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  1. Starbrand, does that work for the colorado 300 as well?
  2. Not sure if this counts, but how about GCRFNN?
  3. I'd definitely hit up the survey. I like the idea, sounds like fun.
  4. While maybe not inappropriate, blackberry bush hides just grind my gears. There's one here that placed in the blackberry bushes not 15 feet from the Juvenile Hall rec yard. (placed by a friend of mine, he knows my gripes) Not only do the bushes make for unpleasant hunting, but when it's play time you see tons of muggles in the orange jumpsuits getting their incarceration on.
  5. Sent you a message, count me in if you need one or two placed in beautiful Northern California.
  6. I think that assessment is a bit harsh. Possibly true in a few exceptional cases, but I think that most of us have less of a problem with a geocache being blown up as with geocachers being blamed for it. The blame issue is a whole different story. Yes, these incidents are going to happen. It is surprising how few of them there are considering the number of hides. How many of these incidents have ended with the authorities actually charging a cacher with a crime or for the cost of the response? Funny you should ask. Check out GC185AN. If you read the logs, the CO tells what happened after his cache got blowed up. He didn't end up having to pay anything, but was sent to collections for the cost of the bomb squad.
  7. Blackberry bush caches. They're right up there with PO caches. For a cache to be justified in a large, thorny mass, there's got to be some spectacular views from near there, or blackberries that are made of gold growing on those bushes. "You should bring gloves." Really? YOU should find a more creative place for your hide. There's my $0.02. First post by the way. Hope nobody minds.
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