a Mctoy by Singsallnightlong

    several WG

    pocket knife by CacheWench






    (if those are real usernames then forgive me I was trying to just make up names. if real, no aspersions were meant)


    hell I think every cache should be like that or you could take it even further:


    johnbigguy: took $2 WG, left .67

    Phillybuster: took car compass, left matchbook from some restaurant

    JessMe: took nylon rope bag, left hot pocket hand heater

    Singsallnightlong: took rare vintage newpaper Dewey Defeats Truman, left a Mctoy

    several WG

    CacheWench: took nothing, left pocket knife


    those who trade fairly (or trade up) will be appreciated, those who dont will be much more exposed....


    besides it kinda nice to have a headsup on what's in the cache anyway....

  7. maybe its not the worst trade, but it certainly annoyed me. On a cache I recently hid a person two two items (decent ones too mind you) and left one item, which they half used on the way. Now I understand why they used it, but if you're gonna leave a used item, dont take 2 new ones. (if you knew what the item was, you wouldnt want it used...)


    I'm not naming items, or caches since I'm not completely pissed. I'm just really... I can't even say annoyed. This person seemed really nice, so I just don't get why they would do a 2 for half... Anyone who is that curious can easily find out who and what from what I have said...

  8. quote:
    Originally posted by IV_Warrior:

    I'll leave it in my will that whoever gets the $2.50 i'll probably have left at that time has to do cache maintenance.....


    would they also be required to do grave maitenance too? cause I ain't trimming no grass around no headstone! icon_biggrin.gif



    Originally posted by BrianSnat:

    Do you think a GPS would have prevented the loss of the Minnow?


    No, however in one of those "lost episodes" the professor built one out of a coconut, some of the radio parts, some lint from gingers belly button, one of Mrs Howell's pearls, and some items that felt from the pocket of the Russian spy who ended up on the island in season 2....




    How many people have spent umpteen dollars to win some <insert cool item of the moment, probably either Sponge Bob SP stuff or those goofy rastafarian hats> down at the shore...


    I personally once spent near $30 on the "softball in the whicker basket" game before it hit me: I JUST BLEW $20!!! (I didnt realize the truth till I got to the car...) I took my third level prize and walked away. I still have it too.

  10. presuming you aren't thinking of a virtual which would likely not be approved under the new guidelines, you just need to be respectful. I doubt the approvers would be a stumbling block as they can't see what you've done, just make sure that the spot doesnt interfere with anyone's main reason for being there (i.e. to grieve)


    I personally find them very interesting as they usually take you to a really interesting headstone, mausoleum or something similar. Done tastefully they can be a welcome diversion from the typical tres stump or pile of rocks and logs...

  11. quote:
    Originally posted by Jomarac5:

    Zuuky wrte:

    You are worthy of a reply. But my boss says I can only tell one person per week to **** ***.

    This is suitable for a family oriented website?


    I must admit I was surprised that the words B A C K O F F (spelled individually so as to avoid masking by the self righteous holier then cow jerks at GC.com!) would be edited by the system.


    I think you're right Jomarc. Language like that is indefensible. Course I just said the same words as she did, so now you'll be all over my @$$ about this I imagine. And even more so about the fact that i said "all over my @$$". Whoops that 3x now. I better stop now. [icon_biggrin.gif]

  12. quote:
    Originally posted by BassoonPilot:


    Rather than recommending a work-around that is ripe for abuse and therefore unacceptable, I would identify the problem to the person responsible for the deficient code, and request that they fix it.


    #1: i agree with you in principle (amazing!) having it keyed to the date it's approved makes sense and avoid potential abuse, but that brings me to #2: which is...


    is this really an issue? I mean yeah I thought of the same thing (someone could abuse it over & over) but first off, that'd be real obvious, and second, whats the fricking point? it gains some added attention? woowee. big deal. besides as I said, it would be clear to everyone what was happening. Well clear to most folks anyway.


    So yeah you're right but I just don't think it's that big an issue. All that said, it probably should be on Jeremy's to do list, however, since there are a multitude of suggestions that are likely on his "to do list" I doubt it will get done soon.


    is it me or have i sounded real repetitive in this post? Oh well.

  13. After the fantastic fun at the latest event, held this time in The Palisades, I was thinking about what might make things even MORE intersting for next time. I was thinking about games.


    KNOW YOUR FELLOW CACHERS: Who has more posts: Jomarc or Brian Snat, or perhaps: what is Harold's occupation, or on which of the following dates did Stayfloopy pass 2000 finds? Stuff like that.


    SPEED CACHING: Several caches are hidden nearby. How many can you grab in under 20 minutes?


    TECHNICAL: umm.... we could ask technical questions, like I dunno, how many sattelites are in orbit off which the GPS could track your location? Ummm.. yeah, technical questions....


    Anyway, I was thinking that there be lots of prizes and such, mostly in the $5 range, but with a nice prize for the top point getter, maybe like a $25 GC to Outback Steakhouse (you get the idea)


    Only problem is: this would cost moolah. I will admit that I'm thinking about perhaps hosting the spring event, or at least being involved. So here's my question for you folks..


    1) is this a good or bad idea? and if a good idea, then 2) would you be opposed to putting up a few dollars towards the prizes? I figure if we even got $3 a head, if we got 40-50 people like we did last weekend that would be more then enough to score some cool prizes.


    I'm sure there are other things we could do contest wise, so please feel free to suggest contests concepts. I talked already w/1 cacher who felt it was a good idea and suggested it be held somewhere in Morris County or west so the PA folks wouldn't feel left out. Great idea.


    I have a secondary poll Q but dont want to make a serparate thread. What about the possibility of maybe $10-15 and no one has to bring anything. The cost of admission pays for everything, and the person organizing gets all the food, drink, supplies etc, and its paid for by the group fee. This would be much more dicey as some folks show last minute, while others have last minute problems. Does the operator lay it out in advance? or get paid in advance? I think the idea has merit but is fraught with issues.


    Whadayathink folks?

  14. quote:
    Originally posted by leatherman:

    They have to be screen printed. Non of those Cafe press iron ons.


    Is THAT what you get for your 16.99 (or whatever price the owner has set?) sheesh. I almost was going to use thgem to make some weird nj tshirts. forget that, I've been doing iron-ons at home for 2 years, I thought cafe press was silk screened. or at least something a step above iron-on.

  15. quote:
    Originally posted by BrianSnat:


    I'd be up for joining Marty on the hill, with a few brews and stogies and watching a group do Melvin's.


    just so long as you dont log that as a virtual find. might upset those who lack a sense of humor 'round here. icon_smile.gif

  16. quote:
    Originally posted by Jomarac5:

    If deaf people find it offensive then they need to realize....blah blah blah


    first let me say that I just didnt feel like posting the whole quote, so blahblahblah isnt meant to be derogatory...


    second... part of the original statement was:


    You folks have any idea what the deaf community would think if they saw the placement of the "L" hand along the lower part of the face.


    you seem to have taken this with the implied statement "they'd be offended, so watch out". I took it totally differently, namely "do you realize you could be conveying a message you didn't intend?" the fact they stated


    I am showing this to you as an edification and nothing more


    i think should've been an indicator of this. I actually appreciate the knowledge, not that i normally go around giving the L symbol in public anyway, but its good to know. I was actually quite surprised actually. Will I be paranoid that "OMG! they might think I'm calling them gay!" of course not, but it is something to keep in the back of your mind IMHO. If you wanna go do it, that's find, jsut don't be surprised if you get a queer look from some folks. (pun intended, whoops, my bad, not PC, oh well)

  17. should there be a rating system? sure, I like the comment about the amazon.com books comparison. abuses? limit a user to rate it only once as part of a log. unless they log it more then once, they cant vote more then once.


    archiveing because of "lameness"? bad idea. too arbitrary.


    this is similar in concept though to the "ignore" button once proposed (i'm too lazy now to markwell). basically just as you can see how many are watching, you can see how manya re ignoring, an indicator of whether or not folks think it's worth seeking. same issues arise here I think...


    summation: I think it's a worthwhile idea but its so fraught with issues i doubt it would work...

  18. I am sorry to hear this & wish you best luck in locating her safely. There is a local woman in my town who went missing and the husband put up a reward, did the local papers & tv networks. he even created a DVD. I took the DVD & turned it into a TB. I havent released it yet as I havent visited any caches where I could fit it. Just a thought but maybe you might wanna do the same? seemed like a good idea to me.

  19. I will admit not paying attention to the forums lately so this entire piratecaching.com thing went right by me unoticed. I got invited to a private discussion and naturally had to read all 5 (!) pages of this thread.


    all I can say is as soon as I realized what was going on, one person did leap to mind. I had no real basis but this person has been associated with sock puppets and causing trouble (if you read closely that is, his assocation is tenuous but its there) so anyway, based on posts by that person, and posts by jeremy, I think its pretty obvious who Jeremy believes is involved.


    I won't elaborate publically or privately because I could quite easily be wrong...




    jeremy indicated there were several, so even if you know one indidual, there are still others to be outed.....

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