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  1. MBH and I are in the same boat here, except for our opinion on what to do. I've also found many of said cachers really poorly placed and/or maintained caches, and had run ins with her regarding her hides, my logs, my placements, etc.... She has the attitude of being the best local cacher there is. Whatever that means. It wouldn't surprise me if she went to find Duke's cache just to find some reason to talk it down, given the history I know these two have. Leave the log there Duke. I've slept on it after the message I sent you last night, and deleting her log will only A) Satisfy whatever desire she has to irritate you, and give her the chance to log it again with some other negative comments about why you may have deleted her log. It's certainly not the worst log she's written on a cache, so maybe an email asking her to change it would be about the only thing I might (MIGHT) do in this circumstance.
  2. Here's another. Get a handheld GPS and use that for finding caches and keep the battery in the phone charged in case you need to make an emergency phone call. This one gets my vote as well. Hand held units can be bought pretty cheaply on the big name auction sites. Until then, the suggestions above are all really good ones.
  3. Online maps should only be used as another way to take a look at your cords after you place the cache and get good readings. They're not reliable at all, and shouldn't be used to verify anything. I'm also concerned about your container (although if its similar to what you're already using and you're maintaining well, go for it). Let me be the first to bring up the cell phone cords as well. Just be careful, I know there are a grip of folks who swear there's nothing wrong with using a smart phone to obtain cords for a hide, but in my experience they're always bad. Again, if you can get them on point, go for it. Your swag looks good. I'd cammo the container.
  4. I think many FTF hogs would care! If they're that worried about it, they should log it faster. Part of the silly little side game, is it not?
  5. Can we have the name of that cache, please. I'll meet you there. You bring the snacks, I've got a spare bean bag chair you can use
  6. Generally, there's more to the story than we get in the initial post on things of this nature. I'd suggest checking the cache pages again to make sure the proper boxes are checked and that there are no reviewer notes regarding changes that need to be made. After that, we or you or Bozo the Clown can assume all we want, but your best bet is to contact your reviewer. We can't do much for you here. Unless Keystone is feeling generous with his time. I anticipate more story here...
  7. I'm not even sure this is a geocide, so you get a 2/10.
  8. I'm just not sure how well the idea of chastising the volunteer reviewer for being human would work. To me it sounds like all stick - and no carrot which, even if we account only for the lack of vegetables in that diet - sounds decidedly unhealthy. Maybe you're right though - maybe we should stamp out any sign of human response as soon as we see it and have them held to account for speaking out - before it gets ugly. I'm pretty sure that won't cause the volunteer reviewers to become demotivated and find something better / more enjoyable to do with their time. I dare say GS could actually replace the reviewers completely - with a software program that, so long as the cache met the guidelines, would publish every cache quietly and efficiently without a single shred of emotion. Of course no software program could make sense of the numerous discrepancies and contradictions within the several parallel versions of the guidelines currently in service - so those would have to be re-written first. I'd actually rather see them treat more caches in general this way. It will create problems though. I feel like the reviewers publish garbage caches every day (not at all a knock at the reviewers, they're doing what they're paid to do ) many time without any suggestion at how silly/pointless/tedious/crappy the cache may be. I'd be interested to see if this reviewer has had similar communication with anyone else. As much as I dislike acknowledging it, the reviewers opinions are not in the cache placement guidelines. I know it mentions something about their years of experience and that playing some sort of factor, but if they're going to apply that little tidbit, it should be used far more often than it is.
  9. I disagree - unless you think the reviewer should be chastised for having a view? Swap the word silly for the word complicated in the reviewer's comments and I'd say it's perfectly reasonable - although I can fully appreciate the use of the word silly. And yes - there probably is more to the story - there was even a vague suggestion of same earlier in the thread. I think the reviewer should be chastised for expressing his view as a reviewer in communication with the CO. Once the reviewers start publishing or not based on what their opinion of silly is, things are going to get ugly fast. Again, that's if there were no other communication between the two. If there was an email or note back to the reviewer that prompted such a remark, then I'm all for it. Either that, or allow them to comment like that on every cache listing they read. "It's silly to put a pill bottle under a lamp skirt across the parking lot from another pill bottle under a lamp skirt, what are you thinking?" So again, the OP's other caches have no bearing, or shouldn't, on the response he got from the reviewer on a newly submitted cache. I too appreciate the use of the word silly, but unless there's more to the story here, it shouldn't have been used. That's the topic, that's my opinion.
  10. Well, I'll side with both of them. I agree with the message the reviewer was trying to convey, however if the hides fall within the guidelines then the reviewer really has no reason not to publish the listing. They certainly shouldn't word the message that way. I think this thread should be less about how you think about the OP's challenges, and more about the words in the reviewers response. Just a couple more things. We all have bad days and say/type/send things that we later realize we shouldn't have. I'd be willing that either that's the case or...... There's more to this story than we're getting. Prior communication with the reviewer from the OP that warrants a snarky response maybe? Either of those things explains the message. I'm not leaning one way or the other, those are just the only two things I can think of that make sense.
  11. Let me throw my pair of pennies in the mix. I've found that hides in town are far more likely to be put there without any though or plan to maintain. My preference is to hunt caches on hiking trails, or even better, well off of hiking trails They may not always be creative, but more often than not if someone puts a cache in a really nice location (nice view, nice hike, nice swimming hole), it's a better container and I enjoy finding it. Usually the spot is better than the cache itself, but who's gonna complain about a really nice spot? Just taking a quick look at the map around the area where you've found caches already, try this one or this one for something a little different.
  12. Welcome! And thank you for your positivity. Sometimes, it seems that the forums are rather devoid of it for a while. I also geocache with my kids, when they'll join me at least, and love the time it allows me to spend with them. Keep it up, you're doing it for the right reasons
  13. Awesome! I'll be sure to look for your observations and add an ID when I can, since I think our caching areas overlap somewhat. They most certainly do. Our caching buddies might even overlap a bit
  14. Poison oak runs rampant here, and rattlesnakes are fairly common if you cache where I like to. Bears are rare but present, and the occasional big cat makes it's way out of hiding. Otherwise, I either know from growing up here, or guess, or have no idea at all It's something I'd like to be more knowledgeable about. That's why I'm excited about the iNaturalist. I just downloaded the app
  15. Thanks for the iNaturalist information. Looks interesting and I think I'll get a lot of use out of it. Ditto that, I'll use that a lot.
  16. Looks like it's a little bit near the parking lot for my taste as well. Between your reviewers denial, then GS's denial, and your accusatory attitude throughout this thread, I'd guess you're pretty well SOL when it comes to these caches being published. I think it's a shame, because if things are the way you describe them as far as the area is concerned then I think it would be an interesting little series of caches. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  17. I sincerely hope that your reviewer sees this and keeps it in mind the next time you try to publish a cache. Bad form. The young lady ALWAYS has an interesting negative perspective. However, I don't think that would adversely influence a reviewer if her proposed hide is within guidelines. They are better than that. No, but they might be a little more "by the letter" if you will, to make sure the hide falls within the guidelines. She certainly shouldn't be asking for any special exemptions or favors from her reviewer with an attitude like that.
  18. I sincerely hope that your reviewer sees this and keeps it in mind the next time you try to publish a cache. Bad form.
  19. Well, yes and no. There is no requirement to read cache pages. A CO may put information pertinent to the cache or access on the page, but GS allows for cachers to search for caches without reading the pages. My GPS isn't paperless. If I'm traveling out of the area and load a PQ into my unit, I don't read all the descriptions. Many people are in the same boat. It's up to the CO not to place caches in areas that there shouldn't be caches. This looks like one of those areas. And on top of that, people will still do it. I'd hate to see your friend's property vandalized or have someone get arrested trying to access the cache because the property is closed. The area sounds interesting, and I like that you're trying to place caches that aren't just another LPC. However, not everyplace can have caches. I still agree with GS on this one (although my opinion matters about the same as my muggle neighbors). Good luck, but don't expect them to change their minds. Edited because I can't read good.
  20. Why? Did You visit the site? You really think that with all the other potential issues the CO is dealing with, they're going to take time out of whatever they're doing to go check on an altoids tin? Don't worry about it. These caches will be dealt with at a time when it's appropriate. I would be willing to guess that now is not that time.
  21. I don't know the specific rules about this, but this statement above makes me feel that the cache shouldn't be there. Nevermind the fact that many, if not most, cachers don't read the cache page before searching, and therefor wouldn't know when it was available or not. No, I think these caches are better left unpublished.
  22. First, let me say that you should be patient with your reviewer. They work hard, and I guarantee there's no personal agenda (despite what a few folks my rant about). Silly question, but it has to be asked. Did you give GS all the information you gave us as far as the difference between the pay area and the non-pay area? When did you receive the email from GS? When did you respond? I've had minimal contact with GS directly, but the contact I had took about a week for a reply. They're busy too. Providing the contact information for the land owner (if he/she is okay with it) is probably a good idea. They can give GS more information in the instance that they ask for it. Unfortunately, if HQ denies your placement, there's not another route to take. They have the final say. You might just have to find another place to put your caches. At least you're going about it the right way and getting permission from the land owner, I hope the reviewer keeps that in the back of their mind the next time you place a cache. Too many people don't do this the right way, and it reflects poorly on the rest of us.
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