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  1. 7 minutes ago, SDBH-R said:

    Ok, that's true. But what if I want to see my finds from my summer vacation in 2012 or any other finds somewhere in my caching history? At least, the old search results gave me the chance to jump by 10 pages with a single click. By that means I was able to jump fairly quickly to any point of my chronology or those of my cache buddies. And that's not the only feature that I'm missing. Many others have already been mentioned in other posts here.

    There's still one link alive, where you can see your caching history, by going "Your Geocaching Logs" and clicking All Logs (hope they now do not remove that also...)




    Better than the new "All Geocaching finds" "search"


    We really miss the old way to see cache history, who visited a cache after us etc.  used that feature almost daily. Really cannot understand why make user experience worse in such great manner.



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  2. One to two weeks is incredibly fast review...


    In Finland, there is discussion ongoing in forums, as there are Earthcaches that have been in the review queue over six MONTHS!


    Thinking to create a new Earthcache, which describes the effects of the next ice age. Maybe it will be reviewed at the time the ice melts...

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