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  1. So, you are referring to writing in the logbook, correct? Or are you speaking of the online logs? I thought the same thing, although I think he's talking about the online log. I tend to be wordy when it comes to my logs, although the better the cache the more I have to say. I'd venture to say that the depreciation of online logs fall into the same catagory as the proliferation of roadside film cans.
  2. You'd think this applies to all parking lot caches, no? There are those of us who do. We seem to be the minority though.
  3. GC3G9H4 TBWS [5]http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=6c12260e-b8c5-4956-a5d7-dc3bba7fbf7f B. Hmm... So, the cache owner reports the cache MIA the same day that the Letterbox Owner reports the cache is in the spot where their LB was? Did someone get smart and decide to switch containers? Looking at the maps, can the LB owner verify that this cache is where it was supposed to be, or was it somewhere else? Which leads me to believe that a cacher moved/took it That's not cool, I'm sorry about that. Not sure what leads you to believe that a cacher moved the box. Where was the LB found? Because the letterbox had been replaced with a geocache, and in an earlier post the OP stated they were trying to contact the CO. The finding of the letterbox after trying to contact the CO of the cache that was where the letterbox used to be tells me that the CO removed the letterbox. That's already been established by the time I post this, but that was the line of thinking when I made my first post. That's shameful behaviour. You're much more tolerant than I am, I wouldn't work with the CO in this instance at all. Again, I'm sorry that this happened to your letterbox, there's no excuse for it.
  4. Maybe in Redding, Ca. I'd love to see it someplace on the Pacific coast. Santa Cruz maybe.... Really, anywhere on the Pacific coast would make me happy. However, the town of Mammoth Lakes is nearly broke from a nearly snowless winter. They could use the business and ya gotta admit that the scenery is awesome and they have enough rooms to handle 5 GW events at the same time. I have nothing against Santa Cruz (I used to live with 20 minutes or so from it) but if it's going to be there for GW XI, then GW XII should be someplace like Bar Harbor, ME so that west coaster would have to travel as far as east coasters would to Santa Cruz. Mammoth Lakes would be a good spot but it's not real accessible. I know there's a small airport there (I once flew there with a co-worker that is a private pilot from San Jose) but it's 3.5 hours from the nearest major airport (Reno). On the other hand, the drive from Reno to Mammoth is pretty nice. Mammoth Yosemite Airport has been expanded so larger jets can land there. United & Alaska Air have a partnership that regularly lands there. I think Horizon Air is based there now. I may be wrong. You can log my Hidden Dragon virtual as you fly in if you look toward Convict Lake, or you can't miss it from the road intersection with 395. It would be a cool way to start your event fun. There are over 5,000 rooms and literally hundreds of square miles in which you can freely camp with a forest service permit. Mammoth would actually be pretty darn cool. Santa Cruz would be fun as well, it's one of the most beautiful spots on our Left Coast here, but it's a bit pricey to stay there (as mentioned by DW) if you're not camping.
  5. Which leads me to believe that a cacher moved/took it That's not cool, I'm sorry about that.
  6. I think you actually can't delete geocaches from the device unless you're hooked up to your computer. That's the way it was with my colorado at least, and the 62 is along the same lines I think.
  7. Not familiar with the android, but I'm signed in on my iphone automatically. I'm sure somebody will chime in with a constructive answer soon
  8. I would imagine that this isn't very high on Groundspeak's priority list, if nothing else because it's very easy to change your found date after you log it. You may also request this topic be moved to the Features section.
  9. How is weather there for Memorial Day weekend? When we had it in July for Geowoodstock in Washington and Pennsylvania, there was a number of people complaining that Geowoodstock isnt around Memorial Day. Here is the list of all the past Geowoodstock events. http://www.cacheopedia.com/wiki/GeoWoodstock Might be snowy, might be sunny. Right now, there's barely snow on the mountain tops, and the first snow I actually say was at about 7000 feet. Next year, they might be burried on Memorial day weekend. Last year they got snow in June.
  10. South Lake Tahoe would be pretty dern cool too. Or North Lake for that matter, but think about it. Forests, high elevation mountains, a gorgeous lake, and casinos galore :laughing:
  11. At this point, unfortunately, it looks like probably not. Mine's still up and running, with only 1 find to date. It'll be a few more months until somebody else wanders out that direction though, and I plan on keeping it out there for a while. Too bad it didn't pan out the right way, but these things happen.
  12. Ya, I've had a couple pop up after several (6 or more) months that I'd thought were goners. One accidentally ended up under somebody's passenger seat of their car, and when they found it, it started moving nicely again Patience and acceptance that you'll probably lose your bug are essential if you're going to release them into the wild without giving yourself an ulcer over the whole thing
  13. What about like a Tuscon, or Boulder? That might be fun...
  14. That sounds about right to me. It'll work better if you put the first stage at the beginning of the trail instead of the parking lot.
  15. You did fine. Better than most. I had something similar happen on this cache. Check out my FTF log. This is how I made one of my great caching friends though, so I guess it was sort of a good thing that I broke this one
  16. What happened to the "Puzzle help is frowned upon in the forums" crowd? I think this is the first thread I've seen asking for puzzle help that hasn't been met almost immediately with that response. Markwell is the only one who's alluded to it so far. I'm kind of disappointed in you guys...
  17. Trackinthebox is still going to contact Wal-Mart corporate HQ and have them banned. It's just taking him a while. Six years, actually. Don't pee in this boy's Cheerios, Keystone I just read that entire thread. Man, am I bummed out that I missed out on that one...
  18. Difficulty ratings are extemely subjective, and you'll get all kinds of answers here. I'll be the first to suggest you don't hide a geocache to look like a piece of garbage. Those containers generally don't hold up to the elements, they go missing very quickly (as they look like trash), and I'm willing to bet that the area you want to hide it isn't being highlighted for something interesting that's close. I'd implore you to reconsider your hide.
  19. So in addition to allowing me to place the geocache, property managers must also be willing for me to share their contact information with another party (Groundspeak)? To cut down on caches placed without permission, I'd say yes. It might deter some property/business owners from allowing caches, but I think that's a fair concession on our part to help prevent caches placed with no permission at all. For many instances, it could be something along the lines of "The business this cache is placed at is XXX, their phone number is 123-4567. Jon gave permission. Or "property owner's name is John Smith, permission given as long as no future problems caused. I can contact if necessary" Like I said, contact doesn't even have to be made/attempted by the reviewers, just more than an assumption that because you're placing a cache then you've gotten permission. I'd be willing to bet that if something simple like this were required, just it's presence would drastically lower the number of caches we see that are thrown out without asking anybody if it's okay. Of course there are plenty of holes in my idea, but at least it's an idea that's both feesible and constructive in trying to fix a problem. I'm also pretty much certain it won't get instituted, it's just my thought on the subject.
  20. Nothing. However, if they run into issues (such as property owners contacting GS), perhaps GS can then restrict them from hiding in the future (or at least put a tighter reign on them). Puppet accounts, etc. Unless townships start banning GC and monitoring the site, there's just not much that can be done (that I can think of). It's actually a simple solution. If the cache is private property, require the submission of contact information for the person giving the permission. The reviewers wouldn't even have to use it, just requiring the submission would deter lots of bad hides that clearly don't have the permission of anyone resposible for the area. If there's no contact info, no cachee publishee.
  21. Don't use google maps as a base, those coordinates are just as shaky as smartphones.
  22. Nemesis is 8 stages long. I'll be heading out in a couple weeks to get the final. Up to this point, we've logged around 30 miles hiking so far, with another probably 6 or 7 to go.
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