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  1. Approved the final art work and they should be up for sale in about a month or so at [link removed by moderator - when you have a link that leads directly to the coin, insert it here] will post the sale date when I get notified of when that will be. The icon I requested is the rising sun symbol but haven't heard back about it yet.
  2. We may or may not be bringing an RV this year, so went ahead and made a reservation in the upper camp grounds. There was only one left in the lower camp grounds and there was probably a reason it was still available. TL I'll bring the single barrel this year.
  3. Looks like it was a typical Half Canadian event. Really hate to have to miss a cache machine in my back yard. Still have one more to miss before I'm back home and will have a lot of caching to make up for. My 30 day log is empty the first time that is ever happened since I started caching, and I think my left eye is starting to twitch.
  4. Nominations are up for the month of December, and voting is open for cache of the month for November.
  5. Congrats Allanon looks like you will be passing me soon.
  6. The winner for the moth of October was Something NICE on Queen Anne Still haven't gotten any nominations for the month of November yet. The winning cache for November and the person that nominates it will receive an Indiana Geocoin.
  7. The only problem I've every had is with a large ammo can that can be opened from either side. Some one had closed the lid with a geocaching sticker in the lid so that the sticker prevented the ammo can from sealing properly.
  8. There are only six nominations for the month of Oct so far and only 6 more caching days to find a worthy cache. Nominations need to be posted by the 2nd of Nov.
  9. Congrats to Puppers, 2 Troopers, and Lucy and Rickie
  10. Glad to hear you won't be spending any time in jail.
  11. But it made it to the NorthWest forums
  12. Don't let the fee stop us I can bring my State Park pass, didn't get a chance to ask about resturants at work today maybe soreyes could give us a sugestion.
  13. The biggest problem will be who will police any policy that we decided on. I have a suggestion that may or may not work for placing a cache that has only very difficult caches. Let some one that all ready has a find or a placement in that area, they should still be in what geocaching.com considers there normal area. Take for instance area 111 that is a difficult cache that not many will be able to do, and even the ones that can will be limited but the amount of time that it is available. I had thought of placing a new cache there with a little less difficulty and with a little more seasonable availability. It’s not going to be a drive by and should still require some amount of effort to get.
  14. Pink Pachyderm got her 300th at I-90, Wild Stallions Ride Again
  15. Had hoped to be able to make it to GeoLua but ended up having to work. Will be on leave for the Halloween event so should be able to make it. Make a whole trunk of great Halloween costumes need to brake it out and see what happens.
  16. I noticed a few missing roads on 04 this weekend while doing some caching. On two in particular Wellington and the Yakima River RNR dosn't show the roads to get in to them. The Grids worked great in conjunction with this I separate each page in GSAK and then color coded the marks. Did a few great caches and picked up 5 new map sections. Great work MB
  17. I won't be around to help with the actual machine but will still be accesable through the computer. Since I've done about 90% of the caches there should be able to work on building up the route. I've played around with it alot it S&T and know most of the caches that wouldn't work on a cache machine.
  18. I don't know if I would call that a quick grab, it took me a while to find but then again it was one of my first micros. How are we going to work out the car pool thing if any one has room once they get to the ferry terminal I can jump in there or if you need a local guide for any of the other let me know. RWW might have some thing say about my local guide abilities.
  19. Should be able to meet up with you some were on the route depending on which day it is.
  20. And the winner for September is Wellington by mohai Nominated by The Navigatorz both the Nominator and the Cache Owner each receive a Colorado Geocoin
  21. Voting is open for the September cache of the month. The October nominations are also open. The nominator and the owner of the winning cache for the month of October will be the #3 and #4 Ray&Rose gecoin. So get out there and find some great caches.
  22. Thanks everyone, and Congrats Weightman
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