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  1. Name: Orange Blossom Dog, or Nature Scent Dog, or Evergreen Dog, or Old Spicy Dog, or Tea Tree Tracker, or.... you get the idea :laughing:




    The pleasure of the young in caching will decrease in proportion to the time it takes to find the cache.


    So - after 5 minutes, if you do not have the cache found - come back another day!

  2. Shoot, I missed seeing, Oh well

    The missing word rhymed with quit.


    Yes. My bad.


    I smudged the offending word out and posted the picture above.


    It sure ended-up being a lot of work for a pretty average joke.... sheesh.


    It really makes me sad....

    Once again it just confirms that there's no point....

    Why don't they make GPS's in black with the Grim Reaper on them....

    I can't find a waypoint for my soul......


    Now I'm seriously considering an EMO coin! :laughing:

  3. Opps....I'm very sorry. I didn't really think it was all that bad, but I see that there was a bad word in reference to poetry. Very sorry.


    It's not my art, so I'll leave it to whomever is interested to do a Google search on "Emo Crayons".


    It's not too bad, but there is one 4-letter word which relates to excrement that is used in the context of poetry.


    Sorry again.

  4. Ya.


    I was going to do a coin called the emo coin.


    ...but why bother...


    what's the point?


    It was just going to be all grey and black anyways....





    <link removed by moderator. Feel free to edit out the non-family friendly portion and re-post the image>




  5. Well.... not to be overly negative, but I am no longer willing to assume the "best" in people. It's more often a surprise when folks do the right thing rather then when they do wrong.


    This topic often comes up, because it is not a rare occurrence.


    One of the biggest problems is that the cache listing shows travelers. It's like putting a sign on your house saying: "Big screen TV in basement, Jewelry in the left-back bedroom, stack of money under the couch".


    Travel Bugs are more fun to use for travel purposes.


    Coins are something to collect or give out as gifts.


    In fact, I'm even afraid to pick-up coins that I see in caches - I don't want to be the last person to see it "alive".

  6. Welcome to the thread that won't die! :D


    I'm bumping this thread to get some feedback.


    1) If you ordered a Geobone V2 PRIOR to Dec 10th and do not have it - please let me know

    2) If you ordered a Geobone V2 AFTER Dec 10th and have gotten it - please let me know

    3) If you received a Geobone V2 with a special note - send me a PM. I'm wondering if this special batch are arriving yet.



  7. It's also a good point to note, that there is a BIG difference between coins that go missing and still show as being in a cache, and coins that are picked-up and never dropped.


    Usually, if someone goes through the effort of acknowledging they have the coin then it's a much different scenario then the "missing" coins.

  8. People are very quick to accuse thieves, but many times people simply do not know how to log, or forget. Geocoins and travel bugs are usually small and slip to the bottom of the backpack a lot. Show new cachers all aspects of the game when you intorduce them to it.


    I'm generally an optimist, but there is also a time to accept facts.


    Anyone that can operate a GPS and a computer can and should be able to figure out the deep complexity of logging a trackable item.


    I'll give ya 10% of missing coins for folks that don't "get" it. I'll give ya another 10% for the folks that misplace them or have life events preventing them placing them into caches.


    However, I'm saying 80% are rotten dirty scoundrels! I don't see too many McToys going "missing". Caches tend to have a downward trend in content quality - this is the result of human activity and trading down.


    While geocaching *does* use billion dollar satellites launched into space in rockets - logging a coin is NOT rocket science.


    Again - all it takes is ONE person. I'm not saying that there are a lot of these folks in the hobby, but all it takes is ONE.

  9. Well....the sad truth is that coins make lousy travelers. In fact, nice travel bugs make lousy travelers.


    You can have 99 honest people in the game and only 1 dishonest person to ruin it.


    Some areas are better than others, so you can decide for yourself. Personally, I now only release coins that I assume will be taken at some point sooner rather than later. Sometimes I am happily surprised. Of my dozens of coins out there, most are gone.


    I *do* re-name my coins once I confirm they are gone to STOLEN/MISSING "Original Name".


    This is mostly to prevent eBay sales, private sales, and limits the ability to share a collection with others.

  10. The mailer doesn't appear to havebeen tampered with, but it was rather beat up.


    Usually if Customs opens a package they attach a note to that affect.


    What concerns me the most is the date.... It is a LONG delay in customs. It's giving me visions of the warehouse in Indiana Jones!

  11. I received a package with TWO geobones in it... #119 and #145. So which mailing is this LFD?


    The TWO bone package is the one with the bones that you would have paid for (everything from 101-199 are the ones I offered for sale).


    There would be yet another package arriving to you with a number between 201-249 - these are the activated "gift" ones that I have handed out mostly to local cachers and mailed some to folks I know.


    It is VERY odd that it hit US Customs on the 21st of January! That makes NO sense at ALL. I haven't sent anything out in the past two weeks. So I'm not sure if this is the clearance date and they sat on it for awhile or what? Was it opened? Maybe they didn't like the description and didn't let it pass quickly.


    I wonder if they scan the sender address? I don't normally send out 50-60 packages at once, so I don't know if my address "flagged" anything.


    Anyhow - I am very glad you have it. Please let me know when my "chaser" package arrives.

  12. Whoo-hooo!


    I just used the PayPal export and print option to create the labels. So it could be that it was cut-off, or you may wish to check your PayPal account just in case it's missing there.


    I am now inspired to see more arriving.

  13. I haven't really been watching this thread very closely, but I ordered one, and I don't remember when I ordered it. It just seems like a long time ago! LOL


    Anyway, I still haven't received it here in Texas.


    I think that your order was in the second batch that went out January. I haven't heard back from any of the ones sent January, but wouldn't expect to for a bit.


    The only ones I am really concerned about at this point are the ones that were sent out during the second week of December. I guess in "theory" it's only been 6-7 weeks and over the holidays, but when they are arriving in Australia and Europe before the Southern US - it's a little disappointing.


    My hope is that the ones I sent out in January will start arriving, and then I'll know for sure that the December batch is "complete" in as much as anything that was sent has arrived or been lost.


    It's the uncertainty that is annoying! Last week seemed to be slow, but the week before I was about to give-up and assume anything not delivered was lost - and then a bunch arrived! sheesh....


    I'm already regretting my decision not to just do face-to-face only! At least with face-to-face there's no question of safe delivery. I suppose I could do signature delivery, but at $17 shipping per package for this - it seems a little "prohibitive".


    At least I can activate the lost ones so that if they are ever found in the future they will be known as the "lost bones of '08". I've had this happen way back. The very first bones I sent in 2005 I used regular envelopes and the sorting machines "choked" on some. One was found on the floor of the Post Office and sent to Groundspeak (where it lives today). These ones were all bubble mailers, wrapped-up, etc.

  14. Still no Bones here in MA......... :D


    It seems pretty likely to me that we are looking at some lost bones, so it's up to you. I can refund/activate or we can wait for my "chaser" package to arrive to confirm that they are indeed lost. I'm good either way. Just PM me your wishes.

  15. I guess my Geobone is some where with my red handed coins that were lost in mail Dec.2005 :D This is odd to have them go missing in the mail system 4 years after the the red handed coins.


    It is odd. Especially as the Red-Handed coins were sent from a different Post Office. However, at least this time I kept track of all the tracking numbers so that I can activate them all and mark them as missing.


    At any rate, let me know if you want me to refund/activate or if you want to see when/if the package arrives to Atlantagal.


    I sent out about 30 packages as follow-ups - so I once they start arriving, then I will know for sure that the original batch missing packages are lost or taking the loooooong route.

  16. So the replacement package is a single coin rather than 3?


    Yes. I sent you a "gift" coin that I intended to send anyhow. I want to see how long it takes to arrive. Hopefully, what you'll get is a package of 3 coins followed by a single coin.

  17. Okay - let me know if they arrive. What I did was send another package to Atlantagal. The second package is pretty obvious and contains an activated coin under her name.


    What I thought might be a good idea is to watch for this activated one to arrive. Obviously, if it arrives then anything sent "in-between" in lost. In that case, I did keep track of the numbers and I'll activate the lost coins and figure out how to either get you another (I'm not really keen on sending a second package to an address where something was lost) or doing a refund.


    I send the "chaser" package to Atlantagal over a week ago - so we'll see when it arrives.


    If that works for you great - if not, PM me and I can start the process of activating any lost bones.

  18. I just wanted to bump this thread to see if there are any status updates on arrivals.


    Does the US have mail delivery today and tomorrow? I'm hoping some folks will post that the bubble mailers have arrived.


    This, is still for those that ordered PRIOR to Dec 10th. The ones AFTER that date were sent at the beginning of January and are probably still in transit.


    I've sent a few "chaser" packages recently, to see if they arrive (if the chaser arrives and the original isn't there then it's lost).


    Anyhow, let me know about mail delivery, status, etc.

  19. The one for BCnLJ arrived - so I'm not sure how many folks are still waiting.


    This week I had three e-mails informing me that there were arrivals (that's Monday/Tuesday) - nothing today though.


    I'll need to find out from folks and probably consider this Friday the cut-off. I was originally thinking LAST Friday, but then many coins started arriving last week and some this week.

  20. I received an e-mail at 11:37am this morning about a package arriving today. I am wondering if some of them didn't come back to my mailbox place and get re-sent. They were away and re-opened on the 5th, but they haven't mentioned anything and I haven't asked.


    Again - if someone has it handy, I'd really like to know if there is a cancellation on any of the stamps with a date. It's really odd and I am feeling badly that they are taking so long to get to some people, but then keep getting notes that they are arriving!

  21. For all the ones leaving Canada, there should be a little green sticker that is a Customs Declaration. This is a sticker, and I do tend to tape the bubble mailer heavily - so maybe some of these declarations peeled off? This could potentially delay delivery and/or get them sent back.


    However, the fact that some arrived last week and some arrived today indicates that it's still most likely a delay and not a loss.

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