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  1. this happened to me in a different way. I think it's a glitch. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=235323
  2. I'm not surprised. Lots of families looking for alternate entertainments. How much does it cost to take a family out to dinner and a movie? How about a football game? Makes caching look cheap. Except for, well you know, the GPS part, but, I suppose, 1 GPS can last a long time. Batteries on the other hand... 1 good gps reciever: $100 batteries: $50 a year GC membership: $30 or free TOTAL: $180 a year at most. Football training for a year including gear: $500+ I think we know which one wins!
  3. I am not seeing the travel bug collection/inventory buttons. was this dropped by Groundspeak, or is it just me?
  4. And the funny thing is, he was still trying to pimp it here in the forums yesterday, if I'm not mistaken. So, are you watching it? And Bell Dingers, stop trying to make those of us look bad who occasionally engage in Rick Rolling people in moderation. I've only made 2 maybe 3 RR links. How many have you made?
  5. I know this may be stupid, but can you tell me about "the Fire"?
  6. Geocaching is not a game of just one race, religion, creed, or stereotype of any kind, as many have already pointed out. It is a game for ALL, and I think one of the great parts of this game is that many caches are located in places special to the hider, whether it be a park, statue, church, school, or anything else. Obviously the hider wants to share this spot for the enjoyment of the people. So, I say, if someone wants to make a cache for a Church, Synagogue, or Mosque with pamphlets and other items, so be it. I would take it as a learning activity to learn more about a religion, or place of interest. So cut the arguing about it. Its the cache owner expressing their Freedom of speech. Thank you.
  7. Does anybody else think having a way to put sound on a cache listing is a good idea? This might apply to a mystery cache where you have to go to some coords and listen for the sound, like say, a foghorn, and then move X feet in that direction. Samples would be on the cache listing to show what to listen for.
  8. So does anyone know when the Oct. release notes are coming?
  9. EDIT: deleted link Sorry MM. It was just too tempting.
  10. Someone Gifted it to me! I had no Idea! yes the features are nice!
  11. Untrue. If they really wanted to "bury" you for good, to ensure you are forever forgotten - they would Waymark you instead.
  12. Oh, so that also explains why knowschad is on here almost every day all day.
  13. I think this idea should be left for the local geocaching organizations to decide.
  14. I once saw a sign that was for a Alcoholics help group. It said: Struggling with alcohol? Help is right around the corner. around the corner was a liquor store!!! I saw this sign on a different road: the thing around the corner was: a cliff!!!
  15. this is true, but like you said, only 7 days. I have not cached for a month due to weather.
  16. I will still be benchmarked and still archived
  17. Grounspeak doesn't even know? Is there an estimate?
  18. Geocaching: When they thought frogs couldn't get any cooler.
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