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  1. If the NY/NJ Trail conference covers the new trailm system that will exist in Overpeck park in bewrgen county (once its fully built that is) then I think I will gladly volunterr to cover a section of it. they just did the groundbreaking on the NW section, 46 acres which has been virtually untouched for 30 years. I was there today & helped cart out 3 refridgerators, circa 1960's. there was also a 1940's pickup truck back there too which they supposedly will leave for "historic reasons".





  2. As most of you NJ'ians know I run a website based upon stuff in Weird NJ and I've placed several weird nJ geocaches (several?) I have compiled a list of geocaches based on weird NJ or which features something that might warrant being in the magazine. I'm now turning to my fellow geocaches for help. I'm aware of a few caches which have something weird along the way, but I'm sure there's more. If anyone knows of a geocache where there are ruins of houses, unusual geological features (like a face in the rocks) or an old graveyard, or even just a spooky creepy place, can you post a response here? eventually I'm going to change the link in my signature to a specific page where all of them will be listed.


    Note: don't bother mentioned virtuals, as I generally expect all virtuals to have something odd to be found, otherwise it wouldn't be a virtual. Thanks to all in advance for any help you can provide.


    My own caches (current)

    Palisades #5: Zabriski Point


    Lad's Buttons


    The Van Slyke Castle


    Palisades #6: The Library on the Old 9W


    Palisades #3: Robert Cadgene's Estate


    Art: It does the Body Good


    Weird CT: The Ghost Parking Lot (Connecticut)


    Got Milk?


    Highly Polished


    Mansion in the Marshes


    The Hamilton Death Rock


    The Downed Jet


    Palisades #4: John Ringling's House



    The Passaic HidawayBeavertown


    Clinton Road Drive and Dump


    Weird NJ: "Grave Yard Vultures" #17/68


    White City Ruins


    New Years Mystery Stone House 2003


    Cape May Point Lighthouse Trek


    Mills Reservation


    "Trolley Valhalla" #13/29


    Carranza's Hideaway


    Sierra Bravo 01-Clinton Rd

    Sierra Bravo-05-Stone Living Room


    Phantasmagoria ~ ©rossr0ads


    Chimney Rock


    da/|ds0n c^chE

    Limpidity-4: George Washington's StairMaster


    Manunka Chunk Tunnels


    Cookoos Nest


    Needful Things


    Mopar Automotive


    oms-b (h|ghbrIdge) (New York)


    PSEG Prosecution


    Pyramid Mtn Roaming Cache


    The Mystery Cache_1 (New York)


    The SplitRock Splendor ! (New Jersey)


    Washington Ruins in the Pines


    We Saw A Bear Cache


    Weird NJ - Rolling Rock Cache


    What? No! We can't stop here! This is bat country!


    Boone Town Falls





  3. quote:
    Originally posted by The Artful Dodger:

    _February 2003:_We still need a nominee here...


    How about Harts Climbs log from february on that same cache? My heart attack aside, I don't know gung-ho this was for me, but IMHO HC find is the epitome of gung-ho. I'd have run from the cache area screaming like a little girl, long before I ever had the chance to lose a snow shoe.... but yet he pressed on.





  4. I had a very enjoyable day geocaching today. The first was more spooky then anything else, looking for Beavertown, which for the unitiniatiated is in a flood prone section of town also known as Button Woods. But the real adventure began on cache hunt #2: The Passaic Hideaway


    For full details, read my log, but here's the gist of it...


    Dictionary.com defines heart attack as follows:


    Heart attack - Noun - Sudden interruption or insufficiency of the supply of blood to the heart, typically resulting from occlusion or obstruction of a coronary artery and often characterized by severe chest pain. Also called myocardial infarction.


    Team Gwho defines heart attack as follows:


    Seeking a geocache in a wet area & after 10 minutes hiking realizing that you dropped your $400 Garmin Deluxe V somewhere, meaning that if you dont want to have replace it and get a royal @$$-kicking from your wife, you'll have to a) find it, and :D pray that where it landed wasn't the water.


    I haven't been able to do many real geocaches lately so it was a real pleasure to get back out there looking for some boxes in the woods.





  5. I was voting for geocacing on the webby awards, and I saw that it is leading the vote getting 2 to 1 over its next competitor in the catagory, livejournal.com. I was reading the comments & someone stated that the posts didnt reflect what the Webbys were all about so I looked around for a definiton of the catagory community, couldn't find one so I decided to look at the competition for a clue, and started with livejournal which is essentially a blog site. oh. ok.


    I decided then to see what journals were out there about NJ, and what do I see but the name Morton Fox. Now I know I've heard that name but I can't place it. As I click it, i suddenly realize who it is: why stayfloopy of course.


    I was quite engrossed by his logs and read them for nearly 20 minuts before realizing that dinner was now cajun style. it wasn't too bad.




    quite interesting reading.


    I hope I didnt duplicate a topic, as I was so exciried to share this it didnt occur to me someone else might've seen it already. In reading his journal I was quite tempted to make my own. On the other hand I doubt anyone would really want to know the details of my day to day life which consists of little more then geocaching, weird nj, and my kid and website. besides I could always just do it on my own site if I wanted to.


    he also has registered his own domain name at http://www.stayfloopy.com/ (what else?)






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  6. quote:
    Originally posted by Mopar:

    a group of 6 mostly ahem LARGE geocachers...


    BTW, when I checked the other day, the water temp is still in mid 40's. Most people won't last long in the water at those temps.


    two questions... why are you peeking in my window at night, (to known that I am large or not) and two, assuming you're right, wouldnt our preponderous (spelt wrong) bulk insulate us longer then our skinny fellow geocachers?


    joking aside, I would think larger boats will give us more room to spread out & not be cramped (wherther we need it or not, it's always nicer that way). Your thinking is precisely why I won't be planning this. I don't know jack about boats, boat rentals, tides or anything else marine-related, which is a shame since it's my proposal.





  7. Well now that it's getting warmer, I figured it was about time to reopne this discussion. In case you forgot: I can't get a boat, I can't pilot a boat, and I'm the last person who should be organizing this thing. I hope someone who has a boat (or can get us one) will do the legwork. I'm not lazy, I just don't wanna drown a half dozen geocachers cause I'm a newbie. icon_rolleyes.gif





  8. I wouldn't mind being able to view my finds and places by criteria other then when. i.e. cache type, difficulty, etc. also I'd like to be able to turn on view all caches placed including archived.


    Also like to be able to see all my finds when I go to my cache page, rather then only the last 10. (i.e. I don't want to have to "click here to see all logs" I wanna see em all right from the start.)








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  9. quote:
    Originally posted by Harrald:

    I would only be allowed to do drive by caches.


    Great. I read Brians adventure's to myself and was laughing hysterically so my wife wanted to know what was so funny. I read it to my wife. She laughed then said "No more geocaching unless its a virtual!" Should've read ahead to harrolds comments I guess. icon_biggrin.gif


    PS: What the #@_)$#@ is a phragamite? icon_confused.gif Would someone PLEASE tell me!


    PSS: I've lost some clothes on geocache hunts that got muddy too so I totally sympathize. I lost my favorite Hard Rock Vegas shirt on my trip to AD's Suburban Jungle.





  10. There's a good article on repellants in the newest issue of Consumer Reports


    Accordingm to the article 3M Ultrathon & Off! Deep woods for sportsmen were the best but are pricey. A good inexpensive choice is Bug Out. They said Repel Permanone (with permethrin) gave protection TO CLOTHES for nearly 2 full weeks. Pricey though AT $5 for 2 applications. So if you've got a dedicated set of geocaching attire, this might be the way to go if you cache a lot. Considering my plans for the summer this might not be a bad idea, but my question is: will washing your clothes kill the effectiveness? I would think so, so either you're gonna reek after a week or else you'll go thru it a lot faster.


    I didnt see this thread till today, when i looked for it. Found a visitor last night when I was getting ready for bed. GAH! It was 33 freaking degrees out! Dont these little dudes know it's not summer yet???









  11. adult geocaching?


    I havent been to azgeocaching so I'm not sure what this adult cache entailed, but if it involved trading of "playthings" then to that I say a big fat EWW! That said, I don't see anything wrong with concept caches (although I personally can't even think of anything in that arena that I could somehow link to geocaching...) if they were labeled as such. Don't like it? don't seek it. I agree with team lightfoots point (poorly worded as it it was) regarding being honest. On the other hand, I can completely understand that Jeremy & company don't want to see the whole sport get trashed because some numb-nut did a poorly designed nudist cache (or whatever) which caused someone to get arrested. or something equally stupid.


    To sum up: nice idea. too fraught with perils. don't see how it could be done safely. moving on.





  12. quote:
    Originally posted by Alan2:

    Would you want caching going on where your family is buried?


    I am being 100% serious when I say this.


    When i kick the bucket I want a headstone shaped like a gps and the instripction simply reads my name and the inscription: born: 40 37.128 died 42 52.878 (or whatever the coordinates are for the hospital where I was born, and for wherever I died.)


    either that or else it'll be shaped like the state of NJ.







  13. Just because a cache isn't maintained doesn't always equate to a problem. If the container needs replacing, containers are messed up or partially plundered, contents get wet, etc, well thats another story. In an ideal world the notification (or requirement) would force people to maintain their caches, although technically in an ideal world they'd do it without being asked. (to be honest, in a perfect world they wouldnt need to be maintained, but now I'm getting downright utopian...)


    I personally don't see it doing much. But an email from geocaching.com every 6 months as a reminder wouldn't be a bad thing. What if the system emailed you 6 months from the last time you made a note on your cache page? It's non-intrusive, non-threatening and serves as a gentle reminder to check up on your cache.


    Now caches that state 3 NF in a row 8 months ago, THAT's irritating. If your cache is possibly MIA/plundered, the owner should be checking up on it. i have no practical solution other then to say that if you see it use the "this cache should be archived" button.





  14. quote:
    Originally posted by 9Key:

    I've added several more icons to http://www.texasgeocaching.com/selector.asp.


    I love your icons, especially the new ones. Although now I need to go over my caches AGAIn and add the newer ones. icon_mad.gif just kidding, they are great. off the top of my head I can only think of two things you could add. One: Bring your own pen. Two: muddy/swamp area. hell we can call it brian Snat conditions for short. icon_biggrin.gif


    I was going to suggest a symbol designating something of interest nearby. This is vague I realize, but as an example, I hid one geocache near a crashed fighter jet. This really isn't necesary i realized since if you're placing a cache to "show" something interesting it'll likely be discussed in your description.


    One thing that your little icons don't do though is show up on the main list of caches. I absolutely love your icons and will use them, but I just wish there was a way for geocaching.com to display them when I check for "new caches near my zipcode". that's where these little guys would be most helpful. Thats not your fault of course.






  15. When I am setting the parameters of the search, I can set it to look for caches that are equal to or less then, equal to or greater, or just equal to a certain rating. The problem I find is that it lists only full #s. I currently am trying to generate 2 lists, one of all caches 2.0 difficulty & below, and another 2.5 and greater. Once completed, I will have a list of all physical caches in NJ. It does not list 1.5, 2.5, etc. Why?


    I can either set the search for 3 & above (thereby losing all 2.5 rated caches) or set it for 2.0 and above, (duplicating all the 2.0 ones.) If we can rate a cache in halves, why can't we also search for them as well?





  16. I'm taking a survey...


    What I wanna know is the farthest you traveled specifically to geocache? Key word is "specifically". I went to LV last year & geocached, but I didn't go there to geocache if you get my meaning. If I went somewhere to geocache & said "let's stop at Dav'e while we're out there" that'd be different.


    I am also curious whats the shortest distance you've had to travel as well. I can't do this as a poll so I'll modify my lead post with the winningest answers. Locationless duznt count, but virtuals do. Be sure to tell me what cache you went for.


    My answers:


    Farthest: 59.8 for Mosconetcong Gorge. First find ever. Excuse me. First search, a NF.


    Closest: If I counted locationless, 350 feet. One has to find a civil defense horn and there's one on the building next to my apartment complex. Amazing thing is it took me several days to log it! Nearest cache was .98 for attempt 1 - a nice little park, which I knew was destined to be short lived, and was sadly.


    Farthest so far: .1 by Marky

    Shortest so far: 140 miles by Pat in louisiana






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  17. quote:
    Originally posted by Brian:


    I don't mean to rain on your parade, but caches must be approved to be posted on this site. A travelling cache may conform when first posted, but subsequent finder/hiders have no such process to go through. A finder/hider can place the cache next to a RR bridge, in a National Park, or on private property without any controls. I can see why this website has banned them and I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier.


    True however think about this. Out of 10 logs, maybe one or two might be in an in apropriate place. it only stays there for one find, the next person (theorietically) puts it in a legal spot. There are caches in bad spots, and every single person looking for it has to go to that inapropriate spot. Something to consider....





  18. icon_biggrin.gif I think this kind of cache must be handled on a cache by cache basis. There are many variables. Size, density of the plits, frequency of visitors, how notcable will a geocacher be, etc etc. I would say that generally speaking there should be a secluded area fsar enough away from any graves so as to not disturb them (remembering that many older graves are obscured by grass and bushes, we wouldnt want anyone walking on someones grave just for the hunt). But I also think there should a good reason to put it there. Perhaps an unusual grave, or the age or location of the graveyard would make in interesting. But to put one there just for the sake of putting one there? That'd be a negative if you ask me.





  19. quote:
    Originally posted by canadazuuk:

    remember there are rules and guidelines


    if folks have an issue with THEIR cache, take it up with the approver directly...


    why is this sooooooooooooooooooo freakin complicated?


    well first off, a person may want to know if anyone else has experienced this. second, they may have already done so, and want to see what the public thinks. as for rules vs guidelines, are you saying that guidlines are flexible, whereas rules are not? In that case then I'll throw this one out there: I had a LC denied by Jeremy because itwas mostly centered on NJ. "too limiting" this was barely 2 weeks after the Idaho hot springs LC was just approved, which can only find things in Idaho. I know of no such rule for LC regarding "limiting", so I guess that'd be a "guideline". If guidlines are meant to be flexible, and theres a definite difference in views, it's quite appropriate for this to be a subject of discussion.


    as for someone else's comments regarding: we owe them nothing. ummm, excuse me but if two individuals (or individuals caches) are being treated completely differently I'd say that's wrong. I certainly would think we are owed consistency.


    that said, there is a lot of whining (myself included) from individuals over a variety of things, some legiti criticisms, some not. Admin does have to put up with a lot, and I do not envy them. They put up with a lot of horse dukey, and it must not be easy to read some of the comments people make. That said, Jeremy's thick skin may be wearing thin, judging by his comments in this thread.





  20. I was reading the log on either Beavertown or maybe it was one of the others in that area, but basically the dude was stepping in muck, crossing streams up to his calves, breaking thru ice, etc etc. Remembering how I felt after going after suburban jungle, and thinking ahead to whenever I get around to do BOLP I headed over to Ramsey outdoor, and picked up some inexpensive waders that go to my crotch. I figure since my name is not Brian Snat, I am better off being prepared. Can't wait to utilize them.


    and as an aside I am sick of mud; All this dadgum snow is melting and creating mud every-stinking-where. git on with it! melt and drain and go away. Day light savings time is in 3 weeks and I dont expect to see your sorry uddy butt when I get out there!





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