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  1. Congrats RWW, Stump, Little Blue and all the rest
  2. The only thing that would do would make cachers not want to pick up TBs, then they will just sit in caches. I know I for one would never pick up another TB, just because if I couldn’t get out for awhile my account would be restricted.
  3. Have to work that weekend, it looks like most of my weekends this Summer are all ready booked up so it looks like I might not be able to commet two weekends to do this hike.
  4. Sure did, the CD was in the back side of the package.
  5. With the Magellan adapter may need to email them and get the patch. I couldn't get the Magellan adapter to work no matter what I did. They send me a patch I haven't tried to use it yet since I got another adapter I had to work.
  6. You might have to change the ports flow control to "hardware". When I had trouble getting my cable to work that finally fixed it.
  7. Thanks Sissy for all the work.
  8. So how will the trade part work out, we had an order for two and a trade of one, are we supose to send the coin to him or is Sissy handeling that part of it also.
  9. Looks like I will be working that weekend. Now I will have to pick another cache for #500. Keep an eye out for it there just might be a Moun10bike coin going in which ever one we pick for it.
  10. Ok then I guess I'll see you on the 2nd of July in Colorado Springs.
  11. Kilts are the greatest have never worn any thing that was more comfortable.
  12. It could also be a replacement TB dog tag, I’ve seen a few that have been made out of laminated paper and one that has hand stamped on metal.
  13. When I did this one there was a make shift ladder on the west side of the river. The fire gap they are talking about are the railroad ties have been burned you can still cross using the metal structure of the bridge. Be careful and good luck.
  14. I've got one that I'm planning on brining.
  15. Any takers on who is going to bring what for the Frito pies, I can whip up a batch of Long Horn chili.
  16. I'm down to 3 from the last batch so I would be in for another dozen.
  17. Maybe some thing along these lines, three categories the first being design, the second being coin quality and the third being customer service. Using a 1-10 rating system I would give KV coins a 9 in design a 9 in coin quality and a 2 in customer service.
  18. My experience with KV coins was exactly that my order was pushed back several times because of military challenge coin orders. They were great to work with through the design phase and worked with me through the many changes that I made on the coins. They have been made aware of the forums as I pointed it out to them when I was having trouble with them.
  19. I thought that after the problems I had with them and the holes that I pointed out to them in their customer service things would of improved with others using them. Apparently not, they do put out a good quality coin and from what I’ve heard the customer service isn’t that great with a lot of the coin companies. Looking forward to geting the coins.
  20. Did some one say Kilts Still to far out to commit one way or the other but have it on the calendar.
  21. I've got a single burner propane stove and a backpacking stove the question is were are we going to do the Frito pies on the hike or back at the parking lot when we get back. Cathy you shouldn't have to bring every thing we should split it up, might want to organize it a little so we don't have too much of one thing.
  22. Congrats to nolenator, Moun10bike, Half-Canadian and every one else on their Milestones. Also congrats to Snorting Single for hitting 100 at You are not forgotten
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