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  1. To follow the whole list of events leading up to this event you have to jump around through a lot of the forums. The first I heard about it was after I found the coin Nolenator drop in the Maple loop cache. We started talking about doing got coin, then he made it it’s own topic. If you can follow it back he talks about getting permission from M10B to take noncoin finders on this trip. I don’t feel that it took any thing away from finding this cache it was a great time and made it even more special doing it with this group.
  2. Just saw this on Ebay, knew it was just a mater of time. Washington Coin on Ebay
  3. Thanks Nolenator, was a great hike wish Bull Moose could of made it since I still don't know the secret hand shake.
  4. The reason I even mentioned the cache I did is this is a discussion of what should possible constitute a commercial cache and by reading the hint and the logs if this one is not a commercial cache then it is defiantly taking advantage of a grey area. I figured that reading what is there every one in this discussion could come to there own conclusions. As one of the logs points out that this is not a cache saturated area and there are a lot of place to hide a cache without placing it in the place of business. The business it’s self is in the middle of no were and probably would still profit from geocachers being in the area. So having the cache container moved out side of the building would probably have been a better solution to the cache hide. Just to put this in a little bit better perspective of were I’m coming from; I grew up in this area and even know the family that runs the business. The geocachers that placed the cache are not from the local area and only have 3 finds and 2 hides, so that might figure in to the factor of were the cache was placed. With a topic like this preventing a cache from actually getting archived, is not a realistic goal and the topic probably shouldn’t of been brought up in the first place.
  5. Here is one I passed up on on my trip to Nevada, becouse I didn't feel like going inside the business. This one Didn't know it was inside till I drove up to it and then decrypted the hint.
  6. Is the plan still to meet at the parking lot at noon?
  7. DuncanClan, catch me at work or send me an email we might be able to work out a deal.
  8. Just sent enough to cover 5 coins plus shipping
  9. What Stunod is saying unless it is a USA geocoin or a Moun10bike coin it doesn’t show up on you finds list. If it is then probably the only way would be to relog it. You would need the number in order to do that. If it was there before and disappeared then you probably logged it as a note, a few months ago all logs as notes were deleted as finds.
  10. I added a sticker to the outside of the coin bag with the web address on it.
  11. Wahoo mine came in today also with #16. Rose is happy with the number since it is her birthday. Thanks L&R they look great.
  12. BM have the same fate as you, maybe tommorow will bring better luck.
  13. Here is my small collection.
  14. I did just that with Beaver Lake a few weeks ago up graded it to a regular. I had been thinking about putting out a few micros as part of a puzzle cache the three micros would have part of the combination for a lock on a regular cache. I've just haven't found the right spots yet.
  15. Will be waiting for them in the mail. Now if I can just get to the mail box before Rose.
  16. I do have to earn a living to pay for caching. Two more years and I can start caching full time.
  17. The bottom end Zire is less than a hundred bucks. I use it for Geocaching and carry it in my flight suit. The only problem with it is that you can’t upgrade the memory (no place for a chip), and it doesn’t have back lighting. I carry it in my thigh pocket of my flight suit and I broke my older sony when I kneeled on top of the screen. It’s enough to hold my performance programs and the geocaching programs and cheap enough if I break it that I’m not out a huge amount of money.
  18. Name the time and place I'm up for it, and I've all ready got the permission slip.
  19. I'm up for it just name the time and the place.
  20. Being a Naval Aircrewman (Flight Engineer 8000 hrs) I could help it if I ever ran across it. There are several of my fellow Aircrewman that do Geocache, but it would be Crap shoot for one of us to run across it.
  21. I would recommend Lizard and Lily It is a great hike and should be free of snow for at lest a little longer.
  22. Can't see claiming a find unless you sign the log. I've walked all the way back to the SUV to get a pencil to sign the log. I've also have found missing caches (the swag was lying all over the ground, and verified that some of the stuff on the ground had been in the cache by reading the logs) but still didn't log a find until the cache had been replaced. It was an easy find knew right were it was. Every one has to play there own game, just like some don't like micro caches, some don't like the long hikes, and others are in it for the numbers.
  23. Started out with Easy GPS, but once I figured out all the features of GSAk, I prefer it over Easy GPS. One of the biggest features of GSAK is automatic replacement of the cache types when it downloads to the GPSr. You can do it with Easy GPS but have to change them manual one at a time. Changing databases with GSAK is not a problem I cache in three different areas and have three different databases, it's easy to switch back and forth by just doing a backup of each of the databases.
  24. First you need to down load the *.loc file or the *.gpx file you can do this several ways. One is from the cache page click on the icon to down load the file (only get one at a time) or go to the search by zip code page click the ones you want and at the end click on the down load waypoints. The last way is to do Pocket Queries, which are sent to your email address. Once the file is downloaded, open up easy GPS and go to open file and open the file that you just downloaded. Once that is all done just need to set your gps and send the waypoints. If this dosn't help need more information on what you are having a problem with. Ray
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