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  1. Phonetically I pronounced Dead End or Dead-End as "Ded" "end" Where as "Deadend" is phonetically pronounced as "Dedin" (Notice the d gets dropped) TGC
  2. As per a previous post.... I said I washed my hands of this matter & simply renamed my cache hide to a name that was better anyways. HOWEVER.... FYI... I received a response back to my reply & I WON my appeal so if I desired I could go back and rename my cache what I originally named it. This is a FYI post only. I am NOT going to make further comment in regards to this issue. Thank you TGC
  3. Tree oil can be dangerous & lethal to dogs if enough is consumed. In Texas you could be held criminally liable if a dog died because of any chemical you release to the enviroment. This includes antifreeze spills on your driveway if not cleaned up. Use CITRONELLA.... it is safe for dogs & other animals as well & dogs can't stand the smell. TGC
  4. If you believe a cache or any part of a multi-cache has gone missing. Then log a Needs Maint. log. if they don't check on it after a reasonable length of time. Then log an SBA for it. If the cache has allready a significant amount of DNF's allready logged on it, and it has been a considerable bit of time since someone has logged a find. Then I would just immediatly log an SBA for it. If the cache owner really wants to keep his cache's viable he will do something about it. If not it gets archived & he won't care anyways. Thats JMO... & thats what I do & have done in the past. Heres an example: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c8-7ead2fc81fd9 TGC
  5. I would make a pole joke here, but some may take offense to pollock jokes. I would make a joke about other forms of poles, but others might not find that family friendly either. All I will say.... is a 25' pole sounds more like another fish story to me, but then again we are fishing with magnets with this cache. Opposites attract when it comes to those. You know.. a North pole loves a south pole type thing. Again there we go, back to poles! TGC
  6. Which is? I did top put a light coating of a non stick oil based on the metal. So if your thinking along the lines of something sticky. It won't adheer (sp?) very well if at all. TGC Non-stick oil doesn't float my boat. Oops.. I meant the product is oil based like some paints are oil based or water based. It is a teflon infused oil based paint to be used in bathrooms/kitchens/garages for easy cleaning. I tried sticking a piece of chewing gum to it. It wouldn't stick. Super glue won't stick either, once it has dried it pops right off. Even gorilla glue once dried will pop right off. TGC
  7. Which is? I did top put a light coating of a non stick oil based on the metal. So if your thinking along the lines of something sticky. It won't adheer (sp?) very well if at all. TGC I have tried to make this as difficult to retrieve as possible without making it impossible. I increased the weight so it would take a larger than average magnet. The container in the pipe (Including the attached steel plates) have about 3mm of space between it & the PVC pipe. So it creates resistance if you try to pull the container up to fast. The surface of the steel has been coated with an anti-stick substance as well as roughened up so that a suction type plunger device won't work. (The suction cup won't stay stuck). Because the pipe is 6', shorter people will need a mirror to see down the pipe.
  8. Because I DON'T feel the reviewers are doing their best. Volunteer or not. If I am doing my weekly volunteer work at the local soup kitchen & I mess up cooking whatever it is I was suppose to be cooking, I expect to hear about it. I am sorry but I don't believe anyone is ever at their best 100% of the time. TGC
  9. Not all dead-ends have gaurdrails. Some just have a concrete barrier with a big huge "Dead-End Sign". TGC
  10. You are correct about aspirin. Jeep because they are still a company making vehicles is still in fact a trademarked name. TGC
  11. Deadend as one word is pronounced differently in Texas then dead end. Deadend is a southern "slang" term pronounced as though it is one word. While dead end is pronounced as two seperate words. But yes, in correct, proper english. Dead end is two seperate words. L8R & other similar slang terms don't exist in true proper english. Interesting fact. When I was growin up. My mom always said "ain't" ain't a word. Yet now ain't is in the dictionary, (It wasn't back then) and now acceptable in our english language and no longer considered a slang term by language studies. TGC
  12. Why do you hate micros? Is it because of their size & that makes it so much more difficult to find, or is it because of the locations that most micros end up getting placed? I love micros that are intelligently placed in urban locations. Such as a few that are magnet mounted to various interesting places. TGC
  13. I have no problem with logging a DNF. However this my rationale about when I do & when I don't. I won't log a DNF unless I truly made a sincere effort in finding the cache. If I haven't made a sincere effort in searching for the cache, then I don't think it's fair to the CO as well as to myself. I will almost always log a DNF after my first try. This is where my definition of "First Try" begins & ends. Alot depends on circumstances. To me a "First Try" can & does sometimes mean more than one trip to GZ. Maybe I need to run back to my truck and get something, or check the cache page on netbook with wireless internet for hints, more information &/or read previous logs. Determine when the last sucessful find was. If I am out camping, a "First Try" for me might be a few days. If I am not camping, then my "First Try" ends when I have given up all effort (Physical & mental) in trying to find the hide. & will continue this effort at a MUCH later time. Once I log a DNF, I also put it in my watch list, because I usually won't go for a "Second Try" until someone logs a find for it. I also won't ever ask for hint until I do log a DNF. Sometimes, depending on circumstances, when I log a DNF, I might also include a request that the CO verify that his cache is still there & hasn't gone missing. I will only make this request if their is evidence that might suggest that the cache has gone missing. Exmaples of this include several previous DNF's being recently logged (within the last 90 days), including the last found log being over 120 days old, & other evidence as well. This of course being the location of the container & the hint/description. Logged DNF's don't scare me off from attempting to find a cache. In fact it just makes it even more a challenge. Especially if it hasn't been found in a while, & there are a few DNF's as well. I will hunt for it & if come up empty handed then I log another DNF & ask the CO to verify his hide. But for me... the main reason & ONLY reason I won't & don't log a DNF for a cache. Is when I don't believe & feel like that I put an honest sincere effort into searching for the cache. Suffice it to say though... There will always be those who won't log their DNF's. Just a fact of life. Like speeding on our highways, there will always be people who do it know matter how many law enforcement officers you have on the streets! LOL TGC
  14. Ok I'' bust out my true thoughts... I was thinking about placing a 4" - 6' long PVC pipe in a certain location. (With permission). The PVC pipe would be in the vertical position & fixed in a way that the pipe could not be moved or adjusted or tilted. How the pipe is fixed to it's location would be with full permission of land owner. (A relative) So their wouldn't be issues of how or where it was placed. The pipe would be painted & cammoed to blend in with it's surroundings. & would have a typical temporary rubber cap placed on it's top that could be removed without tools. The purpose of the cap. To keep water out of the pipe. At the bottom of the pipe, would be a 1.5 liter water bottle. That is the cache container itself. But fixed to the bottom & top of it would be a peice of steel. Enough to add about 8 ouces to the total weight of it, AND to provide a way to get it out of the pipe. There would be no "Hooks" for someone to "hook" on to it to retrieve it. The idea of HOW to retrieve it.... You need a good magnet, on a string to retrieve it. I have tested the weight with magnets on a string that I have, and it easily can retrieve the container out of the pipe, even if I had 4 more pounds to it. At least with my magnet set I have. Total weight of container as it would be placed with log & all treasures. About 2lbs. Finding the pipe, I would say I would rate at a 1, once your at GZ, even with it camoed, it will be obvious. Unless your on planet 9. Maybe a 1.5 on difficulty. Terrain to get there would be a 1.5 as you would be able to park 50' away. A wheelchair coud not get their as it is in a grassy area & you would have to dodge a few very small landscaped bushes. What would you rate this cache hide? Difficulty and Terrain? No my cache hide won't have a string, or a magnet near by. You would have to bring your own. The hint would be.... "Gone fishing with a magnet" TGC
  15. I reckon THAT depends ON your DEFINITION of DEEP enough. WOULD being AS deep AS physically POSSIBLE count? I seem TO recall A certain VESSEL travelling TO the DEEPEST spot ON the PLANET, and IT didn't LEAK. Maybe IF they HAD brought A shovel THEY could've ESCAVATED down A bit FARTHER till THEY reached YOUR magical LEAK point? Actually if your refering to the deepest part of the ocean which is the "Marianas Trench" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariana_Trench If you do further research though, you will find that the 3 submersibles that went that deep were only rated to be able to go another 200 meters down before they would have reached what is known as "Crush" depth. So yes, if they brought along a "pointy thing" and dug deeper. They could reach that magical point. The point I was trying to make is that in theory, true waterproofing doesn't exist. As the word would imply that it does. It's water resistance that we are after. But I will give you points for at least being smart enough to know that we have at least on this planet so far, have been succesful in getting to the deepest part of the ocean without imploding. TGC
  16. A pill bottle that keeps water out while submerged for long periods? Really? Depends on the pill bottle Are you talking about those that come from you typical Walmart Pharmacy, Or those that come from a mail order pharmacy like Medco? My Medco pill bottles are alot better quality than you get from Walgreens or Walmart. They are made higher grade PVC plastic, they have a rubber seal gasket on the lid. They also have a different style child safety lid on them as well. I use a bunch for my cache hides. Left one in my Hot tub for a week, pinned in the filter basket. Didn't leak at all. (I put a couple of test strips in it as well as a moisture indicator that would turn red if humidy was above 95%.) Those from walmart... only lasted about 2 hours before they started to leak. TGC
  17. I'd put a $5 ammo can (with some TLC) up against a $30 Pelican or Otter Box any day of the week. I would have to say that, all depends on the condition of your Ammo Can & the size. You can get Pelican/Otter box's alot larger than what I have seen available at military surplus stores. Also depends on how it's going to be used. Ammo cans being made of steel can handle circumstances that Pelican/Otter boxes can't handle. So I would say Yes you are correct... to some degree. But not 100%. TGC
  18. LOL... Well considering most Otter/Pelican boxes are made of PVC or similar, I am not suprised. PVC pipe is a great inexpensive way of making a good waterproof cache. At least for 99% of the cache types most of us deal with. TGC
  19. Thank you for taking the time to offer your communications advice. I do appreciate the effort you have taken in offering your advice. In regards to emoticons. Does it make a difference if your using the character representation or the graphical emoticon? I ask this because there are emoticons that you can use here, in this forum that are unavailable in other areas of the internet world. As well as emoticons that are available elsewhere on the internet that aren't available here. Such as ;P and . As you can see one produced the graphical version and one did not. which is different than the crying version of :..( Should an emoticon be used before or after a statement? Should one do this.... Blah Blah Blah! or Blah Blah Blah ! Now commenting on your comment about writers of ages past and our new internet savy communications skills. I have heard many a college proffessor as well as language specialists really saying it's a sad sad day for our comminication skills because of our lazy behaviour of texting. Using L8r for later & emoticons instead of 50 additional words to describe our emotions. All I can say to that is, is that all of my skills are in the kitchen & not in the written word. TGC
  20. Just a simple question, or at least I think its simple. Just curious about your opinions and thoughts about the difficulty rating used on cache pages. Do you view the difficulty rating as how hard it is to find the cache? OR How hard it is to retrieve the cache? OR Both? If your hiding a cache, how much "weight" do you put on each aspect? (finding vs. retrieving) I ask this because... I do view finding a cache differently than retrieving a cache. I have a cache/hide that I am considering. It will be very easy to get to it so a terrain rating of 1.5 (because wheelchairs won't be able to get to it). Easy to find... probably a 1 or 1.5. Yet even though you "See" it & go... "Oh there it is"... doesn't mean it will be easy to retrieve. Example... I place a cache in a natural (Non man made) "hole" in the ground or cave. You can look in and see it. But because the hole is deeper than your arm, but smaller than your body you won't be able to grab it. You will have to use a "Tool" of some kind to retrieve the cache. (This is just an example... not what my proposed cache would actually be) By tool, I mean some device that won't harm the enviroment, or dig out the cache or violate the policy/rule/regulation of "No pointy things". Again the example is just an example and is not the representation of the actual proposed cache I am considering. Assume that for the purposes of my question that the example cache hide & my real cache hide will meet all requirments that geocaching.com has & will be published. I am only asking for your thoughts and opinions about difficulty rating and how you preceive this value. This is not meant to be a debate or argument about who is right or wrong. TGC
  21. I'm sorry, that just clicked. So the OP complied here at some point. It wasn't that I complied... it was that with a few suggestions by another poster I came up with a better name that I actually like better for my cache hide than the one I originally had, or even had changed it too the second time or 3rd time as well. The log that I had logged to my cache page I removed about 15 min after I had posted it. (The one that a previous forum poster had used as a quote in his post) At the time I was posting that log, I was posting it as another reply to the "reviewer". I hadn't realized at the time the reviewer had allready published my cache. That is why the "Disabled" log was AFTER the log I had posted. I then read a suggestion by another forum poster & with his help came up with a better name for my cache hide. That is when I deleted my previous log, re-enabled my cache hide & deleted both the disable & re-enable cache logs as well. It is obvious to me... that with the "No Presedent" policy that the reviewers can use as an "Excuse" to not publish a cache hide simply because they may not like your cache &/or the way you have hidden it or wish to publish it, or even simply because they are having a "Bad" day. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. I am not saying that reviewers do that, nor am I saying that reviewers don't do that. I have no evidence to suggest that they do or that they don't. Being that with the "No Presedence" policy as well that can be used as an "Excuse" by a reviewer when they decide not to publish a cache then it stands to reason then, that as a CO & hider you have absolutely no right to complain why your cache wasn't published or even archived at a later time. That being said... I am now done with this thread topic. It doesn't even matter if I win my apeal process as I have found a better name for my cache hide & won't go back to the name I had originally chosen in the first place. To the pleasure I am sure of most geocaching.com forum members.. I am also DONE with posting any threads or replies that are in any topic that can be considered a complaint. This includes topics relating to any geocaching/Groundspeak policy, regulation &/or rules. As well as any threads relating to suggestions about improvements or changes that geocaching.com &/or Groundspeak.com should or should not make. From here on out... the only posts I will make to in the geocaching forum will be those questions of a non-complaint type issue, Or in response to someone needing advice about an issue that doesn't relate to geocaching rules, regulations or policies. An example of such a post is when someone asked for advice about Poison Ivy. Being that I am legally licensed as a paramedic I posted my official proffesional medical opinion about poison ivy. However... I do want to say while I don't agree with everybodies opinions on this matter. I DO honestly appreciate everybodies input on this issue. All of you have taken the time to respond to this thread. I am sure many others have ignored this thread and issue as well. Thank you for your time and opinions. TGC
  22. Depends. LOL If I find the same item in two different parts of the store with different prices on them I do. This happens quite more than most people I am sure are aware. Especially when they put an item on what is known as a endcap and then put that item on sale. Usually the rest of the stock of that item that is in it's normal place doesn't get the price update. When that happens... yes I do bring it to the store managers attention. No I don't yell at the manager as though I am ticked off. I try very very hard at being as nice and polite as I can be. I show him/her the error & then ask them what the correct price is. I also then ask them if there is a reason for the price difference. I use quotes, capitalization, & bolding to empahsize words that can easily be emphasized when your having a verbal conversation but otherwise can't be emphasized very well in the written word unless you do quotes, capitalization or bolding. If you can, then I would request if you have the time to educate me on this matter. I am always open to ways of improving my communication skills. TGC
  23. Yep your absolutely right. I do look for trouble. I look for problems. I love solving problems & issues. When I find trouble. I try to find a final resolution to the issue. Just in my nature. It's the drummer that I march too. This is one of the reasons I loved being in EMS so much as well as being a volunteer law enforcement officer at one time as well. One of the other reasons I am very politcally invovled with the political process, as well as with lobyists. While I love geocaching, I believe in regulation, laws, rules and policies. On all levels. Including Federal, State, Local and those who control geocaching.com. I believe in those so long as they are fair & just. All I am asking is that "reviewers" have some consistancy to their process. It isn't that hard to do. Even if the person is a volunteer & not paid. I have worked many jobs both in a paid position as as a volunteer. Consistancy was expected from both the paid person as well as the volunteer. No excuses just because you were were an unpaid volunteer. No not all of my volunteer work has been with EMS/Fire/S&R or Law Enforcement either. I have volunteered my time as a cook for soup kitchens. I tell you this, everyone expects consistancy when you cook various items. Volunteer or otherwise. My biggest issue & pet peeve with geocaching.com & Groundspeak.com is their consistancy to being inconsitant. I am just very very glad that our legal system isn't run the same way that they run the implementation and enforcement of the rules, policies and regulations here! TGC
  24. That's why it pays to read the guidelines before trying to list a cache. Had you done so you would have knownthis before you put in hours of work. Anyway, you make it sound like this is news. Starting in early 2003 it became nearly impossible to get one published and they were officially canned 2 years ago. If you take the time to explore it you'll see that Waymarking.com is the perfect repository for what we called virtual caches. For those who enjoy virtuals, there are nearly 125,000 of them now. When you think about it, what is the difference between this and this , or this and this, or this and this or this and this. Waymarking is actually better in some respects because places like this, this and this would never have been allowed as virtuals. One reason I like it, is because it will add to my "Numbers" of caches found. Waymarking doesn't! LOL TGC
  25. Within reason that is true. As long as they DON'T break copyright law, trademark law, You don't Slander or Libel, and a few other laws. A Mother was just convicted of malicious Slander/libel in one state and fined $5,000 for something she posted on her myspace.com account about someone else. PirateBay.com was temporarily shut down for copyright infringement. TGC
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