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  1. If its against the law at night, then say it is not available at night on the cache page.
  2. sorry... there is not much Groundspeak can do about that...
  3. is a bandanna TB a good idea?
  4. are altoids tins waterproof? and if so do they make a good geocache?
  5. well... in theory is always better than in practice... take helthcare reform as an example...
  6. a Multi with stages inside the first. then the FTF takes the stages and places one somewhere else with the others inside. then the STF would find the first and second stage, place the third stage somewhere with the fourth inside, and so on. what do you think?
  7. A few days after my "how to become a moderator" topic was introduced, I got this strange message, "Be it hereby known that thee, The_Bell_Dingers shall never become a moderator of any of the Groundspeak forums, and shall never be considered to be a volunteer cache reviewer, and shall never be considered as a Waymarking category manager. Asking to become one is the ONLY way to forever, never, be considered for that distinction. Firstly even though it sounds like volunteer, it means that you are suggested by the community of moderators and reviewers and the existing moderators/reviewers talk about you behind your back for over a year before acting on it. So here one can see that someone with less than a hundred forum posts can't possibly be known to the community. Secondly, asking for it probably means, in this day and age, that you have some kind of agenda that you want to impose upon everyone else and will try to use this as a means to an end. The ezisting system is designed to prevent that from possibly happening. Sorry, This has been said many times before in the forums. I think there is an answer such as this in the forum and geocaching FAQ." first, is this for real. second, why would somebody send this to someone with less than 100 posts? are they scared?
  8. what would be the fun in that. the point of geocaching is to get outdoors and explore, not sit at home ant twiddle on the computer...
  9. Hey what about an altoids tin? would that work? EDIT: dont answer this question here, there is a topic for it!
  10. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=191343 this is sort of like this
  11. Words of Wisdom A great man once said "Cache Long and Prosper"! Another said "May the GPS be with you... Always"! Yet another said "If you cant make 'em, find 'em" © the_bell_dingers 2009 www.geocaching.com
  12. well the reason I asked about the pill bottle is that when I co on canoeing trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, we use old pill bottles as match containers. also, I did a test and my pill bottles are waterproof enough to hold up to a few minuets under water. I think this will be enough seeing that they wont go underwater and the rain here in Duluth isn't a super soaker most of the time...
  13. well... I supose you are all right... sorry for taking your time...
  14. CITO is a good program. knowschad is right. there should be more events.
  15. I find it funny that Groundspeak wont let you post a cache with Best Buy Or Burger King... but people have their own line of JEEP TB's. Don't you think this is rather hypocritical?
  16. what I meant was the cacher should come back after the mourner is gone. with the exception of the big cemeteries, like Arlington.
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