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  1. trainlove was one of our leading posters, and he was wrongly banned. help bring him back. *give reasons to bring him back*
  2. I was just confused that someone would send a message like that, and to send it someone who is not that substantial in the GeoWorld
  3. hmm... that's strange!
  4. this was a message I received from trainlove just now "Quote: you have something against curiosity? Unquote" "Not at all. I was just informing you of your faux-pas. I just got lots of emails from friends, a reviewer in Croatia, a reviewer in Quebec, a couple moderators I've met and so on thanking [b[you[/b] for mentioning me in your post about the strange message. They were unaware why I've been banned from the forums (well the moderators know), and the cryptic mention of why (which is a total fabrication since it was totally not racial at all) pointed them to finding out why. P.S. PM'ing in the forums is not strange. People do it all the time. I do it at least 10 times a day to answer peoples questions directly since I can't answer them in their threads for all to see (banishment and so on). Here are a couple of the things I eluded to in my original PM to you: http://support.Groundspeak.com/Support/ind...&nav=0,5,30 and http://support.Groundspeak.com/Support/ind...&nav=0,5,30 I know there are at least a couple more mentions of this information, perhaps in a different manner, elsewhere on r2d2.geocaching.com, forums.Groundspeak.com and www.Groundspeak.com Ray. Keep asking good questions. Keep on caching. Have fun. Read the forums. Read the FAQ's. Click every link on every geocaching.com page sna every forum page. The best way to learn is to discover." so... what do you think?
  5. for the over 60 part, I meant "pill bottle Geocache" (not GC) and the moderators probably wouldn't do it so I posted a note to respond here instead of there to make it easier on all of us.
  6. Plus, I don't feel like spending 4 bucks on a crappy cache!
  7. if you call over 60 brief, what topics have you started with more? Wait, don't answer that! P.S. I did that to save everyone time by looking at one form topic instead of 3+ also: do you always pick on the new guy?
  8. oh. THAT explains the profligate starting of useless threads. It's more curiosity...
  9. whats the difference between platinum and premium membership?
  10. I was kind of disappointing to find out after 100 posts, My label doesn't change from "geocacher" to "pro" or something like it. Can Groundspeak make any more labels?
  11. hmm... you dont like the "GC's" shortning? how do you think GC's feel? I'm sure the GC's are sad. plus it saves room on forum posts and topics, take this one for example if it was called "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Geocaches" that would be too long for what most people want in a title, so we shortened it up.
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