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  1. why cant you see this topic before you log in?
  2. how do you delete forum pages?
  3. Does a GC made out of a gutted old laptop sound like a good idea? if this has been done please tell me and give link
  4. Does anyone know the forum titles for non-premium members? I know 1st is Taddpole 2 is Geocacher are there any more?
  5. can you archive a GC account? not that id want to
  6. when I go from the forms to Geocaching.com, I have to log in twice. does this happen to everyone? also, why does this happen?
  7. How do you get the MnGCA logo on my cache listing?
  8. how do you change the background on a geocache listing that you own?
  9. How do you make poll form posts?
  10. Welcome to our wonderful state! actually there are over 15,000 lakes! May I suggest the MN geocaching assoc.? www.mngca.org
  11. when I try to change my form title, my changes aren't saved can anyone tell me why?
  12. This may sound silly but when i was caching, 3 deer jumped out in front of us. this was also when it was dark out so i couldnt see what it was at first! (deer have fangs!)
  13. I use firefox and yes lately it has been slow, especialy the forms with pages sometimes taking a few long seconds.
  14. This is kind of a weird one but maybe a gutted out computer or laptop? Please tell me if someone has done it or if you do it!
  15. Geocaching is a very high tech sport. So, to stay with the times, I suggest that a RSS Feed with other websites like Google, and Yahoo could get more people into geocaching. This could also benefit the forms also. All they would need to do is check the rss feed in the websites and learn what hot topics are being discussed in the form. So lets put today's tech to good use for geocachers everywhere!
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