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  1. I think I can make it. will try & bring wife perhaps a friend who has geocached with me but hasn't signed up yet. I think I'll get him a gps for christmas. only thing is he probably wants one w/mapping. & I aint that generous! think we could bring Andy? this is a restaurant after all.... hmmm.... I also think I'll throw out there my idea for going to the gatesa of hell beforehand. anyone wanna meet me at say 5PM by the train station in clifton? go exploring some sewer tunnels and then head over for some ribs?
  2. I'm sure it was by cache ninja and think it's this one but I am not sure. Could be this one or perhaps this one I searched the forums but maybe I didnt use the best search terms. I know this has been discussed before. Thanks
  3. I admit getting miffed if I'm less then 50%. I always keep cache printouts in my car of potentital caches to search for if i'm "in the area". last weekend I was 3 for 6 so I headed for acache that was not exactly on the way home, but was not on my original to do list. found it. 4 for 7. yeah me. it happens, dont get into a tizzy about it
  4. http://members.aol.com/GeocacherBB/locationless.html
  5. I agree with the previous cachers. I have a TB named Spot who likes to ride roller coasters. A cacher took him to England with the intention if having him stay there, but none of the caches would fit. So he brought him back to the US, but logged him into a virtual there so he got credit for traveling to the UK and back. I recently picked up a TB in CT and knew I'd be going to visit Niagara Falls in 2 wks so I held onto him for that reason. I logged him into/out of a cache in NJ so it deocumented he traveled home with me, then when I stopped in Syracuse I again logged him into/out of a cache there, then finally into a cache in Canada. If I hadnt done that he would've gotten credit for going directly fr CT to Canada, which isn't how he traveled. Its not about inflating stats if you ask me, its about accurate stats. The TB went with me to NJ, then NY then Canda, not from CT to canada. Now if I had then brought him back to NJ and I logged him into each and every cache I found and I did this for several months on cache after cache, then that would be holding him hostage. I seriously doubt thats what most people are doing. Besides, it allows for great logs and adds to the stories of the TB adventures. see what I did with Pumba the TB
  6. I cant let my wife see this thread. I may never be allowed to put my garmin V in the car again! Glad to hear everyone is ok after that incident.
  7. sweet. what models do you havew (camera & gps) as for leaving with fresh batteries the problem is that I cant replace both the gps batteries AND the dig camera batteries too at the same time. I have 3 sets of 4 batteries. one set in the gps, one in the camera, and then a spare which is usually charging. I keep 2 sets (usually) of regular non-rechargables in my belly bag for when I'm out, but once in a while I dont have it with me, and then I'm done. like yesterday.
  8. nah, cause this deals specifically with the function of the GPS units. and this a forum for discussing GPS units in all respects which would include complaints. that discussion is for just complaining in general, and it seems like complaining for complaining sake.
  9. ... give more advanced warning on when the batteries are low. I have the same complaint about cell phones, digital cameras and almost anything else requiring batteries. Why, ogh lord, why do such devices always warn you with maybe TEN SECONDS left that your batteries are low? Why do they give that warning when you have enough juice for maybe 5 pictures. or only 3 minutes left before the GPS dies. or your cell phone dies. If you don't have spare batteries you're done. I was hunting Bergen County Parks, a 4 stage multi which i had already grabed parts 1 & 2 of, took forever to find stage 3 and then it died before I got to stage 4. 400 ft away!!!! cameras are the same thing. Its not as if you can be selective about your remaining picture taking either. you've got 5 pictures left. why can't they warn you when you're at.. say... 10% battery life? that way if your camer can take 250 pictures, you've at least got 25 shots left... I was in Niagara falls and my wife & I took a helicopter ride over the falls, and I sat in front with the 35mm camera. I had 2 rolls of film as spare (and did the fastest change of film in history!) but I also had the spare batteries. My wife gets 6 pictures and POOF! dead camera. I could pass the batteries back to her so we had to rely solely on my shots, which were good and I like them, but she could've been just rolling off the pictures L & R, but no, that wasn't to be. I said it then and I say it now. it didn't matter. How could I get myself mad over this when I was 1/2 a mile above one of the most majestic waterfalls in the world? It would've interfered with my ability to take pictures and enjoy the flight, and then I'd >really< have reason to be mad at myself for allowing my trip to be spoiled. So in this case it was a big deal that wasn't. and i take full credit for knowing that the batteries always go at the worst moment, so I have spares, but I wasn't forward thinking enough to say "hey I've take a bunch of pictures, how about changing the batteries?" or at least giving the spares to my wife. So I do take credit. and today I didn't have my belly bag. no belly bag today = no spares to change out on the gps. so its my own fault, yes. But it still annoys me that theres so little warning.
  10. Hart's log was pretty memorable. then again so was mine on that cache!
  11. Bah!!! How did I miss that cache when selecting the ones in the area?!?! Must be the anti-inflammatory drugs Do they make those drugs for the forums? We could use some of those in here now & then....
  12. Here's a thread for all those who hide caches... wondering why you hide where you do and what is your favorite log that someone made on a cache that you perosnally hid? I like to hide caches near something strange and interesting in the woods (or in urban areas too) There are so many great caches that take you on long hikes thru beautiful scenery and along interesting trails that I cant even bother trying to hide for that reason alone. briansnats caches often take you to these great parks so to try for that reason just wouldn't work. Weird Nj is usually my inspiration (duh!) and my favorite hides are the ones in the NJ Palisades. its the nearest large park to hike in near me and i went there with my dad as a kid so I have fond memories of hiking on a sunday with him and my dog Bandit. and now I have great memories exploring the ruins, which I never knew existed or if I did, I glossed over as a teen. What I love about these hides is rading the logs that people leave talking about the hunt and then the cool thing that I took them near. I was just reviewing Palisades Surprise because I think I need to do maitenance on it. I re-read Bassoon pilot's log and it just brought a smile to my face. His log epitomizes why i like to hide things in these spots. of course this particular cache also happens to be the trickiest I ever created which always results in fun DNF logs, as well as excited Find logs as well. There have been some great logs on some of my caches, but BP's was one of the coolest. EDIT: I also can't help but also include this log by Boosh because it was his first find as a cacher, and he really had lots of input about the downed jet (which is probably my fav hide ever) I love it when people come to visit a cache simply because of what's there with the cache. and finally, my fav logs from an individual typically come from either Briansnat, BP and Skully & Mulder, who for some reason has trouble finding my caches but always has a good time anyway... I'm just curious which is your favorite log. And why.
  13. step 22: every time you put on your workboots it's the same thing from your 4 year old... "are we going out looking for that box in the woods?" or, if they're 5.... "I'm not going geocaching! No way! I'm staying in my room!" SLAMMMM!
  14. I jsut wanna say that I really like your pictures. Obviously the one w/the GPS is yours and I presume the rest as well. nice closeup and in focus. sweet.
  15. Actually, I liked the article ... especially the part where the writer made it appear you go "Weirding" for 1, 2, up to 3 hours! OMG. At first I'm reading your post and thinking What the hell is he talking about?" Then I re-read the lines you referenced. I never even noticed that! I think it's implied that I mean all day but I can definately see where it might be read that way. Feh. I knew what I meant, and you all know I'm out there weirding it all day log (when i go the time that is) so its ok.
  16. forgot to mention... 1) guess I wasn't hardcore till a reporter said I was. 2)I'm a little perturbed that right after she mentions me she says that the Marks avoid their fans. Which is sorta true and not true. I know several fans who've hooked up and gone out with them on trips. They also are quite pleased to do the handshake thing at the events and parties. Course I've never gone out with them so maybe she meant they avoid me or maybe I'm just paranoid (to go along with being OCD) 3) she didn't mention my website (www.lostinjersey.com) dahm! 4) she didnt mention that the cemetery trips are often to virtuals. thought maybe I'd get a mention about geocaching. as it is she didn't say mucha bout me at all. I thought the article was more to be focused on the fans and no the magazine so much. Guess I was wrong. I should be pleased I even made it I guess. then again, maybe not seeing as all i did was make myself sound like a whack who takes his 5 yr old to visit graves.
  17. I read this about a week ago Tuesday, June 29, 2004 ALPINE - A Closter man injured a leg in a 100-foot fall down a cliff on Monday, escaping more serious injuries thanks to a tree that broke his fall, police said. Nicholas Torreca, 26, was found by three hikers who heard his cries for help and called police at 12:10 p.m., said Detective Lt. Nelson Pagan of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police. The detective rappelled down the cliff and tied Torreca to himself before helping him into a rescue basket. "The only thing holding him up was a tree," Pagan said. Assisted by the Closter Ambulance and Rescue Squad, the effort took about two hours. Torreca was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center. Pagan said he appeared to have a broken right leg. Torreca, who had been drinking, climbed over the barriers of the lookout area - despite warning signs - before slipping and falling, police said. He was issued summonses for consumption of alcohol in the park and creating a hazardous condition, Pagan said. "This gentleman is fortunate to be alive," Pagan said. then I read this a few days ago in the Bergen Record... Gunshot victim's body found in Alpine Friday, July 2, 2004 The body of a 25-year-old Brooklyn man was found with two gunshot wounds in his head amid debris along the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Alpine on Thursday, authorities said. Agmet J. Wallace, a self-employed used car salesman, was last seen by family members in the New York City borough Saturday, Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli said. A maintenance worker found the body at 10:50 a.m. Thursday, along the guardrail just north of Exit 3 on the northbound side of the parkway, Molinelli said. Wallace had been shot twice in the head, the prosecutor said. The Prosecutor's Office was still investigating Thursday, along with the New York Police Department and the Palisades Interstate Parkway police, he said. Autopsy results were pending. Authorities were "exploring all his [Wallace's] personal and business relations," and were also interviewing family members, Molinelli said. "This is going to take some time," he said. Wallace didn't appear to have any New Jersey connections and didn't have a criminal history, Molinelli said. ****************** About a year ago a dead body washed up on the shore near where the Giant Stairs is hidden. yeesh. gitting pretty dangerous to hike in them thar palisades!
  18. >hides face in embarassment< I have a horrible voice and am prone to wild gesturing. Unless I wanna be a monkey boy on Jimmy Kimmel live, I think not. But thanks for thinking highly of me.
  19. He didn't make a decision. He didnt submit to the Gc.com folks and say "archive this" no dissing took palce in the log. only here. welld eserving dissing if you ask me. See? he even says its not his decision He was professional. he stated his opinion on the lack of description and hazzards. in what way is this log any different from a person stating that the ache is located close to poison ivy, or that the hunter thought the terrain was more difficult then the rating given? Furthermore, how is anyone to make an informed decision about whether or not to approach it, when the cache owner clearly can't handle criticism? And even further, how would you know anything about this cache and decide "hey this is right up my alley" if this log weren't there? seems as if his log would benefit you, taking you to Quote "seedier parts of life that I never see otherwise"? unquote. the inappripriate action here is the deletion of the log, not the log in question. We can argue about whether or not the cache is appropriate, but the deletion of the log? That was just wrong. the placer needs to grow up. As for the hunter in this case, definately use the "cache needs to be archived" and furthermore (thats 3 furthermores) I read this rule. Caches placed on archaeological or historical sites. In most cases these areas are highly sensitive to the extra traffic that would be caused by vehicles and humans. Could this cache be violating that rule I wonder?
  20. #21: you bring a TB that you picked up enroute to a wedding you and make the bridge & groom pose with it. the groom is familiar with geocaching, but the bride has this "Why am I posing for a picture with a pumba head?" look on her face. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=35513
  21. bah,. I'll ne niagara falls. maybe next time.
  22. I was about to post this question and then said, waitaminute, google it first! So here's a news report about the miltary testing of GPS jamming equipment. Anybody know why they are doing this and what uses it might have?
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