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  1. There are three different icons representing the same type of cache depending on the zoom level. There should only be one icon for each type of cache, not three that rotate when you zoom in and out. Its very inconsistent. I like the solid squares, the ones you see when you zoom out a lot. That should be the standard I think, no matter what zoom level you are at. Im not a fan of the new ones or the ones in a white box when up close. Thanks for all your effort Groundspeak, but please fix this.
  2. Log pages with smileys in the description now make the line of text it's on and the line before it appear to be double spaced.
  3. Oh and obviously, there's a new color and design scheme.
  4. That's weird because it seems they now require you to use more of their bandwidth by going to the cache page.
  5. You should request this on the website feedback system. I'm sure it will get a ton of vote. Great idea.
  6. Here we can list all the new features we find... I'll start: you can now see the background image of cache pages as before you could only see the border. Hopefully, everyone can add to this. Please no complaining about something you don't like, that's not what this thread is about.
  7. My issue with so many micros is that in some areas micros take up so many good spots which deserve a regular size cache. I'm afraid that if things keep rolling like this, it will be hard to place a quality mid sized cage in an area because there is already a rusty altoid micro nearby. I am really not a fan when I read "this area didn't have a cache so we placed a [micro] one".
  8. Besides how sweet would it be to get one of those Signal dolls. I'll send you one when I get mine if that would make you feel better. Forgive me if I'm being completely ignorant or don't realize is is all sarcasm, but Is it true that you get a free signal doll when you reach 100 fav points? For platinum members yes. Do you mean premium members?
  9. Besides how sweet would it be to get one of those Signal dolls. I'll send you one when I get mine if that would make you feel better. Forgive me if I'm being completely ignorant or don't realize is is all sarcasm, but Is it true that you get a free signal doll when you reach 100 fav points?
  10. Yes this may be true but this is all hypothetical for laughs. True, you will nearly always tell the truth. This is just for fun but i guess everyone thinks I'm asking for real suggestions. I just want to hear some clever hypothetical responses.
  11. Ok, this is definitely the winner for best signature item!
  12. He-he. I know f is next to g on the keyboard, but you typed muffle. I got a lot of mileage out of it when a local geo-pal typed muffle in a log once. Anyhow, yes, if ever "caught", I will explain what I'm doing. Sorry, no creative stories here. Yeah, I noticed muffle after I posted. My iPhone automatically changes muggle to muffle and I didn't catch it.
  13. Correction on post title: What to say when you get caught by muggles. (sorry, my iPhone auto corrects muggle to muffle) Ok, so you're in an urban area and you're looking for that hidden micro. You're doing what you can to look inconspicuous ie: holding your gps up to your ear acting like you're on the phone and casually walking and looking around. But someone catches onto you and asks "what are you doing?" How do you respond? And we're off... (Who's got the best response). I usually tell the truth by explaining geocaching but I know others can do better. UPDATE: Who's got the most funny or creative line?
  14. The geocacher is no offensive. But the language CAN be offensive.
  15. The geocacher is no offensive. But the language can be.
  16. I think I've actually noticed that a cache can "move" on Google maps when the weather outside is bad ie: cloud cover. Kindda weird but I guess it has something to do with it.
  17. Hmmm... I see your point, but I think photos become an entirely different beast. It's one thing to make mention of some hint or spoiler, it's another to show people what the cache is or how it is hidden. My opinion. Totally agree. Text just helps. A picture is something else.
  18. That taco bell guy must travel around the country!
  19. I don't think that's perfectly fine, I think it's stealing. Many COs start their caches off with junk. That is what they wanted in there and I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate you cleaning it out and leaving nothing. well I guess the proper term shouldn't be junk. Reviewing my original post, I guess it's alright to leave old happy meal toys (I always leave those in fact). But my point is a lot of people literally pick up litter and place it in a cache. But nobody is carrying it out. So I certainly wouldn't find it as stealing. (I guess some people find it acceptable to take out something nice and replace it with some used napkins.) Little trinkits are totally fine and great and make it fun for the kids but I'm not talking about that stuff. I carry around little things like that to put in most caches like jelly bracelets, fake money coins, ext. The stuff I'm refering to is certainly not stuff the CO placed. I'm talking about trash. I'm no germ freek but I've seen some caches where I dont want to even stick my hand in to get the log cuz they're so discusting. If I find a book that has been weathered beyond reading, I would imagine most would agree that it would be good etiquette to remove it. I remember reading somewhere on Geocaching.com that the items placed in caches should be new or slightly used. I say old rusted items (not to mention health hazards) should be removed, even if i dont leave anything. If I take a candy wrapper from a cache (I can't believe people do this) or expired coupons, I don't think it's stealing if I don't leave anything.... At least I certainly hope not. I hope that would be considered proper etiquette, helping the CO take care of the cache. I guess my overall comment is that many people forget that CITO also refers to inside the cache as well. So please dont say I'm stealing, assuming this clears some things up.
  20. Lots of times we come across caches that are just filled with 2nd hand junk. Some common examples would be dead old/used happy meal toys, old worn weathered books, wet/destroyed items, unrecognizable pieces of something, old coupons, other stuff that belongs in the dumpster. Sometimes I feel I go hiking to find an ammo-box-looking trash can. in considering the "leave equally to what you take" etiquette guideline, I still think it's perfectly fine to remove these trash items when caching, even if I don't leave anything (I always leave something for the kids anyways). In fact, I encourage others to do the same. I'm not talking about trinkits, we always have party favor trinkits we carry to leave in all caches that will fit them. I'm talking about stuff that is clearly trash, or became trash due to weathering (wet paper/books). But I was wondering what others thought on the subject of trash in caches and what can be done. If trashcaching is what geocaching is going to turn into, I have an excellent cache idea: I'll make the coords my front side walk. The cache conatainer is about 5 feet tall, and is available for trading items every monday morning before 10am. I'll be sure to fill it full of swag during the week...
  21. This is the case on the iPhone. It's a little frustrating. I wish it labeled your own as stars like on the website.
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