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  1. "click here but beware. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH." or some other sort of warning that says to the effect that you're likely to get sick if you visit here.


    and you go anyway


    and you nearly get sick because it is rather neauseating. and you hate yourself for not resisting that urge in the first place


    Click me if you dare


    Don't say I didn't warn you folks. But it relevent to a certain frequent poster to this thread. But you wouldn't know unless you clicked, now would you?





  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Markwell:

    Typical Examples:

    How did you find out about Geocaching?

    Which GPS should I buy?

    How do I add formatting to a cache page?

    How can I find the coordinates of a street address?


    Ok, so I guess there will never be new models or new features to discuss? and newbies shouldn't be asked why/how they joined up?


    your 3rd & 4th examples are (i suppose) correct in that discussing them again isn't really necesary, but to be honest, let's say I put in some search terms. 9x out of 10 there are only I don't know... 300 posts with those words in them. yeah i could probably narrow it down by using more & more words, but if I'm a newbie, (and even if I'm not) it's just dang easier to start a new thread. lazy? maybe. besides if I do find a thread that hasn't had a post in I dunno 4 months, and I want discussion, what's more likely to get discussion, that old ancient one, or a nice brandy spanking new prominently displayed on page one?


    markwelling has it's purpose, but I tend to view it as code for "stop talking about this. here's where you can find the answer you need." OR "here's where you should've discussed this, and not created a new thread."


    To be totally honest, aside from something instructive and fact based that won't ever change. i.e. how did i change my sig line, or how do i log a travel bug, i think rehashing old topics isn't necesarily bad. the discussion may go in new directions, inspire new ideas or creative solutions. and there are going to be posts either way, whether they're in an old thread or a new one. so who does this negatively affect if the 10 posts to "what's your favorite time to of year to geocache" appears in a brand spanking new thread or an old one" 10 posts are 10 posts. unless the intent is to not have repetition, which is akin to saying "stop talking" which is why markwelling has such a negative (to some) connotation. perhaps when you do it you don't mean anything negative, but when others do, it sometimes has a negative tone to it, and IMHO with the exception I noted above (fact based, never changing answers) I think it tends to stifle discussion, which is definately negative if you ask me.


    My .02







  3. quote:
    Originally posted by Rubbertoe:

    I wanna make a somewhat serious complaint about http://opentopic.Groundspeak.com/0/OpenTopic?a=tpc&s=1750973553&f=3000917383&m=3650971145 being locked down, just because they are "off topic" and not relating to geocaching.


    there are plenty of forums that are off topic, though not always so noticably. I dont see what the harm was. I also don't see those threads being closed either....


    I'm not sure if Jeremy was just in a bad mood or something


    we;; look at his new avatar pic. he doesn't look like he's in a good mood if ya ask me.





  4. I hate, I hate, I HATE PETER PAN!. Oh wait. wrong rant. Oh here we go. I cant stand it when a bagel place or deli (or even Burger King) doesnt cut the sandwich in half fully thru. I go to take out my half a chicken cutlet & it's still connected at the bottom so I try to gently pull the bagel apart & it tearsm in half and now I've got one half a bagel sandwich with this extra piece of bagel bottom, and the other side has almost no bottom so the mayo & lettuce is dripping all over my hand and it's a giant oogy mess and the chicken will probably fall right out onto my lap or worse the floor. Is it asking too much to runthe knife clean thru plese?





  5. I hate, I hate, I HATE PETER PAN!. Oh wait. wrong rant. Oh here we go. I cant stand it when a bagel place or deli (or even Burger King) doesnt cut the sandwich in half fully thru. I go to take out my half a chicken cutlet & it's still connected at the bottom so I try to gently pull the bagel apart & it tearsm in half and now I've got one half a bagel sandwich with this extra piece of bagel bottom, and the other side has almost no bottom so the mayo & lettuce is dripping all over my hand and it's a giant oogy mess and the chicken will probably fall right out onto my lap or worse the floor. Is it asking too much to runthe knife clean thru plese?





  6. Thank you for calling geocaching.com. To order merchandise, press 1, to log a find, press 2, to list a new cache, press 3, to repeat these options, press 9.


    "Well I want to place a log in the forums and theres no option for that. Let me press zero to speak to customer service."




    We're sorry but that is not a valid selection, please try again. Thank you for calling geocaching.com. To order merchandise, press 1, to log a find, press 2, to list a new cache, press 3, to repeat these options, press 9.




    The only thing worse then Fricking VRU's are the ones that think zero means terminate my call. As if I didn't know to nhang up if that's what I wanted. and the one we have at Verizon is probably one of the 10 worst out there. Well actually, any telecommunications company VRU probably ranks among the 10 worst, a bit of irony I always savor when people complain to me about "how many buttons" they had to push.





  7. I'm sure I'm one of Brian's "wusses", but considering the past 6 months having to sneak in caching between my wife's bouts of illness, and the rest of the time having andy tag along, I think that can be forgiven. I agree with what marc said too, I'm likely going to close down some of my simpler caches. I'm really keen to hide a really tough, dangerous, killer cache. Where to place it though?





  8. I heard that Mapsend (or was it streets?) had a GPS receiver for the palm 500 (among others) that allowed turn by turn directions. I was this close to buying the palm & the receiver/software when I found two things that made me wait: a) the turn by turn is not audio commands, it's beeps. Pardon me, but BEEP that. and second, you can't modify your maps, adding new stops, etc, etc. you MUST create the star/end and stop off line on the computer, download them into the Palm, then go. Which means no on the fly changes in plan.s Again. beep that.


    I considered using my laptop with my 330x but the battery life on the laptop is abysmal. So I went and got an ac/dc converter so I can plug directly off the cigarette lighter. But now I can't run the GPS off the cig any more (unless I wanna go & but a spliter thingie, BEEP that)


    Anyway, it all works & it's ok, but I would so much rather use a Palm type device, but I won't unless the first two issues are addessed. Well at least the 2nd one. the beep thing is just anonoying, but I could learn to BEEP with it I guess. icon_razz.gif


    Straight PC MS compatability is a + but not absolutely necesary. Anyway, so does anybody know of any handhelds/receivers/software that meet my requirements?





  9. quote:
    Originally posted by Skully & Mulder et al.:

    But not to find more caches - to hide more caches. This way, us spoiled cachers in north Jersey will be happy.


    ALthough I havent actually souhg that many of Brian's caches because I dont get out his direction too much, I'll agree that they seem to be some of the more difficult, challenging & interesting caches in the area. So much so I have one I want to do with him eventually.


    And as for judging, influence etc, I generally go based on the following: 40% coolness of their avatar, 20% their number of posts, 30% number of hides/finds, and 10% if I like them personally or not. Bonus 10% for having a funny sig. lengthy, words sigs get negative 10% unless they're funny, in which case they get a 10% bonuses (that's on top of the first 10% bonus for being funny for a total of 20% bonus...)





  10. quote:
    Originally posted by Delta-9:

    I added an avatar and it isn't showing up. Does it take a little while for those changes to become active or have I screwed something up?


    screwed up? why yes, YES YOU HAVE! You're not supposed to post here! Your avatar will never show up until you properly boycott this thread and stop making posts to it!


    muhahahuhahaha!!!!1 icon_razz.gif





  11. quote:
    Originally posted by web-ling:

    Possibly after this reply, but not before.


    Yes, please. enough!


    Originally posted by ACME geocacher:

    I hit my head and got bit by a snake while being followed by the weird men doing unspeakable things in the bushes as I was trying to read this stupid thread.


    Thanks Geobuddy! icon_rolleyes.gif


    Originally posted by Acceptable Risk:

    I'm not sure what happened with us, but at this point, I can't ignore the feelings we had for each other. I did some things, you did some things, but I know you're you're crazy to ignore the feelings we had...


    I'm going to miss you, and the times we had....


    icon_mad.gif well if you can't recall, it might be your penchant for blabbing about our private moments in the forums!


    Originally posted by Sluggo:

    I don't know who you think you are, but get out of my life.


    Fine, get out of thread!!!!!!!!!


    Originally posted by Criminal:

    So what do we do now......make some new dadgum rules?


    Well to be honest me & Mr Snazz have been discussing some concepts privately.... icon_razz.gif



    Originally posted by Briant Snat:

    Screw him!


    Screw him. Not only am I going to read this thread, I'm posting to it!


    Marc, you had to provoke him didn't you? icon_frown.gif


    You all are directional challenged I see. What part of "don't post here" DIDN'T you understand??? Let this be the last post for gawd's sakes! icon_eek.gif





  12. A number of you have expressed the idea that a moving cache is ok to log multiple times. heck even jeremy said that to me. Well gee why don't we just call it the "self-perpetutating find count inflating cache" then. A cache is specifically supposed to stay within a small predtermined area so that the locals can keep loging it & logging it & logging it & logging it... Git my point? There should be a max limit of 3 or something.


    And as I said, don't get me started on someone finding his own cache, even if it is moving. It's his responsibility, his cache container, his duty to keep up on it. No way should he be allowed to log finds on it. Otherwise cache maitenance could be considered a find then. Which I've heard other people have done. Krikey!





  13. quote:
    Originally posted by Cache Canucks:

    Originally posted by Gwho:

    "...It's one to say "it's only a game, I'll let this rule infraction slide." it's quite another to say "you don't have to follow any rules at all, do what you want..."

    ...where was _that_ said?


    No where. not in those words. But that's how I interpret the attitude of "shurg your shoulders. What can you do?" to answer that question: when you see it (and its obvious or repeated), tell the cache owner, report it to admin, or post a thread if it's really obnoxious.


    That said, I do know that there are some owners who will allow exceptions to the rules. Just today i was asked if I would aloow two users to each log a find on a locationless that they sought together. I can accept that. I told them to say so in their log that permission was given. that way no one will look at it negatively. I think any exceptions should be stated clearly that theya re exceptions.





  14. quote:
    Originally posted by seneca:

    We have always known who started this cache and he has never in anyway kept that a secret. (he always names his caches with a humorous pseudonym). You only have to read his find logs to confirm he is the owner. In fact others have modeled their moving caches on his excellent format, of which he has been very generous in allowing them to use. Vancouver Transit is almost “legendary” in the Vancouver area. I, (and I suspect most other geocachers in the vicinity) consider Vancouver Transit to be “our” cache - as most of us have both hidden it and found it (usually on multiple occasions). In my book, there is nothing unethical with the starter of this cache from finding it multiple times and posting each as a find. The brilliance of this cache is that each find is as difficult as the proceeding one.


    This person suffered considerable (and well deserved) embarrassment from the exposed fake locationless finds he posted in the past - and there is no reason to rehash his past indiscretions here again.


    So what’s your point??


    raising past indiscretions would be pointless. Creating caches & then logging finds? that's a new chapter in the book if you ask me. Maybe you knew it was his cache, but I didn't and I'm sure there are others who didn't either. I don't think any cache should be allowed to be logged multiple times. I guess you disagree with that, which is your right & I don't begrudge that per se. I just find it surprising that anyone would defend that because if that was acepted behavior, then why aren't more people doing it? I think it's because it generally frowned upon.


    I agree w/Marc that it cheapens the sport to let this go on, and simply looking the other way only encourages it. yes there are exceptional situations, sometimes people do things with permission or maybe they don't adhere exactly to the rules, but for most people that is an exception. When it is repeated many times in many ways that indicates something else is going on. Something that deserves attention.


    It's one to say "it's only a game, I'll let this rule infraction slide." it's quite another to say "you don't have to follow any rules at all, do what you want" thinking it doesnt affect those who bust their butt to make sure they do follow the rules. It does.





  15. I was reading a forum thread which referenced this thread (since closed) which discussed an individual who was faking the photos to nab locationless caches. I decided as a precaution to check out and see if this guy went & logged any finds on mine. I did find one & I it looks fake but I cant specifically say why. In my poking around I noticed that there are some more chapters to this story... In addition to faking locationless, this guy also has logged multiple finds on the same locationless cache

    here: Now he did use two different locales, and the placer doesn't say "one log per geocachers" however that is a generally accepted rule unless otherwise specified.


    He does log a double find on a real cache here and also uses the same location on these two different locationless caches: Cache Bay and It's not a Cache as we know it, each of which had identical requirements.


    Then I noticed that this individual had logged 6 finds on Vancouver Transit, a moving cache where multiple finds are ok. I go to email the Vancouver Transit owner, and I find that

    IT'S HIS OWN CACHE. icon_eek.gif This cheater created a cache, called himself "The TransLink Board" so no one would know and has been logging finds on it.


    What I've taken from this is that placers need to be more vigilent in checking logs to make sure they are real, be it a physical cache, virtual or locationless. Furthermore why does the site allow logging finds on caches you created? After all how we can trust any finds count total, or any log or any story if we know that people are cheating and faking it? Who is to say which logs are real and which aren't? Which photos are genuine and which haven't been photoshopped?






    [This message was edited by Gwho on November 17, 2002 at 08:32 AM.]

  16. quote:
    That whooshing sound that you hear is the FUN getting SUCKED right out of this pasttime.


    Fercrying out loud, this is supposed to be fun, a game, a hobby, a pasttime. It's not competitive, nobody's life, livelyhood, or ego is at stake here. If someone wants to lie that they found a cache, who cares? They alone have to live with it and nobody else loses.

    Why are the cache rule police getting their panties in a bunch over something that doesn't have the slightest effect on them?

    This is supposed to be fun. If you start deleting people's logs, you're going to drive them out of the hobby. If you want to make this an elitist, competitive sport, go ahead.




    SR and dboggny.



    Um. Ok. So when I bottom deal during our weekly poker game (which we play for fun not for money mind you) you're gonna keep playing with me right? because it's for fun and even if I'm cheating you can still have fun right?


    Ok, maybe that's not a perfect analogy since you're going to lose if I'm cheating whereas that isn't the case in geocaching, but here's my point:


    If I cheat and have hundreds of finds and people think it's legit when it ain't it cheapens it for everyone. It diminshes the legit finds counts and the legit finds because we all have to wonder: did s/he really find them all or are some faked?


    bottom line: even if you don't lose it makes all your work pointless if we can't trust it. and if someone is cheating it makes everyone a suspect. (ok, well maybe not everyone, but you get the idea)







  17. In keeping with the serious nature which everyone has been responding with, I agree with Brian. Actually what Brian says doesn't go far enough, since any container is inherently evil and will @)*)_*@#) up the environment. I think all the items should be simply left under a pile of leaves that way if the cache gets abandoned the cache items will simply biodegrade-- icon_eek.gif


    Whoops. The items in the caches won't biodegrade, will they?. Sheesh, in that case we should just stop geocaching altogether now shouldn't we???





  18. I first started my webpage as a free site off of yahoo. I used evrsoft because I didn't know **** about HTML. After a while I began running into their "data transfer limit". Supposedly. I don't buy it. I think it was just an attempt to get me to buy theuir web hosting service. So since the easiest way to get me to do something is to threaten me if I do it, I left them, went & bought my own domain name.


    Course I did this only after I found out my company was offering me a $1200 laptop & an HTML web design course for $250, and I get to keep the laptop as long as I pass. That's what made me decide to go for it & get my own site.


    The site is half converted using the knowledge I've gained, but it looks pretty darned good IMHO. And it has to do with GPS too so this technically isn't off topic.


    My only advice criminal is to buck down & learn the code. Use Evrsoft (I think Frontpage is way too complicated if you don't know a thing about HTML) or whatever program you want to get the basic in. Then read the books, looka t what your program did, and then do it yourself from scratch.


    My Site





  19. ... and this is the wife in me speaking (my wife's a paralegal) but is there any possible issues with Groundspeak over this concept? i don't think we want a problem like there was with the coins. Could he claim that stuff here is the property of Groundspeak, i.e the stories, logs, stats, etc? Just a thought.


    otherwise I think it'd be cool. where do i send a cd to? I'll burn one this week.





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