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  1. I have an extra LE2 that I'd like to trade for an LE1 if anyone still needs one. (although the LE2 is so pretty, I don't mind having two).
  2. Oh! I can't decide which I like best... might have to get one of each, if I get a chance!
  3. I was too late to get the LE the first time around, so I am super excited to have received my LE2s. Both versions are great, but I agree, that copper is spectacular! Thanks!
  4. New to caching/geocoins. Hi everyone! Once I discovered a geocoin in the first cache we found, it was pretty much a given that I'd be getting into these things. I've made a few purchases here and there, and have my first ten coins. Looking through everyone's trade lists and websites, I've come to the realization that I will be going broke, very quickly. So in the interest of my pocketbook, I've pretty much accepted that I will mostly have to limit my coin purchases to newer coins. Still, even with this iron resolve of mine, there are a couple coins that came before that I NEED. Oh yes, ever elusive Celtic Peacock, one day you will be mine. Oh yes. I swear next time I see it on ebay I'm bidding the farmstead
  5. We are just outside of Milwaukee on the Milw/Waukesha County border. Nice to meetcha! My husband and I just started caching a few weeks ago. Gets us out together. We recently signed up for our first event...the Cache Bash in West Bend in August. Anyone else going?
  6. I received my two Dragon Ladons today. Wow, they are gorgeous! Glad I was able to snag a couple
  7. We're pretty new to this too...but here's our list of "must haves" so far: Our Camelbacks. It holds 1000ml of water and functions just like a back pack. So by bringing it, I always have enough fluids and can carry all my stuff. Even if it turns out to be a mostly-in-the-car day. I have a baggy full of "swag" I guess, stuff for the kids, smashed pennies, foreign coins. I have a baggy with several spare batteries I have a few extra baggies. I also carry a few plastic bags, for picking up trash, or if nothing else, to throw muddy shoes in when back at the car. I have a small notebook, two pens. I carry bug spray (necessary!). I have a flashlight. Any geocoins or travelbugs that I'm moving that day. I also have stuff in my pack that may someday come in handy, little sheets that dissolve into soap, pack towel, lighter. I totally need to get some gloves...some stuff out there....ICK. My husband this weekend found a cache in a hidey hole, and it had been taking over by an ant nest. Heebie Jeebies! Glad it was him. I don't mind getting dirty, but getting crawled on is different! I like the idea of mirror on a stick thingy too. Anyway, this is what we start with, I am guessing we'll be adding more as we live and learn.
  8. Geocaching risk! Did not find one yesterday But almost nabbed snake! That was fun, Thanks!
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