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  1. Ebay is a great place to pick up swag. Picked up flag pins in gross, small flash light key chains, and compass carabineer key chains.
  2. It was a great if not long day. Had planed on this being our 100th find, had hoped to get a couple during the week but couldn’t find the time. When we started out Sunday morning we we’re at 91, and away we went. #92 and #93 were quick grabs but #94 through #97 turned out to be more time consuming than we initially thought. Up the MT Baker hwy we went 98 was a quick grab and 99 although wasn’t a quick grab it was a nice hike and picked up a regular geocoin there. We got up to Artist point at about 3:00 PM. I think Rose was a little tired and decided that it was too cold and drizzly to take the new puppy up the trail (we had a back pack for the puppy so she wouldn’t of had to hike). The hike in was easier than the hike out, but still did it in less than 2 hours (others result way differ). The geocoin is one of the silver plated ones although I have been eyeing the new solid silver ones trying to justify to my self why I need one. #92 XXL Nurses #93 The other side / I love I-5 #94 A walk in the woods #95 Padden Puppy Trove #96 Paddy One-Two #97 Paddy Outlet Cache #98 North Fork Troll #99 Nooksack Trail Treasure
  3. Droped off a cache today. Swaged it out and threw in a 04 silver geocoin also.
  4. Looks like the weather should be ok, will be heading up in the morning.
  5. Just the other day I found a cigarette and a pack of matches in a cache. I just removed them and threw them away. What else are you going to do, I doubt that any one that would leave this would be reading the forums.
  6. Right now we’re using signature cards with a flag pin on it (everyone has to start some were). We just ordered some wooden nickels, they couldn’t do our avatar so had a bear paw print put on them instead. Just got a few t-shirts made with our avatar on the back and a bear paw print on the front. They were kind of expensive so not sure if they will see the inside of a cache or not.
  7. Think it would be great to have an event closer to home. Have to skip most others as just being to far to drive.
  8. Square Bear


    I was lucky on the first couple that Rose had years of experience in finding my wallet and my car keys for me. The GPS can throw you off when you get close when I went home and took my Dad out Geocaching he found more than I did because I spend more time looking at were the GPS said it was and he spend more time just looking when we got to the general area. The best thing is to look for some thing that looks out of place, a pile of sticks, rocks, bark, moss, or a hole in a stump. Good luck and keep trying.
  9. Sorry I mised your email, if you haven't found any one else than Sunday would be the next day that I would be able to head up there.
  10. First need to know what kind of Geo coin it is. A US geocoin or some other and did you copy the number that was on it.
  11. The thing is even with a TB you release it and hope for the best. The only coins that I have released are in a cache that I start, that way the FTF has some thing cool to find in the cache. If it goes any farther than that it's a bonus. I just ordered a group of personal wooden nickels that I will have tracked on TravelTags.com, other than some one just logging in and saying hey I'm the one that has this one, I don't care if they travel at all. If you have low expectations you won't be disappointed.
  12. Good idea, you might upset some of the original travel bug owners. They can be a touchy group some of them want no one to mess with their TBs in some of the other forums they’ve complain about other people putting info sheets with there TBs or some thing as simple as putting it in a plastic bag. I think it would be fun to see if it could hang with a TB until that TB finished it's mission and then jump to another one.
  13. Just placed our order for a dozen, thanks for the great work by every one.
  14. I have one I believe needs to be archived the person that created it has no finds and one placement. Hasn’t been on since they joined in Feb 2003. I would volunteer to adopt this one but don’t believe it is worth saving, the area is covered with trash and is not that great of a spot. South Skagit GCCDDC
  15. Some times it's a tough choice in the last two days I've found caches out in the open. The first one I just added some extra material to cover it up. The other one was sitting in the middle of the trail so I placed it in the brush next to the trail. Were I placed it might not be were it was originally placed but I thought it was better than in the middle of the trail.
  16. We try to leave the type of stuff we would enjoy finding. We bought a box of small flashlights, a box of flag pins which we attached to cards with our geocaching name on them, and some Lance Armstrong “live strong” wrist bands. We’ve also have left ponchos, and some backpacking items. Were looking into getting some wooden nickels in the next month or so and have them tracked on travelertags.com. The way I look at it the only way to get improvements in what is left in caches is to start leaving better stuff, we usually leave some thing even if we don’t take any thing. I think the biggest problem is that there are a lot of owners out there that don’t maintain their caches, if you’ve taken the time to place a cache take the time to maintain it, especially, if it is a theme cache. but there are no real rules or guide lines on maintaining caches, but there should be some pride in ownership.
  17. The Nevada site is also a fairly good site, was looking at it after a trip down there this summer. I joined the WSGA last month even though the site looked like it hadn't had much activity in a while. Looking forward to being a part of an active organization.
  18. We believe that world headquarters needs to stay on the coin. There is no way that you can get 100% to agree, it could go on for years trying to make every one happy. We will get a lest a dozen. Ray&Rose
  19. Beaver Lake Got the new capsule today will reactivate it after I get my bone headed mistake fixed (archived it instead of disable).
  20. Beaver Lake We archived Beaver Lake it is MIA. I had thought of upgrading this to a regular cache but this spot is not even very good for the waterproof match container(to easy to see with the water level down). I ordered a micro cache and will place it as soon as it comes in.
  21. We also think the #10 silver would look the best, just let us know when you start taking orders. Ray&Rose
  22. I have a cache that could use some work. The question is do I just go and replace the cache box, there has been numerous complaints about the tin box that the cache is in. I emailed the owner, and then I talked to him (since I knew him) he said he didn’t even read my email just deleted it because he didn’t know who it was from. He hasn’t been on since December 03 has 2 finds and one hide. The cache page is http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...40-6ecfd6741414 The name of it is Pez Crazy. Thanks Ray
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