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  1. Looking forward to it.

    The way the temperature has stayed low and the larger than usual snow pack might be later than usual for high altitude hikes.

    The one we talked about has a new cache on the trail about half way up that was placed last year and hasn't been found yet.

  2. I first met Brian when I was a seasoned cacher of a hundred finds and he had just started, I can't imagine going to an event in the NW and not seeing him there. He would be there even on the hiking ones and even when he couldn't make the hike. Some times he would do part of it and then turn around and wait for us at the trail head or even meet with us at the local watering hole after wards. He will be some one I will truly miss.

  3. Ok... I'm callling this hike Out of the Box hike of the month. Instead of looking for a cache, the goal is to hide a cache. I have a spot picked for a hopefully great viewpoint.


    Trailhead coordinates are

    N48° 40.401'

    W121° 36.931'


    After hiding the cache, I'm planning on a small stop to try my hand at fishing before returning. According to this year's stats, 19,300 trout were seeded in both of Watson lakes. Fresh water permit is required.


    Criminal is planning on an overnight.


    For those who must have at least a cache find on a hike, there is GC67EE, Baker Lake Trail Cache.


    NW Forest Service pass is required.


    Trailhead: From I-5 go east on Hwy 20 to the Baker Lake turnoff and go left. Follow the Baker Lake road for 14 miles and turn right on Forest Service Rd 1106. This will take you past the Kulma Kulshan Campground. Follow the signs to the Baker dam and drive over the one lane road on top of the dam. This puts you on Forest Road 1107. The trailhead is about 10 miles up this gravel road. Forest Service Pass is required to park at the trailhead.


    Trailhead meet time will be 9AM, Saturday, July 28.

    Great a hike in my neck of the woods while I'm not there to go. The Baker Lake Trail cache can be a little tricky the cords are not spot on so make sure you know the hint. I didn't take it the first time and didn't find the cache until I went back a second time with the hint.

    PNT is mentioned in this Month's Backpacker magaizine, and they have a two page ad on the new Bushnell GPS.

  4. Looks like Rec and T2A are meeting me at my place and we're hitting breakfast in Monroe...probably at Petosa's at 7:30...anyone want to meet us there?


    So is this were we are meeting now?????

  5. Valley View GC61EE is also on the trail near the beginning, and the listed coordinates for Night Creatures GCNPVA is the parking lot. Done this hike several times and looking forward to doing it again.

  6. TL didn’t miss much ...


    I guess I'll beg to differ for a couple of reasons. Sitting in that car watching traffic and people go by was not my idea of a fun time. Missing the challenge of making it up to the lake was a big disappointment and it's going to be a targeted hike next winter because of that. I'd rather DNF being up there than DNF having to turn back even if it was the right thing to do.


    As an update, I'm moving around a little bit with the help of a cane. I'll probably take tomorrow off.

    You know I was talking about not finding the cache :sad: We did miss you on the hike up.

  7. I got a late start Saturday morning had been working on the Jeep the night before and it took me longer to get the top back on than I thought I was heading out the door thinking that I would be an hour late getting to the top and the rest of the group would be long gone. I gave Totem Lake a call figuring they would almost be heading up to the pass all ready only to find out that he was still at home. That’s when I heard about the Jeep being stolen and that Criminal and Land Rover were on the way to pick him up, the still beat me to the summit and then I see them getting out of the TL’s Jeep that’s when I find out that the system shut the fuel off down the road and they had found it. TL didn’t miss much after getting to the spot were the cache was at I tried digging down and ran in to a big block of ice and wasn’t making much head way, then Criminal tried with out much luck either. With out knowing if we were in the exact spot or just how deep the ice was we called it a day and headed back down jumped in the vehicles and headed to the nearest bar for a couple of cold ones.

  8. Deception Pass...oh yeah, I'd go...gotta be on Whidbey that evening anyhow! There's quite a few really nice picnic shelters there - some with power!

    All the picnic shelters are closed due to the winter storms and won't be open again until the middle of May. The page is posted and waiting for approval.

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